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Sex under hypnosis. As a psychologist who subvert their patients

October 31 2005

People who own method of hypnosis, can get from his victim's everything you want. Excellent command of gypsy hypnosis, all of us have heard stories of friends about how a man gives them all their money and then can not remember what happened to him. But it turns out, this is not the worst thing that can be done with the person using hypnosis. Becomes more frequent cases where clinical psychologist, which called for help, hypnotize their patients and predispose them to sexual harassment.

Hypnosis - a state of trance. To people in it sank, the hypnotist uses a technique based on the verbal suggestion, which is usually complement fixation. Using specially constructed for the rhythm and arrangement of words phrases, monotonous voice the hypnotist introduces a man in a so-called state of altered consciousness. And then program the it to the desired action. Outwardly, the person looks quite adequate, but his attention is focused on doing what he inspired. Specialists distinguish between deep and light hypnosis. During deep hypnosis a person is asleep and when waking up, does not remember what happened to him. Under the influence of light hypnosis, he not only sees and hears, but also well remembers the words of the psychologist.

It is clear that the man who sought psychological help, by definition, is in a depressed state. This already gives a doctor a charlatan power over the future victim. Their victims psychologist pervert selects from among the women who turned to him with problems is personal: not right in the family, the husband's mistress appeared, the cooling of sexual relations.

Next to a man who owns all hypnosis easy as ABC. First, an imaginary analyst establishes with the patient trusts: sympathize, empathize, permeated by a problem. He inspires the victim that she had with her problem, not handle for anything. Only he can help her. Of course, a woman driven to despair, readily believes it. From this point, the victim can do anything you want, depending on the goals.

Typically, these hypnotists need psychological help more than their victims. That's why they use their patients to satisfy their perverted sexual fantasies. The woman immediately put the condition - all that was happening to her in the office of "benefactor" to keep in strictest confidence.

Sometimes these analysts say directly to the victim that the sexual relationship with him - is part of the treatment. Women who have been victims of these scams, with one voice declare that sexual contact with them were repugnant to the disgust. But the fact of and the meaning of hypnosis - people do not belong to himself. It will not do what he wants and what he inspired. Women are coming to these sessions, undress themselves and allow them to do anything.

Become a victim of a charlatan, every woman. But there are a few tips on how to protect yourself from it. First, never refer to the first that fell specialist for a newspaper ad. Second, be sure to find out, where the psychological counseling. All professionals working in institutions. And most importantly, ask the expert to show his diploma from medical school and a license to practice.

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