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"LSD primaries will be held in Moscow at the weekend

October 1 2007

In "Sakharov Centre for Earthen shaft held pre-election rally of the Yabloko party, where the active light Grigory Yavlinsky and Sergei Kovalev. The piquancy of the event gave the participation of former Czech President Vaclav Havel, a longtime fan and promoter of LSD-25 and other psychedelics. The latter is said to have proposed to use the visit to Moscow of his friend and longtime researcher Stanislav Grof LSD to join the Russian opposition.

Officially, the event was called "round table" on how best to say goodbye to the Soviet past. But connoisseurs of opposition politbomonda more intrigued as to why and on whose behalf Havel arrived in Moscow to support it Yavlinsky. After all, even on a Sunday congress "Another Russia" a famous politician to playwright said. Sent by boyfriend hello - they say, was unwell, this and that. The meeting also took place with Yavlinsky, they say, at the highest level.

According to experts, Havel met with Yavlinsky and Kovalev should have been devoted to signal that the U.S. intelligence services, especially the CIA, are going to help Grigory Yavlinsky in his presidential campaign. Vaclav Havel does not accidentally arrived in Russia on a public chat with the leaders of Yabloko now - in the past, it was political strategists of U.S. intelligence helped a couple of months to make him face the "velvet revolution", which ended not only socialist but also of Czechoslovakia as a whole.

French conservative publications supporting Le Pen, not once wrote that Havel is closely connected with the CIA and other projects - the so-called "MK-Ultra," in which secretly investigate possible effects of LSD-25 on the human psyche. Although all formal actions of this stunning drug in the same America were banned in 1966.

It is noteworthy that Vaclav Havel arrived in the capital a week before a grand show of psychedelic world's most famous explorer and advocate of LSD Stanislav Grof, a native of Czechoslovakia, long lived in the United States. His spends Hall "Mir" on the colored avenue group of citizens headed by having a long and secret connections in the American media business, Edward Sagalevym. By the arrival of Grof Publishers "AST" released two new books causing widespread sensation and scandal known as an innovator in psychology - "When the impossible is possible" and "The Greatest Journey," which are essentially a manifesto with a justification requirement of legalization of LSD and other psychedelic drugs, has long prohibited official use.

Grof in Moscow will arrive on October 6 from Prague, where everything is the same Vaclav Havel will award him the prize of his foundation and, apparently, will give valuable guidance on how it work with the Russian politicians. They, through advertising Sagalaev intend to attend a workshop of the legendary maestro of psychedelic research in large numbers .. On the sidelines of the Sakharov Centre rather discuss the rumors that Havel has asked his friend Yavlinsky arrange a meeting with Grof as many iconic figures of the Russian opposition.

Havel is said to have reminded Yavlinsky, the famous Esalen Institute, led by Michael Murphy, 15 years where he worked Grof, the first time invited Boris Yeltsin in the U.S.. It is with this event, analysts say the CIA, began the process of democratization of Soviet society. According to Havel's speech Stanislav Grof in Moscow should be reminded of this historic event and to unite all the opposition politicians, whose career started and took place due to Yeltsin's reform efforts.

It is not excluded that in the forefront of lectures Stanislav Grof about his many years of research striking features of LSD-25 and other psychedelics we see not only Grigory Yavlinsky and Sergei Kovalev, there may be other representatives of the "Yeltsin galaxy" - Boris Nemtsov, Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais, Irina Hakamada, as well as more recent appointees in the same direction, for example, Boris Nadezhdin and Mikhail Kasyanov.

full strength is expected to attend the leadership of the Other Russia, above all, Garry Kasparov and Eduard Limonov. It is no coincidence, a greeting on behalf of Vaclav Havel at the congress "Other Russia" was greeted with loud applause - before the event someone reminded Victor Anpilov, spoke in the lobby, that the most opposition and radical activists at a seminar Stanislav Grof can give "marks" for LSD Travel-per 4 months old.

Political and cultural elite have already discussed, can not become a two-day seminars Grof in his psychedelic research in the original "LSD primaries Russian opposition. Collective "LSD trip" can not only try on old foes, but also manifest in the astral plane, who will become the single opposition candidate in the upcoming March 2008 presidential election. It is not excluded that as a result of such a person will be Vaclav Havel, who for the occasion is not averse to take Russian citizenship, Thu of carefully concealed at today's meeting with Yavlinsky.

Galina Yatsyna


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