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"Dissent" put Mironov?

September 1 2007

Attitude of Russia's liberal (and not just liberal) extra-systemic opposition to the authorities know. President Putin or the leaders of the Party "United Russia" abused in every way, attributing to them all the most unseen sins. But there is in this vertical of power and amusing exception to the opposition who are ... good-naturedly, as sweet and foolish child, just by chance found themselves on the other side of the Kremlin's "teeth."

Analysis of the relationship to the Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, the ideological "scumbags" shows that he is - one of them. And what else?! Activists Just Russia participate in the "March of Dissent" and others, arranged by oppositionists, promotions. They mercilessly criticize the ruling party, created by neposredstvennogm participation of Vladimir Putin, while being careful how to speak more neutrally in the opposition. Yes, and the leader of the party, which really must admit, no, no, but join the opposition, criticizing the shortcomings and harmfulness of the current government. So once again embarrass the president, zagovorivaya the third term for Vladimir Putin. And if not accused Russian authorities of trying to whitewash Stalin.

However, before Sergei Mikhailovich, using a friendly arrangement of the first person in the country, yet no different tolerance to the authorities, concerned about the prosperity of anti-Putin opposition.

In 2002, for example, Federation Council Speaker breast rose to defend a military journalist Grigory Pasko, a recognized court (!!!) Pacific Fleet guilty of treason in the form of espionage (Article 275 of the Criminal Code) and sentenced to 4 years in prison without confiscation of property . And if Vladimir Putin insisted that the episode with the transfer of Mr. Pasko foreign nationals for a fee documents marked "secret" has been proven, and no one doubts, even from his lawyers, then Sergei Mironov on this score was completely opposite opinion.

"As a citizen, I believe that the sentence is unjust, and to think, how we can help Pasko" - baffle all Mironov. "We must change the laws. We must change and see all the by-laws to the legal field was clear and transparent. And so people are not judged for being on those instructions, by the way, that actually exist, for what, in fact, do not judge "- he said, thereby expressing concern about the growth of" totalitarian tendencies "in Russia by" certain officials. "

A year later, Sergei Mikhailovich altogether earned gratitude from human rights advocates, is not afraid to stand up for partner in crime, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev. "People who commit these violations - not the killers, dangerous to society" - with all its frankness reacted chairman of the upper house of Parliament on the decision of the Moscow City Court to leave the custody chapter Menatep Platon Lebedev. Sergei Mironov, then heartily criticized actions of the Prosecutor General against Platon Lebedev, calling the measure "excessive" and expressed confidence that economic crimes "should not be placed in custody." And to make his speech sounded more convincing, Sergei Mikhailovich expressed concern about attacks against law enforcement agencies on Yukos, estimating the direct loss of the Russian economy from the attack on Yukos' $ 2 billion.

Several days later, the speaker of Federation Council, however, radically changed his opinion about the Yukos affair, but liberals are not afraid to notice the bold and open judgments official.

eychas difficult to say whether Mironov intended to meet in August to Khodorkovsky, or it was just fantasy supporters of disgraced tycoon, one thing is clear: this meeting they were expecting, and were extremely disappointed by its failures. At least, the press center of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, expressed utter bewilderment that the speaker of the Federation Council bluntly denied reports about a possible visit to Chita, calling them "disinformation."

A little later, however, the defenders were found to explain the act Mironov. What is surprising, Sergei Mikhailovich in their eyes was an honest politician who is forced to obey the laws of Putin's totalitarian system. Editor in Chief, "Daily Journal" Alexander Ryklin sure that the "likely Mironov really made it clear that this is totally unacceptable." "Where do you go?" There are times when there's nowhere to go, you begin to deny, of course, "- philosophical throws up his hands one of the closest associates of Garry Kasparov.

A little later that same Ryklin finds a new explanation for the act Mironov, explaining his war two towers of the Kremlin, and actually developing the creative thoughts of the speaker of some "tutors" Yoki.Ru. "No sane person, even slightly versed in contemporary Russian politics, never believe that Mironov when Putin will decide to live such a blatant act" - he wrote in his article in the "hedgehog" like leaving right Mironov in the case of certain events, to improve. "There are no arguments that would force Putin to believe that the speaker of" walking on the side "- he continues to protect the good name of the speaker of Federation Council, moving arrows on the main villain and the customer's provocation -" the deputy head of presidential administration Vladislav Surkov and his faithful squire, Gleb Pawlowski. "

"Knowing the restless nature of Mr. Surkov, you can be sure that he will not leave attempts to discredit Sergei Mironov in the public eye. That is - Vladimir Putin," - Alexander Ryklin finishes his monologue, without specifying, however, why would he , staunch opponent of Russian president and his entourage, so fiercely to protect a friend, Vladimir Putin, enjoys, according to Ryklina, unqualified confidence of the guarantor. After all, according to the laws of the genre opposition contrary should celebrate Putin's associates are learning a doubt! But no. Putin, of course, the bad, but the deputy head of presidential administration is even worse, because slander faithful squire Russian president.

And the other "dissenters", Ilya Ponomarev, who worked sometime in the Yukos agrees today, and before that was used is not bad scheme, in which Mironov would become president, Zyuganov - Speaker ... About the prime minister, he was silent. But we remember from pre-existing schemes, who was to become prime minister after the establishment of a parliamentary republic in Russia ...

Mironov, it seems that he is a great strategist, and combines the "dissenters" to his ruling party. In fact, it appears that by and large those "dissidents" of his ... benefit, assuming an absolutely non-self-politician.

Dmitry Nosov.


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