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Elvis Presley, rock 'n' roll, Mayday

May 1 2007

Well, that's otpervomailis. Unlike last year's Labor Day, the current cost with no excesses. Although the holiday rallies and marches attended almost all the parties and movements represented in the political spectrum in Moscow, one decides on this day its tasks without interfering with its competitors.

The main event should have been, in theory, turn on the Kaluga area, where a celebratory procession toward the Kremlin had to go to the Communists. Last year's experiment with a column of Communist Movement Against Illegal Immigration, who spoke with the Communists, under the slogan "higher salary, get your immigration, all on May Day demonstration," ended with a scuffle between skinheads and young communist shoots, kicks attempted to drive away to get to their meeting "fascists." In short, defended the honor of the Communist Party.

At this time there was nothing to defend, and to no one. Taking over from DPNI slogans on the Protection of the Russian illegal immigrants, in fact, the KPRF has abandoned ideology of proletarian internationalism. Putting in the numbers of activists "Other Russia", the leadership of the Communist Party more and graded all his previous statements on cooperation with the Orange kasyanovskoy-kasparovskoy "Other Russia".

"Column of" dissent "is in the area, greet them!" - Said from the podium erected at the monument to Karl Marx leading the rally, barely seeing leaked through the metal detectors imperial flag "Other Russia" and stretching followed by the banners of the United Civil Front, movements "Change," "Defence", "Free Russia", "Sober Moscow and other organizations, as fighting forces and capabilities to their hated the Putin regime. Several dozens of fighters for freedom of speech and assembly trailed in the wake of the Red Banner of the column, frantically yelling "We need another Russia."

The Communists, however, to this day have been set up specifically peacefully and do not interfere with the "dissenters" to express their views on current political events. Although in this case, and avoided dangerous neighbors, not allowing them to him closer than 100 meters. Companions of the coalition dropped even seem to be still working with them, "Working Russia" Viktor Anpilov and "Vanguard of Red Youth," Sergei Udaltsov. The latter, incidentally, tried to add a bit of extremism in the sluggish march Fire lit. However, the first Fire enveloped the convoy AKM blue smoke, and the second - in pink, and then experimented with pyrotechnics stopped.

The Communists were also set up a very playful. At the beginning of the march forward unexpectedly broke the car with the inscription "Prices down!" And, under vigorous rock-n-rolchik Elvis Presley, dragging protesters. Retired from unexpectedness huddled at a canter, but people in the know quickly explained vzbryknuvshim proletarians, that is just advertising a household appliance stores, sponsored the march, followed by May Day DJs have returned to the repertoire, "the singer of the revolution" by Alexander Harchikova and the column moved to common for elderly people rhythm.

Reaching the Theatre Square and pay their respects communist bonze on the podium, "disagree" quickly turned the flags and left the area, moved in the direction of the Lubyanka, where they were supposed to say his firm "no" police state "Yabloko".

Taking with him bored with the speeches of leaders the Communist Party activists, the communist movement, "disagree" marched to the Solovetsky stone, but caught only the "Patriots of Russia", prepared to listen to the speeches of their leaders already.It appears that there they had their own people, as dozens of "patriots" with rainbow flags have not yet left the meeting began, rushing behind FMG on Slavyanskaya Square, where already mourned the lost independence of Yabloko.

At the same Lubyanka Square was just one disagrees with the policy of the authorities. "It's not power, it is the animals are then - shouting, turning the wild-eyed little man with the bag, in which discernible shape a loaf of bread and a bottle of vodka. - Turn off everything, go nowhere!" Beasts! ". "Beasts," "Animals" - in unison, chanting his youth infomercial for Pepsi-Cola. This May Day was just beginning.

Igor Kulagin


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