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In the Union of Right Forces "to steal from their own

March 30 2006

The Russian policy matures big scandal involving corruption in the Russian political parties. Today, a group of scientists headed by the Director of the Institute for Problems of Globalization and the leader of the front Kontroligarhicheskogo Boris Kagarlitsky presented at RIA Novosti sensational report entitled "Storm Warning". Based on a detailed analysis of mostly open source, was given a very ugly picture of financial mores leading opposition parties - the Communist Party, Yabloko, the Union of Right Forces "and" homeland ".

The close financial ties with the oligarchs, clandestine lobbying business, trade places on electoral lists are indeed impressive. As the huge dividends from this - the report's authors cite data on the media that the family, the chief Communist Gennady Zyuganov of the country, among other things, has two boats in Syria and Libya, as well as luxury villas in Qatar. And all of a such a "jingoistic patriotic" Sergei Glazyev lives in a two-story penthouse area of 400 meters in doroguschy "Scarlet sails".

But the most original were noted in a corruption scandal figures of the Union of Right Forces. The report team Kagarlitsky claims that easy money that pumped in the ATP Chubais and Mr. Khodorkovsky, the most insolent manner stolen the party apparatus. First announced by former State Duma deputy from the ATP and now head of the External Relations Department Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Andrei Wolf, who said that the Duma elections in 2003 the regional organizations were on starvation rations, and all the money plundered by the party apparatus. Services agitators and the work of election staff paid very irregularly, but on the level of debility teleroliki, such as "SPS leader flew on an airplane, allocated millions of dollars, some of which, by" rolling back "has settled into the pockets of bureaucrats of the central apparatus of the PCA. There also left much of the money allocated for the failed the ATP action "from door to door." It is said that shortly Andrew Wolfe publish a book about her walking into a liberal policy that will pohlesche memoirs of Monica Lewinsky.

Established by order of the so-called Chubais Remchukova Commission came to the disappointing conclusion - about two-thirds of pre-election budget of the party (and he in 2003 was at ATP's largest and accounted for 215 million rubles) had been pilfered! The current Head of Public Relations ATP Denis Terekhov said that the report is the party a secret and can not be presented to the press in any form.

However, experts believe that frivolous financial habits still prevail in the PCA. Chubais and Gozman literally inundated with letters from the regional offices of the PCA with complaints of scant funding from the center and demanding an end to the moral corruption of leadership and without that almost lost the support of liberal voters of the party.

A White and company give for many reasons such requirements. So, back in January Nikita White said, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" that the regions of ATP supporters still confident that the party is headed by Boris Nemtsov, and not him. This immediately gave rise to suspicions that much of the money allocated for public relations promotion of White as a young leader of the updated ATP was stolen. Scandalous embarrassment does not prevent White to continue to squander every party money for expensive taverns, which he did even in Minsk, where, as is evident from his own "Learn", even on the political events seen with a red nose.

Does not get out of the restaurants of ATP and co-chairman Boris Nadezhdin. At the same time with the press on the phone he was talking, chewing, as he himself says, lobsters and lobster, a happy squeals and screams of the girls is clearly not serious conduct.

of the greatest skandaloznost already almost collapsed image of the Union of Right Forces attach adventures Head of Public Relations ATP Denis Terekhov. Failing almost all PR campaign of the liberals, Terekhov constantly describes the Internet (and with this person and members of the ATP in the regions, and just sympathetic to liberal views of citizens), their drinking spree in the taverns, the daily purchases in the glamorous boutiques doroguschy alcoholic booze and other "joys of liberal of life. " And on the paid-ATP regular drunk after a political debate in the club "at Brest," ATP chief PR man got drunk before he became publicly sexually harassing some of Yaroslav Grekov, calling it somehow "cute pug-dog."

With such intense activity guide ATP even forgotten in time to help the family of Andrei Sychev, the tragedy is rampant PR in early February. Only after the relatives Sychev publicly rebuked the party "fat cats" (the so-called ATP-known playwright Edward Volodarsky) in fraud, it was decided to 6,000 rubles a month. We hope that even though the money was not propyut ...


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