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Mikhail Kasyanov, between past and future

June 2 2007

Either of your Russian Prime Minister experiencing deja vu. Another year with a little ago, he cherished a dream to become the sole and unique as a presidential candidate from the opposition, to head a unified opposition party and a white horse to enter the Kremlin. In an extreme case proudly defile the Red Square.

Did not happen. Existing opposition political parties Michal Mihalich reserved applauded for their courage, but the official refused to support. Sideways out of ex-Prime Minister and attempt to buy a loaf Democratic Party of Russia - Kasyanov has been hounded out. As a result, out of despair and was created by the Popular Democratic Union, which, after much thought, some time later still put a bad articulates some of the democratic opposition letter "P".

The current year for the former prime minister did not bring anything new to become a nightmarish repetition of the previous one. "Other Russia", the leadership which set his sights Kasyanov made knight's move. Not to the extent of the active head of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov, the de facto administering the opposition coalition, for some reason decided that Kasyanov is not a man that he needs - and not only did not rush to his nomination as a single candidate, but said that the coalition will put forward several candidates from which then selects worthy. At the same time, characteristically, on Kasyanov, he mentioned once in passing. Like, maybe, and support if our colleague is a good news. In addition, several members of the coalition did not like Kasyanov, knowing that as soon as it is "single and unique, as they all have to take the rap, and for giving in Sosnovka-2, and for the notorious" Misha 2 percent ". By the way, no kidding: almost simultaneously with the dismissal of the government of Mikhail Kasyanov, the winter of 2004, the basic rate of VAT (value added tax. - Comm. Aut.) Decreased from 20% to 18% - just 2%.

Frankly, Kasyanov is also not particularly liked Kasparov and his methods. Once in a boiling maelstrom of street protests, a former official realized that it was not his game. Ought not so respected and respectable gentleman, rubbing against dirty coat "professional revolutionaries" and butting with the police. On the other hand, the other choice Kasyanov was not. If only ... do not try a second time to enter the same river.

Kasyanov's decision to not wait for the mercy of the "Other Russia" and move out of its phantom RNDS influenced the sudden appearance of two fellow candidates - Viktor Gerashchenko and Vladimir Bukovsky. Realizing that the train "Other Russia" was moving away farther and farther, Kasyanov ran after him.

Mikhail did his best to outdo last year's "Other Russia". By and large, for an unregistered organization, over the past year so no way to prove themselves, quite suitable sanatorium near Moscow. But opposition leaders have formally nominate a candidate for president, you need scale. Elegant conference hall of the Cosmos, the mass of the invited journalists from local and foreign media - this much must show Kasparov and other members of the "Other Russia" the power of Mikhail Kasyanov. Before Congress Kasyanov also enlisted the support of the West. Publication of the big interview RNDS leader in the May issue of the prestigious French magazine "International Policies", which appeared only Kasyanov promising unifier of the Russian "democrats", says a lot.

Kasparov, Limonov, and other members of the political meeting of the "Other Russia" were also among those invited to the congress. For what?Now and Kasyanov and Kasparov are actually alone. Last March of Dissent "showed that even Limonov skeptical of their conduct, and a couple of dozen activists Red Youth Vanguard" regarded as an ally is not necessary. Kasyanov has in this respect is much more likely to win over undecided "dissent", even if he would have to go into it alone. Another thing is that except for rare opposition sympathies, belly ambition of ex-premier, to count on something more Kasyanov is not worth it. Recent polling data show that the surname of Mikhail Kasyanov did not even sounded among the possible candidates for president of Russia.

Alex Makhno

Oleg Artyukov

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