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Holy Fire: The Miracle, which can be seen every

April 30 2005

In those moments when this article goes to publication, in Jerusalem, thousands of people have seen firsthand the miracle of Holy Fire Holy Sepulchre. A few hours later by pilgrims from all over the world, arrived in Jerusalem, will bring the fire in their temples. The Russian delegation will bring fire to Moscow on the night Easter service, which will conduct at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Patriarch Alexy II.

The first mention of the Holy Fire at Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on the eve of the Resurrection can be found in ancient Christian St. Gregory of Nyssa, Eusebius, Sylvia of Aquitaine, they date from IV century.

Each year, approximately one day before the Easter service in Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Orthodox pilgrims are going to see a miracle. Temple by Russian standards, huge, it holds up to 10,000 people. Before Easter, before the temple area, balconies and roofs of nearby buildings densely filled with people.

In the temple in the middle of the Life-bearing Tomb, put a lamp filled with oil, but without fire. Then, after a thorough check by the Palestinian police, Edicule (the so-called chapel of the Holy Sepulchre) is closed and sealed by the local security, and security guard should be a Muslim, which can not be suspected of wanting to knowingly participate in any "artificial effects."

20-30 minutes after sealing Edicule the Temple runs (it runs, it is also a local tradition), the Arab Orthodox youth. Young people prayerfully seek the Lord and the Mother of God and the faithful are asked to send down the Holy Fire. Then comes a procession to the Temple - bishops celebrating Easter confessions. Procession closes the patriarch of one of the local Orthodox churches (as a rule, Jerusalem or Constantinople).

The procession comes to Edicule and three times round it. After that, the Orthodox patriarch of stops in front of the Edicule, his expose on the vestments, and he remains in a linen cassock to be seen: it does not carry into the cave is nothing than can light a fire.

Hezadolgo until the patriarch of one of the officers making the cave a large lamp and 33 candles - the number of years of earthly life of the Savior. Then, Orthodox Patriarch is inside. Log sealed a large piece of wax, and impose on the door of the red tape. In the temple of the lights. The participants pray and confess their sins, asking God to bestow the Holy Fire. Prayer continues as long as does not happen all the expected miracle. Over the years, the expectation lasted from five minutes to several hours.

Before converging fire temple begin illumine bright flash - here and there slips little lightning. With slow motion clearly shows that they come from different places of the temple - from the icon, which hangs over Edicule, from the dome of the temple, away from windows and other places. A moment later, the temple illuminated by reflections. At the same time, many standing in the church and in the street people sometimes light up the candles, lit the lamps on the sides Edicule begins to shine herself Edicule, from a hole in the dome of the church down a wide vertical column of light. At this time, the cave door opened and out Orthodox patriarch, who blesses the crowd and gives the Holy Fire.

Of the Holy Fire will be lit lamps all over Jerusalem, special flights Fire will be delivered to all corners of the world, including Russia.

April 30 from 23:00 to 00:30 on May 1 special item distribution of the Holy Fire will work around the international terminal of the Moscow Vnukovo-1, where the land on the Russian delegation.In the chapel in the name of the Mother of God "Sovereign", which is located at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on Easter night, each can also obtain a portion of the Holy Fire. Of the Holy Fire, which was brought from Jerusalem, will be lit candles on a celebratory service at the main church in Russia.


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