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Fraudsters from Enron "heated" Americans $ 60 billion

June 1 2006

Even from the air can make money. However, the vast majority of this "financial magic" is also a tough offense. Last week trial retribution caught up with the American schemers "Major League", whose actions have resulted in massive devastation of citizens and organizations, as well as to the collapse of the stock market. And all this - for multimillion-dollar replenishment of personal bank accounts of individuals - Kenneth Lay, Jeff Skinning and their entourage.

Top managers of the firm " Enron "did not stint on the registry in profit, boosting such shenanigans share prices of his company. The resulting income several times higher than the tax payments to fictitious income. However, as the rope does not curl ... Sheila is known to be still in the bag can not hide. Scandalous information is still broke out, prompting a hurricane, comparable only to that of a nightmarish Katrina.

Quotes collapsed, and calculating schemers "in time" to get rid of their shares, leaving other investors with a big nose. The scale of the losses "outsiders" have exceeded $ 60 billion. More than 20 thousand employees of the Enron lost their jobs and savings. Many of them did go bankrupt. Accurate information on other affected investors are still there, but it is already clear that they are - a huge amount. But the schemers were then in chocolate, adding to overhaul its state. Lay received for their shares $ 220 million, and Skilling - 150.

American Themis is also not going to waste time on trifles. The final decision on the prison term will be announced in September but is likely to give Leia 45 years in prison and Skilling entire 185. Such great timing of American justice appointed jointly committed crimes. Incidentally, the head of Enron, Lay and Skilling are not the only CEO convicted in this case . During the investigation, which was conducted four years, 19 of the approximate serving their sentences.

Pepper the case of Enron, "adds the likely political component. There is information that is associated with the firm was President Bush himself and his family, as well as Vice President Cheney and other senior officials. Is it really? Is it worth the political shadow of the revelation of presumptuous schemers? Clarify the situation, we asked the famous spin doctor, a member of the Political Council of the People's Democratic Union (NDU) Ivan Starikov .

- I do not consider the case of Enron political. Based on the state of American society, institutions of civil society monitoring of civil society and the society over the government - it is absolutely impossible. That is a purely economic matter.

The essence of it was that the largest energy company, which has collected money from the huge number of shareholders, made serious mistakes in management and decided to fix it is not quite plausible methods. Began to hide losses, inflate profits. Thus, she started a deadlock situation. And it all ended so sad result. Corporate executives punished for purely economic crimes.

Certainly, the managers of Enron deceived the American people. But not all the people, and those people who have entrusted their savings to the company. This happens from time to time. People who suffer from this, make their own decisions about contributions to the Enron and profit-sharing, did not someone else's compulsion. I am therefore convinced that no compensation by the U.S. government will not.

Complexity of Enron can not be political, because a high level of civic development of American society will not allow the U.S. to order some kind of political lawsuits. Although no one has suffered tens of thousands of Americans and citizens of other countries participating in the capital of the company, it is not no way means that someone will call from the White House, the American judge and say: "I will chastise them as much as possible for to other nepovadno was. " It is absolutely impossible in the American justice system. And to such a level of justice we should strive for.

We need just such a politically independent court. And here in Russia I watch the processes as National Bolsheviks, who hung a banner with a very innocuous sign of Putin's offer is longer than the bullies who murdered Tajik girl. So, we have something to work and what they learn from the U.S. in terms of development of civil society and the justice system.

Elena Leonkova


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