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My beast

"Virtual" playing with a pet

October 20 2011

Play with a pet in the workplace. 20006.jpeg If you have a four-legged friend at home, then you can play with it, when will a spare minute, even when you're in the workplace. To do this, do not need to rush headlong home, cursing in traffic jams. Especially away from work and time off from his boss.

New technologies and the availability of funds will make corrections in your life. In short, for some it can become a substitute for social networking sites, or with classmates.

And all because the American company AprioriControl thrown on the market a new version of its system iPet Companion, which allows a remote to play with pets in real time.

System for remote play with pets includes two coil-like mechanism, joined by "rod", the control unit that looks like a router, and a webcam. The latter allows you to watch and frolic as the little animals, and the movements themselves toys.

The home version Toys «iPet Companion Home Version» consists of two sets. Presumably, "aypetovskaya" version for cats will cost $ 849.95, and for dogs - 895 dollars. Since the 'dog »iPet should be much stronger.

To play with your pet, you must go to his page on the portal iPet and pressing two buttons set in motion the mechanisms that waving toys in the "rods" from side to side and up and down. And, of course, do not forget to make a monthly subscription fee of $ 4.95. The initial payment for the installation of this wondrous toy shall not exceed $ 500.

Before the sale of goods to the consumer system, first tested in a shelter for cats of two North American states - Oregon and Idaho. The experiment showed that the system has set the cat's home site attracts more visitors (in the future planned growth of 52%), increases the number of "adoption" of little animals (16%) and attracts welfare (295%).

The company is rich AprioriControl and other ideas to play with remote access. For the most part we are talking about games online with their children, sports, TV shows, advertising, and other fun. In particular, the firm has already created a prototype system that uses an airsoft gun.

Went even further by Sony, which has already unveiled a prototype of a special gadget, by which pets will keep your personal microblogging site Twitter. While this service is provided solely to cats, but, hopefully, not the dog for a long time will experience such discrimination. And since most of the day the cat will bask in the litter, and then write in the diary will be most soothing.

At the heart of the wireless device - camera, motion sensor and GPS. The device is designed to track the activity of any manifestation of a four-legged pet, and send messages through the Internet than he or she do all day long.

When the voracious appetite of animal eats the food he left, then Tweet a message: "I eat yummy." If an animal walked before dinner, then on her page you can read: "Food is doubly tasty after a walk." At present in the device so far only eleven standard phrases, but it is expected that in future their number will increase.However, probably most of the entries in the diaries cat will look simply: "I sleep."

I must say that Sony insists that, firstly, it was only a blog for cats and, secondly, that the cat led him voluntarily and not under duress. The device is designed as a collar, because when the gadget is trying to consolidate on the back or legs, the cats simply refused to wear it. It should also ensure that the weight adjustment does not exceed 5% by weight of a pet.

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