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May Day Walk along the worn-out dogmas

May 1 2006

Pervomaiskoye celebration in the camp was left in the capital city humdrum. People ran to the area of Kaluga Gates did not result in absolutely no stress of urban transport: metro train approached the station the October half-empty. Overlapping of traffic in the vicinity of the Kremlin, too, seems to not violate anyone's plans - vacationers in spring heat moved on to make up for land seized power one of the holidays.

The leaders of the communist forces claimed that brought out thirty thousand demonstrators. The commander of the Moscow riot police, Vyacheslav Kozlov, the head of the operational headquarters of security, called the figure a more modest: at the start of the procession of participants was about seven thousand people.

Photo-report from the May Day demonstration ...

Communists of various wing rallied the ranks, as always, vainly, but for a long time. Also active only "akeemovtsy" system which is an odd mixture of young parbyurokratov tie, punks overgrown with rooster combs, some hiding under spetsnaz black masks. A large part hidden under the noses of scarves a la "intifada" that help from tear gas. However, there were no signs smell "cherry" - despite the cocky anti-Putin slogans and insistence «AK & M» to squeeze into my head the consolidated column. Police had set up a friendly and obliging, and along the large stone bridge was completely cordoned off all made up smiling kursantkami police academies. Girls were obliged to wear trousers, but regarding "studs", apparently a clear ban has been received.

In general, weather favored class world. Nor the "Internationale" or "Varshavyanka, brass bands performed ideologically neutral repertoire. Heat softens the soul of the irreconcilable opposition, which is mainly the elderly. Nobody teased and enticed debate about the main thing. In the crowd flashed with the unlicensed distributors kompechati reprint TV for a week. They routinely stretched retirees, but to learn the price of incendiary partisan way, the hand was removed from the bodies.

Only local skirmish had taken place already at the introduction of the column at Theater Square. Activists «AK & M» solely to slogans were not satisfied and lightly battered "sinhedov. Young red garde rebelled because under the banner of the organization "People's Control" wormed "skinheads" in the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and decided not to miss the "skins" to the framework of magnetic metal detectors. Skirmish turned bloodless riot quickly to separate the fighters.

Before the performance leader KNRF rally near the monument to the founder of Marxism looked zaorganizovannym in the spirit of the best Soviet traditions, the loss of that loud, but not too clearly grieving speakers. A large part of the audience listened to speeches over his shoulder, abstract numismatic book and the collapse of the relevant topics on the curb of the Bolshoi Theatre Square. Prices are pleasantly surprised. For example, "Minor earth," the author LI Brezhnev sold for only fifty. Rubles.

An earlier report Yoki.Ru May Day holiday in Russia took a sip of the revolution with the scandalous details of a fight with an activist leader of the Communist Party "Young Guards" ...

Speaker "warming up" attracted the attention of a comrade from Ulyanovsk, who playfully tucked in his belt full-time speakers CIM Communist Party.Just as the crowd listened to Ulyanovsk, could be the envy of Trotsky, the once "lit" on the same stage. It seems that the future companion is ensured. Now for agitators Gorlanov-leaders in great demand, not necessarily in the Communist Party.

Finally, on the rostrum, Gennady Zyuganov. Met him - not sinned against the truth - with the warmth of what any showman would be judged as a complete fool crash. On the other hand, the area is not the stadium and the spectacle is free.

The leader began to appeal to the idea of solidarity, which in Soviet times caused much perplexity - in the sense of with whom solidarizovatsya and on what platform. If you believe Zyuganov, namely the May Day labor solidarity person shall 8-hour working day, weekends and holidays with pay. A decree is not the CPC, as all of us once taught. Along the way, the leader of the Communist Party actualized 100 th anniversary of Russian parliamentarism, laying on the current State Duma full responsibility for the "destruction of domestic production." However, he gracefully walked their own role in this process. Who else but the Communist Party, his participation in the Duma elections in 1993 gave legitimacy Tank shot legally elected legislature of the Russian government. And who, if not the largest parliamentary faction of the Communists, voted "for" pravoosnovu current government, which is now Comrade. Zyuganov calls it as "anti-people regime." With the same ease as party leader of the "privatized" the laurels of migration away from Lake Baikal oil pipeline to China. Although it is well known that the Communists have absolutely nothing to do with performances of "green" in the Irkutsk region, nor to the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, who publicly "Duke" head of Sibneft Weinstock, and it saw the whole country.

Victory has many fathers and defeat is known to be an orphan. Following the logic of Zyuganov, the first victory should be attributed Lukashenko. Russian Communist leader does not care about the image of "Europe's last dictator", he would be the devil himself fraternized for demagogic idea of restoring Soviet power within the borders of the former USSR. Thus, the victory of the Belarusian presidential elections on the third term is an asset of the Left. What is the liability? This "popular" referendum. Strange, how much would not call it popular, as prescribed in the Constitution? And the act is not overflowing pressure, and the procedure of the Basic Law. "We believe that the executive should be elected under the control of the people" - literally the leader's second-largest parliamentary faction, sown a thinking audience the big question: who chose the most Zyuganov companions and where do they control?

Nothing conceptually new in the speech did not sound. Breaking the mild applause, the Communist leader descended from the rostrum, and people cheerfully stretched in the direction of the Lubyanka, where at the end of the third hour of action of heat hope come across on the toilet. Reason for the good of the people still easier than provide it.

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