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... Under the flag of the NBP

February 2 2007

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, it seems, in fact, intent on building a coalition of levopatrioticheskih forces. But, following the old Soviet tradition, is trying to take the quantity but not quality.

Three blokoobrazuyuschimi parties, formed the core of Fair Russia, was not limited. Leaders' spravedrossov "have repeatedly stated that the doors of their party open to all comers, and the very least, but the party flowed puny trickle of small NGOs, eager to join the big thing. But the bid was made, of course, not to exist on their own organizations like the Women's Dialogue, "and the radical youth movement, which, with the competent organization and proper funding, to shift the balance of forces both on the left and the right, national- patriotic side. This is the NBP and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

From the Movement Against Illegal Immigration "issue resolved simply. State Duma deputy Dmitry Rogozin, has long been collaborating with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, after much thought yet decided not to quarrel with Mironov and not only did not protest against the renaming of the Rodina faction in the "Fair Russia", but also suggested its possible entry into the party Mironov . However, Dmitry O. took a break until spring, but if Rogozin will not register "Congress of Russian Communities" as a political party, its alliance with Just Russia "may become a fact come true. Naturally, after Rogozin to Mironov Pull the other "patriots", including the Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

With pro-Communist sentiments, the situation looked a little harder. To share with the Communist Party allied obligations "Fair Russia" did not hurt except for the leadership of the Communist Party, who saw in Sergey Mironov, associating its direct competitors for the right of the main opposition party of the left spectrum. Not accidentally, these two parties were the initiators and developers of two drafts of the opposition. Of course, in each case the opposition had in mind the author of the bill.

On the other hand, in regions where the leaders of local branches were, in general, still with whom to cooperate, but would not fly past elections, the issues can be resolved much easier, but the official position of confrontation between the two parties is not affected.

It is quite another - the National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov. NBP long and unsuccessfully trying to gain official registration, but its lack does not prevent "limonovtsa provide services to others, including legal organizations. One time NBP closely working on the campaign trail with the Communist Party, then, do not go down to the price, go for service liebralnoy opposition, eventually concluding the contract with Mikhail Kasyanov and entered into a coalition The Other Russia. " However, we must understand the nature of the NBP to speak confidently about the BNP as a party, very loosely related to their alliance obyazatelstam and can be flexibly changing its course depends on a political market fluctuations. So if Limonov suddenly received a proposal from the leader of Just Russia, then with a sufficiently high degree of probability could be said about the positive response, the leader of the NBP. And it seems that this assumption can become a reality.

Among the regional leaders "Just Russia" a lot of people from the NBP. For example, the mayor of Carpets (Vladimir region) Irina Tabatskova long since joined the Party of Life, and after the union is automatically migrated to the "Fair Russia". But despite the change of party orientation, Irina Tabatskova still conceals his former teammates, allowing natsbola quite freely in its birthplace.

alkali more successfully developing cooperation "Fair Russia" and the NBP in Astrakhan, where the special activity in this respect manifests a member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party "Fair Russia" Oleg Shein. On a couple of deputy obldumy Alexander Mikhailov, they have long tried to involve the Astrakhan natsblov to party work. Earlier in the party "Rodina", now, respectively, in the "Just Russia".

"Pillar spokesman, communists and members of the AKM is ready to move. Suddenly we notice the rapidly approaching State Duma Deputy Oleg Shein Russia. He firmly shook hands with us. Catching up boys and girls from the" motherland ", rise modestly at the end of the column (ahead of us, too," put "in end). Oleg tried to keep under the lens of National Bolsheviks - ashamed of his statements that he made to the NBP. Evil in Sheina we do not keep - you want to seat in the parliament - learn to trail. It is worth recalling, however, that if not National Bolsheviks - not see Okhotny Shein, as his expressive ears "- tells about last year's May Day rally site of the Astrakhan branch NBP.

November 4 this year, State Duma deputy was in a column NBP on the march "anti-capitalism-2006" under the slogan "Russia without Putin!", "Reptiles, return deposits," Putin, go away yourself! "," United Russia - the enemy of the people " "Down with the police state", etc. and even to enter into a dispute with police officers, confiscated marchers flags and flagpoles NBP and AKM. "Kirov district police department is known for its free interpretation of the law, but this time he outdid himself. We had to manage to say that flags the NBP with the hammer and sickle bear swastikas. If someone fights activists decide to apply to the court, I am ready to support them" - commented that he was a scandalous episode of Astrakhan newspaper "Facts and compromising."

A January 25, 2007 the local branch of Just Russia withdrew NBP activists and AKM for a rally against the abolition of preferential tickets for public transport . Action was fighting. The demonstrators at first attempted to break into the building obldumu, where the plenary meeting was held, and then went to block the traffic on adjacent streets.

This radicalization though some positions contrary to Sergei Mironov, who considers that the opposition must not fall to the rallies and scream about the anti-popular government, but rather should be "legitimate, legal action to defend its right to develop a different way of development of our country", namely active outdoor policy would "Fair Russia" to attract the attention of voters and finally get rid of the derogatory nickname of "muskrat."



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