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Russian in the XXI century: the defense of the impasse

November 1 2006

- And what does the monkey Sevast'yanov in the Danilov Monastery? - Loudly asked with Secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens Kirill Frolov, at cruising speed burst into the conference hall Danilovskaya.

- Maybe he was involved here? - Jokingly replied someone.

- Schazzz, of course - sarcastically chuckled Frolov. - Now comes the Orthodox commandos to throw away the monkey.

- Well, that's not democratic - all in the same jokingly responded to a replica of the excited first snow Frolov.

- I am against democracy in the territory of the patriarchal monastery - had no qualms hemmed Frolov.

So, with jokes so quips began conference "Russian in the XXI century. Renaissance Strategy" organized by the Institute of National Strategy and the League of conservative journalism. Officially the purpose of the event sounded like a desire to unite scientists and politicians "for the rational dialogue on the priorities for the Russian people and their modes of realization in the modern world". But in fact, it was the last attempt to reconcile the chipped on ideological grounds participants "Russian March". Say, boys, do not quarrel. The attempt was unsuccessful, although the Russian and Russianness talked plenty.

One of the main causes of the conflict was the emergence of a once unified the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of the "Russian March" two very notable personalities: the leader NDPR Alexander Sevastyanov and leader of the "Slavic Union" Dmitry Demushkin other than, well, quite original and radical views. The first boulder , stirred up water, was thrown more on Oct. 4 , when the organizing committee for the first time met with reporters to express their unity. But prudent leaders NDPR phrase that non-Russian patriarch can not represent the interests of the Russian people, has reached its goal. While all of us gathered to hear this, he did kind of as if nothing had noticed the hot falcon soared Secretary LNG Kirill Frolov, and stating that he no longer able to stay at the same table with people who offend the patriarch, got him out. Accordingly, should follow the announcement of withdrawal of LNG from the Organizing Committee.

October 20, was brought into action the second bomb. Just after the press conference, which was announced the dissolution of the Organizing Committee and the establishment instead of a public committee, which included the State Duma and other heroic men, some were part of the Organizing Committee of the organizations issued a statement which revealed that their feet on "Russian march "will not be .

This time, the reasons it was not an example anymore. First, the inclusion among the participants of the "Russian March" demushkinskogo "SS", which, according to the applicants, "frankly Nazi." Secondly, the ugly behavior of the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Belova-Potkina, usurped the Organizing Committee and unilaterally sponsor the march "all sorts of shady characters from the fascist organizations of the United States, Germany and, finally, Israel . Third, the invisible presence of the founder of the National Strategy Institute Stanislav Belkovsky."Decisive influence in the preparation of the march began to acquire political figures in some way connected with Mr. Belkovsky and" orange revolutionaries "that gives the whole March are quite different political significance than was originally proclaimed," - said in a statement. Of course, they remembered and barbaric behavior of the pagan Sevastyanov.

As a result, formed t's important for two of the march: "Russian march", which was the driving force DPNI, and "Right March", the basis of which amounted to identify themselves as Orthodox organization that refused to participate in the event Belova.

Of course, this demarcation is not pleased everyone. Especially because on opposite sides were people who are on friendly terms with each other. One of the first attempts at reconciliation was made in the transfer of "Politkokteyl" on TV O2TV. Political analyst Viktor Militarev from INS for an hour trying to persuade the writer Dmitry Volodihina from the League of conservative journalism reconsider and come back. Volodihin, as would be real Russian patriot, drank kvass. Militarev content with other drinks. In short, the parties remained unconvinced.

Second, a decisive effort, was the above-mentioned conference, to which were invited by the conflicting parties in full. Despite the fact that the meeting was organized Belkovsky, "pravomarshevtsy" were on it at full strength. Apparently the "orange" political consultant is balanced by the grace of the Holy Danilov Monastery, in the territory of which the hotel is located Danilovskaya. Although the swords from the scabbard warring parties have not got, their arms occasionally clinking, bringing terror to the enemy.

Under the melodious murmur of the reports on the confrontation between the "Imperials" to which the members of Right March ", and" ethnic nationalists ", they, respectively, were supporters of the march of the" Russian ", the parties exchanged sharp attacks.

Kirill Frolov tried to turn the conversation to the theosophical direction, saying that all those who work without the church and against the church (at the same time, he is very expressive glance at Sevastianova) - anti-Russian. The other side replied by a volley of guns.

