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Mystic miraculous image. July 1 - holiday Bogoliubsk icon of the Virgin

June 30 2005

July 1 of the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the day Bogoliubsk Mother of God. This holiday is not one of the great (otherwise known as Twelve ), but the Russian believers venerate the miraculous icon for nearly a millennium, to come to her Orthodox pilgrims from around the world, history is marked by icons of holy miracles.

Actually, the miracle itself preceded the birth of Bogolyubski image.

Middle of XII century. Son of the founder of Moscow, Yuri Dolgoruky, the pious Prince Andrew Yu, who was then princes Vyshgorod near Kiev, for political reasons left the southern limits of Russia and sent to Rostov. With a prince lucky miraculous image of Our Lady, later named the Vladimir icon. According to church tradition, the icon himself wrote the Apostle Luke (now the shrine is located in Moscow, at the church on the territory of the State Tretyakov Gallery. In any believer at the sight of this icon is breathtaking: she writes with a lively Dame ...).

On the outskirts of the city of Vladimir princes horses suddenly stood up. They do not seem to budge. Pious prince raises prayer to the Lord and His Blessed Mother, pray with him his spiritual father and the squad. Prince Andrew gives his word to erect on this mysterious place the temple in the name of the Mother of God. Night fell.

At night, or sleep, or waking Prince Andrew was the Patroness of the world. She utters the words: "I do not want my image was assigned to Rostov, but in Vladimir put it, and in this place in the name of my Christmas church stir up a stone." Then the Virgin in prayer raises his hands, taking the blessing of His divine Son, who appeared at this time above ground. A moment later, the vision dissolved into the night sky. This happened, according to the Chronicle, 18 June 1155, the new style - July 1.

In Vladimir prince Andrey Y. soon built for the miraculous icon of the Vladimir stone cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady. Since then, the icon was named Vladimir, and the Cathedral of the Assumption, and to this day adorns the ancient city.

Ha place specified Heavenly Queen, Prince Andrew built a church of Our Lady. Monastery and the town that formed around the church, he called Bogoliubov, because, he said, "Mother of God loved this place."

In commemoration of the miraculous appearance of Prince Andrew Bogolyubskii manages to write an icon depicting the Virgin Mary at her as she came to him: his full height, with a scroll in his right hand and face, turned to the Savior. The celebration of the holy icon was found on June 18.

Miraculous image for centuries helped to believers. The fame of the signs and wonders performed by icons encouraged to create multiple copies of the image, many of whom have embraced the mystical power of iconography. Here are a few stories.

Icon of the Mother of God Bogolubskaya-Moscow was written in 1157 and originally located on the barbaric gate of China-town. Miraculous image became famous in 1771 during the healing raging in the plague.

Icon of the Mother of God Bogolubskaya-Uglichskaya famous miraculous cessation of the epidemic plague in 1654.In the days when the plague was raging, to the people of Uglich Athanasius Kustova unknown young man approached and told him to convey to all citizens so that they prayed for the cessation of the plague swept the city before the icon of the Mother of God Bogoliubsk, calling on the help of the holy miracle-workers Dmitry Tsarevich and Roman of Uglich. Townspeople gathered at the temple of the faithful Demetrius and committed prayer before the icon. The ulcer stopped.

Another list of the miraculous icon, called Bogolubskaya-Zimarovskaya been kept in view of dilapidation in the pantry Moscow Lopukhin landowner, until 1771, during a pestilence, one ill Muscovite in his sleep was not ordered to make a prayer before the icon, and even pointed out where she is . When found the icon and handed to the patient, he was healed. Many years later, shortly before his death, the owner of the icons bequeathed to send a miraculous image of their "small homeland" - the village Zimarovo Ryazan province. And when the neighboring town Ranenburg in 1848 covered a cholera epidemic, residents went for the glory manner Zimarovo and brought him to town. Looming epidemic ceased.

After the 1917 revolution Bogolyubskii monastery is closed, the icon is located in Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve. In 1993, the miraculous image was solemnly transferred to the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.

And what about Prince Andrew? His work as an independent prince of Rostov-Suzdal lands recognized by historians is extremely important: he became the first Russian prince, drop-glove feudal strife, annually carried off thousands and tens of thousands of any innocent people. Prince Bogolyubskii left in history follows the policy that is firmly and consistently sought to establish bail for Ancient Rus monocracy.

Politics Andrew suit by no means all, among the approximate prince took shape plot. 28 July 1174 a group of conspirators of 20 people freely came to his bedchamber, coup broke down the door. Prince rushed for his sword, but he was kidnapped. Despite his advanced age (Bogoliubsky at the time of attack was about 65 years), unarmed prince had murderers serious resistance. "Woe unto the wicked!" - Shouted Andrew. - What evil have I done you? "If you spill my blood, God will avenge you for my bread." Finally, he fell under the blows. The conspirators thought Prince was killed, and getting out of bed, but heard the groan of Prince, who suddenly rose to his feet. Then they finished off his ...

For a good trail that pious Prince Andrew Bogoliubsky left in the history of Russian statehood, and for his deep religiosity of the Russian Orthodox Church canonized a saint prince. His relics are buried at the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.


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