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At Pyatnitskaya smell cannabis

December 1 2006

Behind closed doors in the central party office at Pyatnitskaya passed Friday meeting of the faction "Green Russia", which in May was organized in the liberal Yabloko party. On Thursday evening, a free press accreditation at her suddenly been discontinued. There is every reason to believe that the "apple" environmentalists have decided to discuss the possibility of their cooperation with the League of the legalization of cannabis has more support overseas associates.

That's what gave us the browser Internet edition of the Herald Andrei Shcherbakov: "On Thursday at half past five in the evening we called the office of the Yabloko on the telephone number listed in the announcement, news agencies and projections, citizen Julia Morozova. She refused at first reported that prepared to accredit, but when we were presented was openly consult with some Volodya. I could hear the bad, but I still hear the word "hemp", "Zlotnikov," "scandal" Then Julia said that by order of the top leadership of the Party press accreditation is closed and hung up. "

Observers have pointed out that a meeting of the faction "Green Russia" was collected immediately after the appearance of our site the sensational interview with the leader of the League of the legalization of cannabis Dmitry Zlotnikov . Sam Zlotnikov it reacted rather strangely, and after one and a half weeks after it appeared - apparently under the influence is clear what was in an altered state of consciousness and could not adequately and promptly respond to the events of the day.

Mr. Zlotnikov published in the "Live Journal" open letter to our browser Zulfiya Karimova under a loud headline "The League of legalizing hemp does not intend to enter into any" Apple "nor to any more parties," in which .... refutes this thesis.

There have written an internationally renowned leader in all-Russian movement for the legalization of marijuana: "I can only welcome the positive changes in mirovozrrenii Yabloko, retired from the wholesale rejection of antiprogibitsionizma. I hope to Ilya Yashin, youth leader of Yabloko, is uniquely defined in their positive attitude to the legalization of cannabis, will be joined by colleagues from the adult Yabloko.

It is hoped that in the near future Grigory Yavlinsky will make their choice, indeed a worthy leader of the Democratic Party, known, including its environmental initiatives. Yavlinsky, one hectare of legal hemp rescues four hectares of the forest! ".

Apparently, hopes Zlotnikov and other lovers "kosyachkov" justified. It seems that Yavlinsky was under the influence of his favorite Ilya Yashin, who loves to absorb cakes with marijuana during their raids to the friends-rastamanov in Amsterdam, ready to speak publicly for the legalization of marijuana.

In his "Open Letter Zulfia Karimova, the leader of the League of the legalization of cannabis Zlotnikov recalls that in the summer Yavlinsky was asked about his attitude toward the legalization of medical and recreational use of psychoactive hemp. It happened June 7, at a benefit performance Yavlinsky's favorite meeting place for liberals and Democrats - the Museum of Andrei Sakharov. "Yavlinsky said that the move to answer this question can only be an expert in the field of medicine, and he articulated position on the legalization of cannabis has no - said Mr Zlotnikov. -" It's a very serious matter. I have no taboo on discussing it, but it also requires a serious approach and careful consideration ", - said Yavlinsky."

chevidno that today virtually closed to the press meeting of the faction "Green Russia" Alexey Yablokov was carried out by Yavlinsky and lifted the taboo on discussion of the topic of legalization of marijuana. "Yabloko" decided to show "seriousness" and became "carefully consider" what dividends will work with our party and foreign rastamanov.

As repeatedly announced to the public spokesman for the St. Petersburg organization "Union of Right Forces," Joseph Skakovsky, Yavlinsky two years ago recommended that the party members go on feeding ", ie independently seek sources of funding. Cooperation with rastamanov undoubtedly attract funds from supporters of the legalization of marijuana from around the world, given the promising Russian market in the event of his discoveries.

In addition, regional organizations Yabloko can earn and increase their popularity among young people, organizing tours of notorious group of Simferopol Red mold. For 15 years, this eccentric team is the leader of punk rock all over the CIS, and his albums enjoyed unprecedented popularity among the public. A lot of the songs "Red mold" have a pronounced environmental shade, including "In the fuck!" In the fuck again! Ripe hemp! " and "Makhno Fingering the window."

We called in Simferopol artistic director of the Red mold "Paul Yatsyne. Tube took soloist, the legendary singer capital role in punk rock musicals "Cinderella" and "Little Red Riding Hood" Galina Smoke. That's what she told us: "The Pasha now is a pass and could not come up. I declare that always believed in the Russian Yabloko." They are true democrats. A Yavlinsky just ducky rastaman, what he is. We're going in February in Moscow, to provide public video on our long-time hit "Drunk, drunk hedgehog climbed on the wire, and hope to sign with the cultural sector of the Yabloko party, a letter of intent. And Ilya Yashin, in gratitude for the fact that he raised the issue rastaman I am with my girlfriend Lalya perform popular Cinderella's sisters, ditties from the same musical: "You, prince, asshole and brake! You are not entitled sechesh! Born you mudiloy, mudiloy and die! You have such good fortune was in my life time! And you do not want, do not want to fuck us! ".

Yelena Sakharov


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