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Maniacs of XX century: "Mosgaz" - the first maniac in the USSR

September 29 2011

Maniacs of XX century: "Mosgaz" - the first maniac in the USSR. 19918.jpeg Moscow was committed numerous high-profile crimes. But it's named Vladimir Ionesyana Mosgaz remember to this day. Maybe because it does not seem to integrate into ordinary criminal standards. In particular, criminologists are still arguing about who was actually a serial killer that Moscow - a robber or a serial killer.

Volodya Ionesyan was born in 1937 in a rather intelligent family in Tbilisi. Since childhood, he sang well, and the parents did everything they could to develop his vocal sposobnosti.Posle As his father was sentenced to seven years for commercial fraud, Vladimir went on a curve track.

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In 1954 he was arrested on charges of theft and sentenced to five years uslovno.V 1959 Ionesyan not received a suspended sentence - he served two years for evading military service. The prison started a connection to the criminal environment.

He married, and my wife to protect her husband from his dubious cronies, has persuaded him to move to a Orenburg.Rabotaya tamoshnem Musical Comedy Theatre, he met with figurante Alevtina Dmitrieva. Casting a young wife and child, along with Vladimir Alevtina went to Moscow, where the two expected to start a "new life".

They rented a pensioner, trades delivery of housing, a room near the Riga station, and started thinking about how to obtain funds to "new life". Soon, the solution was found. Under the guise of an employee "Mosgaz" who carried out routine inspections of gas equipment, Ionesyan started walking around the apartment. Usually, he bypassed several apartments in the house, looking for suitable prey.

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As a rule, choose the apartment where the houses were only children or teenagers. In those days it was thought that there is no crime in Russia, rather, information about crimes ignored. Because adults do not always warn children that they should not open the door to strangers. The front door had not yet had combination locks, not to mention the concierge, who was available for only the elite houses, where Ionesyan, of course, did not meddle.

The first victim of the offender in December 1963 was the 12-year-old boy. Ionesyan repeatedly stabbed him and took away from the flat sweater, sixty rubles money, a bottle of cologne and dark glasses. Another three murders he committed in Ivanovo. The victims were a teenager 14 years old woman and 16-year-old girl killed Ionesyan after brutally raped her.

Then again Ionesyan committed the murder in Moscow - this time the 11-year malchika.Posledney his victim was a 46-year-old woman from Grove Marina, whom he hacked with an ax. From the apartment murdered offender made an old TV, which took on the dump truck. By chance he was noticed by a local policeman, who remembered two digits of the car. The investigation involved operas Vladimir Chvanov of CID, who later became the prototype of Vladimir Sharapova in the series "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" - Marina Grove was his area.

Calculate the truck driver, to find out where he took the TV, it was a matter of technique.As a result, came to the concubine Ionesyana Dmitriev. By the time the killer was hiding, but his concubine authorities managed to split, and she gave vozlyublennogo.12 January 1964, Vladimir Ionesyan was arrested and later shot dead by a court. He was only 27 years old.

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Alevtina Dmitriev received 15 years imprisonment for aiding and abetting. However, since it is not clear if she knew about the crimes Vladimira.Dolgoe thought that was going on Ionesyan crime solely for financial gain. But why is it sometimes took a really valuable property, which was lying in plain sight, but was satisfied with every little thing? Thus, among his "trophies" - Electric, pens, a bond for a small fee in the amount of money 70 kopecks ...

After reviewing the available data the offender, the researchers in the field of criminology, in particular, the famous anthropologist and sculptor, Professor Mikhail Gerasimov, came to the conclusion that, Vladimir Ionesyan hysteroid belongs to type. Perhaps the atrocities were for him a way of self-affirmation: he wanted to be recognized, to be in the spotlight, but even the vocal career did not allow him to succeed in this ...

Just killing people, committing violence against them, this man was able to realize its full potential. Perhaps he was a maniac, perhaps, had a pathological disposition to commit crimes - this we will never know. But anyway, it Ionesyan - Mosgaz - was awarded "the title of" first serial killer in the USSR.

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