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August 30 2005

Loss of the Americans in Iraq are increasing steadily and are approaching the mark in 2000. The world, meanwhile there is a growing anti-war campaign - it involves millions of people. Significantly more frequent clashes with the demonstrators police: there are victims. The impression is that the postulates of international law apply only to individual countries.

"I strongly support the right of dissent"
George Bush

While the coalition forces led by U.S. troops try to bring back life in Iraq in the normal course, in Europe and the States themselves are spreading unrest in connection with the infertility of these attempts. More precisely, the general public concerned about the increasing number of casualties in the Iraq conflict and the uncertainty of what is happening. The best proof - indecision by the Iraqi authorities. George W. Bush in this regard was forced to once again urge the Government of Jalal Talabani in the quickest possible time to approve, finally, the country's constitution.

Meanwhile, around the world are unprecedented mass protests against the continued military presence in Iraq. In the UK, Germany and France are going to show millions of people, and the central figures are, of course, George W. Bush and the national government.

The culmination of the protests were protesters clash with law enforcement agencies in the UN building. Symbolically, if we recall that, formally, the war started because of non-compliance with the regime of Saddam Hussein, Security Council Resolution 1441: the refusal to disarm voluntarily hand over weapons of mass destruction (which has never been found) and to cooperate with international inspectors.

Last week, over 300 thousand people (according to the police about 100 thousand) with banners flooded the central area of New York and shouting at the walls of the United Nations for ending the occupation of Iraq . Above the crowd, stretching for 20 blocks, then rose a huge doll, which can easily guessed the U.S. president. In her hands was a bucket, symbolizing blood and oil. Then, were arrested over 300 people, and police used pepper gas.

In general, despite the peaceful demonstrations in other U.S. states are also not without clashes. In Colorado, have been arrested over 30 people - protesters used stun guns and rubber bullets.

In some other countries also recorded protesters spat with the police. In Greece, for example, in the course went stones and petrol bombs - Police used tear gas in response.

All of this suggests that the statements of opponents of further military presence in Iraq could lead to more serious outbreaks and civil disobedience - tension in Iraq will work against American policy.

Moreover, the recent protests, for the suppression of which force was used, similar to 2003 - the beginning of the war. Then the methods of influence on demonstrators protesting against the invasion, also not original. In Ouklende police acted firmly with a special pain of weapons - tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. Then, without casualties could not have done.

It would seem that the current America - not Iraq, and, besides, there are no front lines. Consequently, the problem can be simplified: there are also occasionally shoot at demonstrators. And not rubber bullets.

p align = "justify"> For righteousness' sake it is worth noting that in America, quite a few supported George W. Bush - in the camp of conservatives say, that the anti-war "show" started with one purpose - to discredit the president of America and its good beginnings.

Both movements, gaining strength and getting involved with one another in irreconcilable dispute, will focus only on their own struggle. During the two movements - the opponents of the military presence and, conversely, supporters - are, ultimately, almost the same name of the group - MoveOn (America - aut.) And Move America Forward. Thus, they all want one thing - that anything in the U.S. White House headway.

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