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Maniacs of the twentieth century: Ramon and Martha - murderers "lonely hearts"

October 20 2011

Maniacs of the twentieth century: Ramon and Martha - murderers "lonely hearts". 20004.jpeg Sixty years ago, the pair shook America brutality of their crimes. Unlike Bonnie and Clyde, their union was not romantic Wild West, but only pragmatic calculation. Ramon Fernandez, composure and Martha Beck, who had committed more than one hundred murders, makes you wonder: Are they freaks? But their perverted habits and inhuman brutality speak for themselves.

Childhood and Youth of the hero of this story took place in relatively good conditions. It has not been abused, did not grow up in an orphanage and did not know the abject poverty - in short, has not experienced anything that could cripple his psyche and justify later committed a crime. Ramon Fernandez was born in 1914 in Hawaii, a Spanish family.

Began in the same year the First World has forced his parents to move to Connecticut, and ten years later, in 1924, they went to their historical homeland - in Spain. But since then the United States beckoned Fernandez, providing a paradise on earth. That, however, did not prevent him to marry and to become in 1941 the father of four children.

However, at the beginning of the Second World Ramon strengthened in their desire to return to America, and chose to do a smart way: offered his services to British intelligence, apparently hoping that the war hero status would facilitate his emigration. S1941 and 1945, Fernandez worked for the British and American ships delivering weapons to Europe, medicines and food.

This period of his life are still surrounded by mystery: even during the investigation of intelligence agencies were asked to enforce the law not to make a biography of Ramon from 1941 to 1945. We only know that during one of his trips he got a terrible trauma: Fernandez fell down the hatch cover of a warship.

He miraculously survived, but at the wound site has since formed bald spots. Handbook of British intelligence claimed that it was after this incident in the behavior of Fernandez were observed eccentricities, for which he was dismissed. Maybe it was just an attempt to justify the presence of a potential serial killer in the ranks of the Allied armies. Mental disorders, perhaps, could be seen even earlier, when Ramon planned to leave for the United States, leaving in the midst of war, his wife and four children.

Whatever it was, after his discharge from the Army Ramon's dream: he moved to New York. Severance pay was over quickly, and there was a question on that now exist. It was then that mental disorders Fernandez appeared in full force and effect.

Invented by way of earning them was a mess. A man acquainted with the rich single women and widows (such as the Great Depression and two world wars there were many), we see that they have no close relatives and other pretenders to the hand and heart - and then robbed the ladies, and sometimes killed. He even persuaded some to write a will in his favor. By signing the will of the latter, a woman signed his own death warrant.

That is Ramon and he met his future podelnitsey Martha. Originally weighing 95 kilograms fatty was supposed to be one of his victims. Life of Martha Beck, nee - Seabrook, was not too happy. Since childhood, her teased because of completeness, no personal life evolved, and after a brilliant study in nursing school in March for a time worked at the morgue. Then she got a job in a military hospital.

The groom, with whom they met in March, six months later recovered and ran away from her in the thick of battle.The stubborn woman managed to marry his chronic alcoholic - the bus driver Alfred Beck. As later told investigators he Beck, at some point he stopped drinking and sober, was horrified by his own kind wife.

"Only the devil could coerce me to marry this pig!" - He said. Martha was not a beauty, but it is clear that her husband's exclamation applies not only to the exterior. The character of this woman, apparently, was far from normal.

When, after several meetings with Ramon Fernandez she received from him a farewell letter stating that they are not meant for each other, Martha has decided to commit suicide. That it has by that time two young daughters (who, incidentally, were born out of wedlock by different fathers), Martha Beck has not stopped. However, vomiting after taking a huge dose of sleeping pills has saved her from death. Meanwhile, Fernandez, who was in another city, received from her dying message.

Impressed by the fact that someone for breaking up with him decided to retire from life, Ramon came to Martha and invited her to become his accomplice. One of the conditions was the abandonment of children. He himself gave up four in Spain! March agreed to and signed a waiver of daughters ages 4 and 2 and a half years, leaving them in the care of his grandmother.

Thus began a journey together criminal couple. During the investigation, Ramon confessed to killing "approximately 17 women" for the previous two years, all the same, according to his testimony, his hands and the hands of Martha Beck killed about 170 people.

For example, one of the latest victims of a couple - Janet Fay, 66-year-old widow from Albany, filed a declaration of 'familiarity with serious intent, "then a popular magazine" Club Lonely Hearts Mother Dinah. " Janet was a wealthy and highly intelligent woman. She was in no hurry to meet with the suitors, for fear of fortune-hunter, and meticulously chose a life partner for six months.

