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Dictionary Democrat: from rogue to gadenyshey

June 1 2009

Bloggers were a collection of words and expressions of true democracy and the ideological fighter against the authoritarian regime. Linguists have analyzed the language of representatives of a number of democratic structures and found out that the opposition has its own "Fenya. And if the members of "March of Dissent" understand each other perfectly, then the casual reader set out fighters for democratic values, thoughts may be misleading or simply not be available for perception.

Material for a dictionary was provided by the leaders of opposition structures, leading their blogs: members of the Bureau of Yabloko party, Alexey Melnikov, and Alexander Rollins, members of the Bureau of the political council of "Solidarity" Vladimir Milov, Boris Nemtsov, Ilya Yashin, Garry Kasparov, Alexander Ryklin and others.

The authors present a number of commonly used idioms in the opposition media:

Bastard fosterling, bastard, bastard, half-witted clown - opponents of the Democrats;

bastards, scum, Jude, rag-tag - general collective characteristics of opponents;

sycophants, lackeys - small opponents;

Shawky - quite small opponents;

gadenysh, vile type - an opponent who is personally offended Democrat;

marazmatik - elderly opponent;

schmuck - just not a good opponent;

jubilant gopota - rejoice opponents;

marginal - politician undemocratic direction;

idiot - fellow democratic movement;

Putin's "muskrat" (accompanied by photos of the animal in the 10 specimens.) - a supporter of the wrong party;

cynical bastard - a former associate of the Democracy;

small card Schuler - wrong journalist Democrat;

magical asshole, a provocateur, a clinical idiot - fellow demdvizheniyu before he became such;

merzavchik - affectionate name of a fellow party;

git - cool name teammate on the democratic movement;

Kremlin provocateur - affectionate name for the companion of the democratic movement;

dvornyazhkochmoshniki, prostitutes - the definition of associates in the Dem. movement, befitting the head of the society "apple" forum and the curator of "apple" of the Internet;

Rear rat - people, in contrast to the Democrats since Yeltsin's Chechen war, fought on the front;

crap - the opponents;

disgust - a feeling that the supporters of Yeltsin's successor, Yeltsin calls;

abomination - of Yeltsin's successor;

vile, thievish, criminal, cowardly ivaya - characteristics of power Yeltsin's successor;

cowardly Kholuy - characteristics of people working in the power of Yeltsin's successor;

stubby, like Pinocchio, thoughts - thoughts in the mind of the opponent;

p style = "text-align: justify;"> cover up the foolishness of his own ignorance - to joke in a dispute with Democrats;

serve as a "tail" of smth. to be ass-smb. - working on the wrong Democrats;

disgusting article - an article incorrect Democrats;

killing children, cynicism, cruelty, his hands to his elbows in blood - things that do not have the slightest connection with the actions of a democratic President Boris Yeltsin in Chechnya;

squeals, snot and sobs - the wrong behavior of the Democrats;

get in the snout, ochkovat, squeal provocateur - the call of the streets in the heart of true democracy;

they do .... oh there - the morale of the opponents;

incompetence, lies - the distinctive quality of politicians, non-democrats;

brilliant, principled, experienced, ideological, one hundred percent a realist, a great organizer, a handsome man - characteristics homies Democrat;

enemy - the transition to the term "public enemies";

immediate ban - an argument raseyskogo Democrat in any discussion, if lacking the above vocabulary.

The compilers note that quite often the authors of the above idioms declare themselves as superior media culture, do not admit to themselves any insults. However, any of the terms in the dictionary is quite pertinent in relation to the opponents of democracy, but immediately turns here in these very totally unacceptable insult when applied to themselves Democrats.

Do not eat such words as "bastard", "fosterling," "bastard," "bastard," "silly clown", etc. of some representatives of the democratic movement - the authors believe the dictionary. - Hack to death on his nose, a Democrat could not cause disgust at least as a decent man. "Valid Democrats are not screaming and sobbing, they are no snot, they do not write articles vile, do not serve anyone ass, they are distinguished by tolerance the opinion of others and the ability to put the interests of democracy above personal grudges, "- ironically the drafters.

Olga Nekrasova

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