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How to calculate the sexual maniac

September 25 2011

How to calculate the sexual maniac. 19889.jpeg You remember sex with this man as a nightmare and cautiously look at other members of the opposite sex? And whether it was possible to avoid this? You can, if in advance, even before the relationship went into the stage of bed, carefully watch the behavior of your potential partner, says psychologist and sex therapist Maria Ryl'a.

"Some people have a sexual perversion, - the expert. - But a harmonious relationship can arise only if you share the tastes and preferences of your partner. Otherwise, very easy to get in trouble "- says the psychologist.

Maniacs of XX century: the ringleader of the sect of murderers "Family"

According to Maria Rila, real sex maniac who brutally rape women, there are still extremely rare. But enough is a good chance to meet someone who at the time of dating can bring you discomfort and sexual behavior of which has certain abnormalities.

So, you should be wary if:

He tries to hurt you in the normal situation.

Suppose a man hurt stings you for your various body parts, bites his nails you in the arm and so on. This behavior can produce latent sadist. Left alone with you in an intimate setting, he'll give himself go. If BDSM is not your option, it is better to refuse to communicate with this man, without bringing the matter to intima.

Maniacs in twentieth century cannibal corpses buried in the garden of her grandmother

Interested in your underwear, for example, asked what panties you are wearing today. It is not excluded that the man - fetishist, which stimulate various items of women's toilets. By the way, he can even steal a woman's intimate any subject, even if this woman did not bind a sexual relationship. If after a visit to the gentleman to your house you notice a loss of linen pants or a bra wardrobe, consider: a. you need it for a man to masturbate on your thing? Of course, there are women who do not see it as okay, but if you do not belong to their number?

He scratches his presence in your private parts, does not hide an erection and can "accidentally" forget to close the door to the bathroom?

Perhaps male exhibitionist, that is, feels the need to show their genitals. Or is he just can not control their sexuality. Both are not very good, as is hardly limited to your chosen person, most likely, he will do so with other women.

He sometimes wears women's clothes.

Of course, hardly a man would wear the clothes of the opposite sex are everywhere, but when he said in a dress and wig in a nightclub, even a "for fun", as assures you draw your own conclusions. Those who feel hundred percent man, never wear dresses. Perhaps your beau on the road to becoming a transvestite, or even try to homosexual sex.

He's in your presence bill and coo with other men.

If you see something more than a friendly handshake, for example, a man stroking his friend's hand, hug him or even kissed, then it is possible that he was gay or bisexual. However, it is not always obvious, and sometimes better to ask about his sexual preference openly.

Mr. indifferent to other people's children, and trying when the opportunity to touch, caress, and so on.

Perhaps your partner - a pedophile. May be hidden, but there is no guarantee that one day his addiction is not welling out.

"We should also pay attention to the phrase uttered by a man in conversation - advises psychologist. - As a rule, those who have a sexual deviation, it is difficult to hide them all the time. For example, if he ever starts a conversation to sexual topics (and you have not yet those relationships to talk about it), asks you about any intimate details of your life asks you to dress up (say, to wear fishnet stockings) or discussing the merits of girls adolescent in your brain should catch fire alarm.

However, it is necessary to distinguish deviations from normal sexual behavior, characteristic of the men - said Maria Ryl'a. - If the gentleman on the first romantic date, or probe your chest trying to get into her panties - is not no deviation, but only elementary discourtesy. "

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