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Mustard in the pants to help regain the freshness

June 2 2006

Only in this way, according to a famous spin doctor Ivan Starikov, "right wing" and "Apple" may be at least some signs of life. While in the party apparatus of the political structures of most currently reigns razdolbaystvo, while competitors from the Communist Party once again demonstrate the professionalism and vigilance of the party.

Back in late March, "Kontroligarhichesky Front unveiled controversial report, "Storm Warning" , in which the authors under the scientific guidance of Boris Kagarlitsky, "revealed" corruption of technology and cited specific examples of "financial misconduct" of four major opposition parties - the Communist Party, SPS, Yabloko and "Homeland", and the specific status of persons.

The content of anti-corruption report has caused quite a controversy, and "scientific" work submitted has been criticized by professional political scientists. However, the negative information could not pass completely without a trace. Anyway, he paid "explore" the moral and political parties may have an electoral loss. The result - the Communist Party had filed for Kagarlitsky the court, calling the information about the parties' forgeries old and new inventions. " Goodwill was valued at one million rubles.

Curiously, in its quest to defend his own honor and dignity of the Communists remained in splendid isolation. Yabloko, SPS and the "Motherland" preferred to remain silent. But why? Their views on this issue "Yoki. Ru" shared member of the Political Council of Social Movement "People's Democratic Union, Ivan Starikov .

- Communists have sued Kagarlitskogo to the report, "Storm Warning". And why the other parties mentioned there, still silent?

- This means that the degree of tolerance of Communists in relation to allegations of corruption is much less than the Democrats. That's why they sued. But seriously, just phone the Communist Party, the party inherited from the old days, a more professional work, tracking information, do not go unheeded. Since this is, moreover, still another reason to remind myself. My applause from the unit Communist Party! In the Soviet period, there were people who honestly do their duty. They have, in a good way, "iron ass", that is, they sit in their seats, watching everything and honestly perform their duties. No dolt.

I believe that the most corrupt now - the party in power because it has real access to material resources and their distribution. None of the votes the Communists nor the votes zhirinovtsev "nor of votes rodintsev" there's nothing independent. Any law, even federal constitutional law, is now free to take a "United Russia", which no assistants are absolutely not necessary.

- But the press actually gets official to invoke this report, unless it is disproved by the interested parties. Zyuganov also solves the problem only of himself and the Communist Party. That is, it turns out that Yabloko, SPS and Motherland agree with the charges Kagarlitsky?

- I would advise them to go to court. But I'm not in the ATP and not in the "Apple". If I was in one of these structures, it certainly would pay attention to the situation and poured mustard pants chief of staff and press secretaries of both parties.

Chief of Staff to have a monitor and prepare documents to the court.This is quite a simple process that will take at least two days. In the parties, there is also a press secretary, who must also monitor developments and make maximum use of the situation as a PR acquisition.

You can not ignore such charges. But the problem is that in countries where there is the normal institutions of civil society, such a statement would have caused a wide resonance. And the party leadership would have to meet - or to justify and prove his innocence or seriously lose ground in future political battles. Since Russia is no civil society as such, we can blame that all members of the Communist Party or any other party without exception homosexuals, and nobody paid attention to it.

But I repeat, am not on either the ATP or the "Apple". A Kagarlitsky do not benefit from the People's Democratic Union. If there has been said about the VAT, I would definitely call press officer Mrs Rasbash and asked that they at least print a retraction and instructed the legal office to prepare a statement of claim in court. We would have responded the next day.

- So why Yabloko and SPS are substituted so?

- They simply understand that there is no policy - and all. Maybe, White and Yavlinsky, and believe that politics is, but signs of life, they do not serve. Neither ATP, nor the "Apple" give no sign of life. They believe that they will be invited to the Kremlin, saying: "Guys, for what you portray the opposition, we'll draw a cherished seven percent for two - to show the West the picture that we have a democracy there. Well, little such Party, mongrel, but now you do? are what really is. " And if they start to move, it can cause resentment owner, and he did not summon the parliament.

I think that the SPS and Yabloko, finally finished his earthly journey, and in their place, there will be other parties that will articulate those ideologies and the values that they claim. And the new party will not be the party in power in Class II. By Mikhail Bulgakov, the sturgeon is a different degree of freshness: the first, it is also the last. " So, the motto of this the future of the democratic parties are: freshness, freshness, freshness! ".

Now, SPS and Yabloko "-" sturgeon "is even very far from being the second freshness. So once again I want to stress that the motto of any real opposition in Russia - is "freshness, freshness and once again the freshness!".

Elena Leonkova


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