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New Year Hakamada: masquerade couples

December 30 2005

New Year's Eve is one of the few Russian politicians, women Irina Hakamada told us the publication of the atmosphere in which she will celebrate this symbolic festival. Conventional expectations proved to be deceptive. "Element politekzotiki" is not going to regale guests delights of Japanese cuisine: she personally prepares the three Russian duck with apples and prunes, as well as the "crown" salad "Olivier". Inventive and incendiary hostess "raskochegarit" friends in the embodiment of "Christmas Dreams" by Masquerade couples. On this and many other Mutsuovna Irina said in an exclusive interview YOKI.Ru.

Irina Hakamada:

New Year's Eve will welcome home. All meal I will prepare myself. Will duck with apples, will be salad "Olivier". We do not overeat - we have people figure holds. A Japanese food at New Year I do not cook.

My recipe for duck with apples "is simple. It must be under Antonovka to build and add a lot of prunes. Then, in the duck fat is all fired in the oven. Guests can enjoy very much. But only have a few ducks, because little duck meat. So, it is necessary to prepare three ducks.

Guests scheduled 30 people - 15 couples. We walk on two homes. Already scheduled cultural program - a masquerade. A scenario. Couples will represent the "New Year's dream." How it will look like - I will not say it's a secret. But it certainly would be an incendiary event.

About alcohol: who, what he wants, then with each other and brings.


We also questioned Irina about the major political achievements of the year and plans for the coming year.

Corr.: What do you like politics brought the year of the Rooster? What were the main achievements?

Hakamada: None. The rooster pecked all year.

Corr.: Was there anything positive?

Hakamada: The Party "Our Choice" is on its feet. We are now working together with Kasyanov will be doing a joint party.

Corr.: And what do you expect next year in his political life? Will the 2006 something positive?

Hakamada: Nothing. Will continue to gouge. And we will fight (laughs).

Corr.: And yet. Do you expect anything positive in 2006?

Hakamada: The fact that people will communicate with us. And about the registration of the party, I'm not expecting anything positive.

Corr.: In your opinion, what is missing Russian politicians that they should bring the Fire Dog - a symbol of the coming year?

Hakamada: Courage.

Corr.: What is your forecast. Which political forces will be the most significant and most successful in the coming year?

Hakamada: Kremlin. Those who sit in the parliament, except the Communist Party.

Corr.: Will officially created the United Democratic Party with your participation?

Hakamada: I do not know. All depends on the strategy of the Kremlin.

Corr.: What would you wish Mikhail Mikhailovich Kasyanov next year?

Hakamada: I would have wished nothing to fear and move on.

Corr.: You'll create a separate party, or if you have any prospects of the Democratic Party, where you recently filed an application for membership?

akamada: No, with the Democratic Party is self-explanatory.

Corr.: When the Russians will be able to see a new party with a new name?

Hakamada: They will. In March.

Corr.: And what is the fate of Ivan Starikov? He will be with you and Kasyanov?

Hakamada: If you want to, I think it will be.

Corr.: How many people from your party to join the party Kasyanov?

Hakamada: We're all connected, and we will do so simultaneously.

Corr.: So how much?

Hakamada: How many will turn out. Importantly, to outbid them was impossible.

Corr.: Is there any method that is not bought out your staff?

Hakamada: Yes. Proved and tested.

Corr.: In what state elections your party planning to participate?

Hakamada: You need to register to participate in elections. Can maintain, but in order to participate, you must have a legal entity.

Corr.: And what, you may have some problems with the registration?

Hakamada: The DWP's not just having these problems. It's not a personality Andrei Bogdanov. Is not the case. Someone that person has bought. Or herself or something, think, had good?

Corr.: "The Democratic Party - the oldest party in Russia, and the name is very sonorous. Do you think that with them you are no longer on the way?

Hakamada: You see, a registered party that bought the Kremlin.


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