Alas, the flair has brought an old lady: all the men of her most fascinated by the 35-year-old businessman from New York, who identified himself as Richard Martin. Under the guise of a successful businessman, con man and murderer was hiding Ramon Fernandez. Janet is not alarmed nor the fact that the groom half her age, nor the fact that the first meeting he came with a fat woman who was introduced as his sister. (By the time the criminals are already "stuffed his hand," and acted in deliberate scheme).

Friends and family tried to dissuade Janet. A strange couple they do not quite like it. But Mrs. Fay, charmed Ramon, dismissed them and rented a house on Long Island to spend a honeymoon. Jan. 4, no predprediv, Janet Fay, along with new friends left Albany by car.

More relatives have not seen her. At the end of January 1949 were relatives of two letters from Janet, which contained a story enthusiastic about her marriage with "Charles" and the family's happiness. The style of these letters is quite consistent manner Janet express their thoughts, but the family was concerned about something else: the messages were printed on a typewriter. And it Janet Fay did not know how to use, and their memories did not want to learn. Alarmed by the family began to call Janet, but in a house on Long Island, no one picked it up. Relatives went to the police.

As you might guess, by this time Janet had long been dead. As later confessed criminals themselves, kill Janet, made love right next to the cooling of the body.

Custody order too worried - especially after they learned that just before leaving Janet Fay withdrew from the account of 6000 dollars, a considerable sum for those times.Traces Janet nipped in the house on Long Island, who, according to neighbors, almost from the beginning of January, was empty. The investigation at the time was at a standstill.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles from the scene has unfolded another criminal history. Young-looking 41-year-old woman Delphine Downing, a single mother, decided to make my family happy. Neighbors told that Delphine maintained a correspondence with the purpose of acquaintance with several men, questionnaires are found in the familiar magazine "Lonely Hearts Club."

In the 20th of January at a house in the town of Grand Rapids, Delphine began to appear frequently high representative middle-aged man. He made no secret of its location to the landlady, and soon moved in with her. Such a rapid development of the novel was somewhat embarrassed neighbors and friends Delphine. Even more of them were surprised that after a man in a dark-haired woman came home very repulsive appearance, and moved together with lovers. But the enchanted Delphine not alarmed, nothing even that her two-year-daughter was afraid to make new acquaintances. If you try to "Charles Martin" or "sisters" to approach a girl, she started crying and ran away.

Delphine received his sight one month later, when accidentally caught Ramon for washing. He took off his wig. Type of bald spots and horrible scar, which Delphine had no idea, brought it to the idea that if Ramon so long cheated on her in this, in fact, petty question, whether he had other, far more dangerous secrets? Conversation on the subject appealed squabble "in love". Something like 'sister Martha, "was the soothing water Delphine and put to bed.

The couple began to argue about what to do next. (Dolphin, apparently still felt some unnatural behavior "brothers and sisters," because in the past month money from the account and not withdrawn will not write to Ramona). But then started playing up a little Reynell. Whether the child from crying or from the fact that the plan broke, Martha Beck was furious. She rushed to the child and began to beat, and then strangle him. "You fool, the mother will carry you to the police!" - Shouted Ramon. He understood that the bruises on the body of a two-year daughter will lead to disaster.

But it was too late. Criminals have found nothing better than to kill a sleeping Delphine, instead of wrapping the silencer gun barrel with a towel. The murder happened in front of a two-year Reynell, which since then has refused and cried constantly. After two days of hesitation killers came to the conclusion that they should kill her. Child they were drowned in a vat of water and buried in the basement. The body of Delphine they buried in a corner of that basement and filled the top with a thick layer of concrete that putrid smell is not attracted the attention of neighbors.

Despite these precautions, the criminals continue to behave could not be more stupid. Without receiving a penny from Dolphin her money, they decided to sell personal belongings killed. However, they managed to crank and it is. Martha and Ramon had not caught would be if the last day of February 1949 they did not stay in town to celebrate the successful conclusion of the case going to the local movie theater.

Here they were arrested and police are asking what they are doing in the house Delphine Downing, on what basis have sold her belongings, and where the mistress herself. Uncertain answers and a couple of suspicious neighbors gave grounds to detain Fernandez and Beck to clarify the circumstances.

Hired criminals lawyer struggled to shield the couple killers. Fernandez defense he built for his alleged insanity after the injury, as Martha called a victim of cruelty of others, ascribing terrible complex due to the extra weight (which, as we recall, was not that great). Also protection to find evidence that during adolescence, Martha allegedly raped by older brother.

p align = "JUSTIFY"> But this testimony does not come true: his brother, despite the accusation of incest, came to see Martha, and she tearfully begged for his forgiveness. So the judges do not pity those arguments. They were particularly shocked that Martha herself twice a mother, confessed to murdering two-year girl.

Striking and disgusting habit after killing criminals to indulge in amorous pleasures just to bloody sheets. Martha Beck, and Ramon Fernandez sentenced to death, and March 8, 1947 at Sing Sing, they went to the electric chair.

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