To start visiting philosophers and sociologists from the statement in an address carried the same idea: Russian today spiritually poor are oppressed majority, the loss of national culture and tradition, so you need to create a new national identity, and to do so only through the Troubles fail. "The rise of the Russian movement should occur simultaneously, mass actions should become permanent," - outlined the primary goal of Russian patriots State Duma Dmitry Rogozin, then gave an example of the "orange" revolution in Ukraine. "I was on the Maidan in Kiev. And many of the people of Kiev told me: it seems I just felt that we - a nation - says Dmitry O.. - But it is in Kiev, in front of each other to within a few days of peaceful protesters and riot police standing. I We would fight started already. "I would fight started an hour and a half, returned to earth listeners Rogozin. "I feel that something is coming and I'll be one of the participants in these events" - he concluded, turning the conversation from the theoretical stage, the stage of practical, relating directly to the problems encountered in the Russian patriotic movement on the eve of the "Russian March".

Victor Militarev told his step by step transformation of a respectable Jewish boy in a staunch Russian patriot.Until 17 years he was the son of the Jewish people, then crossed himself, went to church, then became less go to church, and finally, after becoming a good-natured laugh at the anti-Semitic jokes, I felt like a Russian. After that suggested fundamental Orthodox to unite, do not forget to lightly criticized for their literal adherence to tradition. "You know that we defended the temple on the street Innovators -" he began. - So, proposed a living in this area Orthodox cleaning indoors Saturday. So they earnestly asked me: as my father has blessed us with this? ".

Speakers should be the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Belov proposed to set aside the arguments about ethics, saying that the main thing - is efficiency and pragmatism. "We're not talking about the change of religion, we talk about efficiency. Yes, the" Russian March "- a provocation. Taunt power on the march. Provocation at its prohibition," - he said, noting it does not matter exactly how to combine people. First, it requires a vague ideology, focused on the opposition of the enemy. In support of his word, he turned to historical experience, consider offering the thesis that all of Russia's victory have been associated with resistance to anyone. "Attempts to say: guys, let's live together - this is for Leopold. West its expansionist policy and we must do the same thing" - he continued. Secondly, he suggested not to argue on political grounds. "My ancestors were killed in the fields of the Great Patriotic War and, therefore, my attitude to Hitler's understandable. But on the other hand, even if Demushkin and an admirer of Hitler, then I have no right to deprive him of Russianness. Nobody has the right to deprive a person of Russianness for their political beliefs."

Complete revelation was the performance leader of the Russian Public Movement "by Konstantin Krylov, in which he was speaking about the unity of small nations, advised the Russian" rise to the head of the Chechen tapes. "The fact that the Chechens are now the winners, said of their rightness," - he said, than he that a satisfactory shock coordinator of the People's Cathedral Vladimir Khomiakov.

The counter-parties "Right March" was no less emotional. One of the leaders of the movement "People's Cathedral" Oleg Cassini, as well as some previous speakers, also addressed with the past. Although not so far. According to him, the Russian patriotic movement has begun to emerge even in the times of perestroika. And it originated from the top. "The very same people at the Old Town Square, which laid the ground for the emergence of the oligarchs, planning and Russian nationalist movement. And they were planning it as anti-Christian, - plainly started right off the bat, Oleg Cassini, served at one time deputy leader of the RNE Alexander Barkashov. - To do this they as leaders have been recruited under the fear of being accused of homosexuality or drug use of people who deliberately drove the Patriots in a deadlock. And now these old puppeteers are interested in supporting relict mammoth "- summed up her performance A. Cassin, the last words by looking at the place where recently sat Alexander Sevastyanov.

In general, the union did not happen. As, however, on a minor note, over and discuss the prospects of Russian in the XXI century. "The future is very bleak, - began his story writer Cyril Benedictine. Drawing a parallel between the Russian patriotic movement and modeling of social systems of the future of Russian fiction, K. Benedictine made disappointing conclusion that those who should be in the works to predict the development of the situation, absolutely do not understand what to do. The saddest thing is his opinion that such a presentation about the future of Russia and have no local patriots."We are in a certain ideological impasse," - he stressed.

Thus, all the arguments about who is ultimately right - going to the "Russian march" or "Right-wing march," have no meaning and more like the disputes between two economic entities of the monopoly of one or another sphere of activity. In the absence of a coherent ideology, the logic is the appearance among the main actors quite strangers, ready to use the upcoming turmoil in their own, uzkokorporativnyh interests. That appeared on the eve of Nov. 4 cryptic interview with Boris Berezovsky, in which he talks about the benefits for a new Russian revolution. That rigors number of pro-Western liberal organizations, expressing their anger Moscow authorities about the ban "Russian march" . Say, how come Mayor Luzhkov unconstitutional, forbidding the procession fascists? And then, with barely concealed subtext: let them pass, and so we show the triumph of fascism in the Russian Federation.

In general, contrary to the writer Dmitry Volodihina not podozhzhesh - no lights, the fire Light up the joint efforts already. Only problem is that it becomes uncontrollable and could easily absorb all - and right and wrong.

Igor Kulagin


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