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My beast

Nathan, was kicked out of the pack

September 24 2011

Nathan, was kicked out of the pack. 19888.jpeg Recently, the seal island of Sakhalin region have found an unusual baby seal, who was hiding on the shore, away from their relatives. The colony abandoned the four animal because of its non-standard color. Nearly blind baby seals, with a red instead of black fur, pink fins and blue eyes, picked up the local dolphin.

Henceforth zverushka joined the staff of artists and has already received the nickname Nathan. Ordinary black seals are no longer shunned society albino, though Nathan will perform in solo numbers.

Nathan, was kicked out of the pack. 19887.jpeg A deluded emperor penguin, who sailed to New Zealand, released into the ocean from a research vessel. To get to the native shores of Antarctica penguins, Happy Feet has received the nickname, to overcome some two thousand kilometers. For those who do not know the penguin wings not to fly even short distances, so that this fine fellow will cut their pieces of ice, diving and swimming for his native gnzdu.

Why is a young penguin lost is unknown, but the elk, climbing the apple tree in the vicinity of the Swedish city of Gothenburg, climbed a tree is not accidental. The reason is banal drunk! But people do not solder a large and powerful animal, as it happens from time to time with Indian elephants, which are worn by drunken Indian villages. No, elk overeaten fermented apples that are dotted with an abundance of land, drunk and thought that climbs to the very pretty moose ...

Famous alumni of famous people

In Sweden, the adventures befall not only with the elk. The police stormed the apartment landlady hedgehog. Prickly loaf slept on a soft bed of sweet-scented herbs, eating fresh food and bathed in a small basin, but Swedish law prohibited content of wild animals at home. And a woman for a year may end up in jail!

If I had a horse - it would be a number, if the horse had me ... In a word, is not it interesting when a person brings an animal, and another thing when the animals grow, "Mowgli". And in recent years have increasingly began to find them in a "concrete jungle". In Rostov-on-Don, a resident of one of the private houses found in a kennel his dog polutoragodovalogo baby. The boy's mother went into a long drinking bout. Admission as a mother found the baby in the face, rather, to face the neighbor's pooch.

In "Mowgli", which is in the bosom of Nature, were found even physical changes. Half a century ago in Uganda, picked up a 4-year kid, almost from birth, who lived with the monkeys. His body was covered with dense hair. A couple of years it has fallen, but from the habits of the baby monkey has not got rid of. When he was eight years old, the boy ran away from the shelter and apparently joined one of the monkey flocks. How did he then lived without a coat - this is what leads civilization! Is it any complain about the early baldness?

Pupils of dogs, wolves or monkeys have long been no surprise. Chinese Wang Syanfen a daily lived with the natural swine. Two years later, she finally stopped and learned a grunt with chopsticks. Subsequently, a pupil of the orphanage got a job as a cleaner at the Shanghai Zoo, however, that because swine marry her because no one picked up.

Top 10 hooliganism baleen-striped

Did you know that dogs are able to save his master from death? No, not from mortal danger, not from the enemies of biped, quadruped, or otherwise, and from the invisible man, but nonetheless deadly danger - from allergies. Let's say certain foods can cause some people asthma. One young American woman has died after kissing with her boyfriend. Subsequently, the physicians stated that shortly before the teenager goodbye with an appetite eats sandwiches with peanut butter, to which the girl's childhood was allergic.

And now for some time intelligent dogs trained to ensure that does not give his owners to get close to such hazards. This does not mean that such a trained friend suddenly grabbed hold of your friend or friend, with whom (th) you expect to spend an hour or two. But the four-legged pet will insure you from other dangers - not give something to eat with hazardous for your health filler, which warns the inscription on the label. What if the label is absent, or your child has not read? It was then, and may need help with a trained dog.

Incredibly fat cat lost weight and lost records

American programmers are very long to get into my head as to why their Russian colleagues hangs Windows always say the phrase: "Your Bunny Wrote» - Your Bunny Wrote. Because not everything in this world is connected with the animal world, though with them so well, so comfortable and so ... cool.

Igor Booker

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