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"Red Raiders": sickle on Peter

February 1 2007

Agree, when an eminent representative of the party nomenklatura and State Duma deputy, running the electoral lists as a "locomotive", suddenly expresses its sincere willingness if elected to move to the regional parliament - this can not be perceived differently, as banal "zadurivanie" brains of voters. And it should be noted that these promises sound almost always when using so-called "Locomotive" tactics.

However, some ambiguity in the situation lies in the fact that if the "engine" still decided to leave the "depot" - a cozy office in the Hunter series and is not going after the elections, given its mandate to some local Party apparatchik is eaten, this fact proves more and that in the Party "kingdom" is not all right.

As the fish starts to rot from the head, and abiding in the collapse of the party begins to decompose above. The range tends to arrange his life away from the federal government, subject to certain wisdom: it is better to be first in the village than the second, and even the 10th in Rome. Apparently, It is with these considerations, the other day the leader of the St. Petersburg electoral list of the Communist Party Ivan Melnikov, assured reporters that seriously thinking about his move to St. Petersburg. This is despite the fact that in the northern capital from Moscow has traditionally seen as a nuisance and even a certain squeamishness.

However, it is clear that the final decision to leave prosperous Moscow and move to the glorious city on the Neva River will largely screen them off from the results of the March election - whether it be the communists to break into the Legislature of the city and there is a workable form a faction.

Nevertheless, the overall trend of inner-evident. Prominent party members prefer to take a guaranteed parliamentary seats in the regional Zaks, or even to head the regional office, than to rely on the fact that the Central Committee and personally to Comrade. Zyuganov deigns to write their names in the first ranks of party lists. Although the case with the Melnikov situation is further complicated by the fact that he as a deputy general secretary may well be eligible for the second or at least third place in the federal list of the CPRF. However, this does not change the overall picture that has evolved in the "summit", and in the "lower classes" Communist Party.

The thing is that the electoral preferences of Russians have long formed not in favor of the Communists, who are at risk in elections to the Duma did not overcome the seven percent barrier. And, therefore, with the beginning of 2008 to fly to the political margins.

That is why the Communist Party on March 11, will certainly become a landmark and will show: The Communist Party has a right to claim the preservation of the faction in the Duma, or it is objectively doomed to further marginalization and ultimate loss of the holder system of parties. However, the fact remains: Melnikov made a promise to move to the northern capital. "I am ready to become a member of the Legislative Assembly. Moreover, I will insist on this before the Presidium of the Central Committee", - told the first deputy chairman of the Communist Party Melnikov St. Petersburg.

Recall that until the last moment it was expected that the list of the Communist Party headed by popular Petersburgers Nobel Laureate, Vice President RAS, State Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction Jaures Alferov, who, even earlier promise to support the party in the election campaign. In the end, Jaures Ivanovich so anywhere and did not get - or the top three (which is just and headed Melnikov), or generally in the party list of the CPRF.

In the press even leaked quite scandalous rumors that the reason for non-inclusion in the list Alferov, became his national origin.Although the Nobel laureate, apparently not wanting to wash dirty linen in public, called the rumors "rubbish and utter nonsense." But it was true or not - it is not important. Recently at a press conference Alferov finally refused support the Communist Party in St. Petersburg, explaining his reluctance, primarily because he was a scientist, not a "great politician". Place Alferov instantly became "right hand" Zyuganov - Melnikov. Better as the saying goes a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky.

The second place of the Central Committee gave the leader of the regional organization of the Communist first secretary of the City Commission of the Communist Party, Vladimir Fyodorov, the third place in their lists of Communists gave the famous athlete. Distinguished skier Lyubov Yegorova, briefly explained that joined the Communist Party, "because the parties are respected people, such as Alferov and Zyuganov.

How are the Leningrad Communists to their leader has been known for a long time. And the reasons for negative attitudes among Petersburgers accumulated abound. First of all, Fedorov has long indicated cynical and bureaucratic style of leadership. Recently, he managed to remove from the leadership of not only his "godfather" and popular in nationalist circles ideologue of the Communist Party of Yuriy Belov, but all party members close to him. In addition, Fedorov can not forgive what he has for several years headed the Communists' city of Lenin, "is (or was a long time), deputy assistant of the" United Russia "- pharmaceutical magnate Alexander Afanasyev.

They do not like St. Petersburg's Communists and his entourage. Thus, the Deputy Fedorov - Chairman of the ideological commission of Petersburg City Committee Communist Party Seeds Borzenko, which Fedorov was not able to shove in the top three candidates, local Communists openly accused of political and, above all moral uncleanliness. The fact that Borzenko concurrently with party responsibilities - the education of the younger generation - is the chief editor of the famous magazine "Your Leisure" aggressively marketed saunas, gay and lesbian clubs.

Local party members have long tried to solve the issue with "negotiable" Fedorov by a higher authority. They complained to the assistant of a prominent "United Russia" personally comrade. Zyuganov. Requesting to understand the difficult situation has been sent to the Central Committee in March 2006.
However, Moscow has its views on the matter. The split in the place of office of the Communist Party Central Committee plans to overcome the expense ... "raider capture" the whole of the Party branch of the Moscow comrades. And at the head of a raider team just get up and respected in Moscow, but totally unknown in St. Petersburg, Ivan Ivanovich. That is why Alferov and was substituted at extra Melnikova, hoping to become the first secretary of the Leningrad party.

And will it positive reaction of the local Communist elite - leaders of the regional branch of the Communist Party? Hardly. Although Fedorov, long mozolyaschy eyes CC, could easily "buy" himself an indulgence, but at the same time and place in our electoral list, in exchange for recognition Melnikov as his future boss.

However, given the unpopularity of Fedorov and his entourage at the St. Petersburg communists, and clumsily drafted the party list of candidates - the top Communist Party runs the risk of eventually fill up the whole election campaign of the Communists in the city - the cradle of three revolutions. " And lost in the city on the Neva River to his political rivals, the Communists once again prove that the days of the Communist Party considered not only in the regions, but also in the capital.

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