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Death to them to face. Subculture ready as a youth movement

March 30 2005

"Gotha - dark and depressing, they go to cemetery and drink absinthe and beer." About six months ago, with a light hand young lady, trying to prove their affiliation to the Goths, this thesis has bypassed all ðóíåò, but little is made clear in this matter. So who did these Goths? To learn more about these unique personality who loves to sleep in coffins, we are digging into their inner world - and this is what found out.

Story direction

The first shoots of gothic subculture in Russia appeared in the mid 90's. Of course, the Gothic has come to us from the West, where she has many followers and directions. In the late 70's, when punk wave in England began to take new forms, there was a post-punk. Group, whose work fit into this concept, different from their fellow punk shop more depressing sound and pronounced decadent image. These predecessors of modern ready became known as "dark punk" and a new dark aesthetic is widespread among the masses.

Since mid-80's lifted the second wave of goth bands - The Shroud, Rosetta Stone, London After Midnight, Mephisto Walz, Corpus Delicti. The resulting community is ready to begin showing interest in the world "Gothic" Heritage - Art of Gothic literature, "grim" art in the broadest range. It is believed that the impetus for the development of the gothic culture served as a film about two modern vampires - The Hunger («Hunger") and especially a musical composition, which became its soundtrack. This is a song by the group called Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead («Bela Lagos is dead"), dedicated to the cult Hungarian actor, who plays Count Dracula. Later gothic image and aesthetics are also formed under the strong influence of the vampire image. Among ready to become popular, many vampire movies - Nadja («Nadia»), The Addiction («Addiction»), Interview with a Vampire («Interview with the Vampire"), as well as vampire novels - Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and others. Regardless of whether there are vampires or not, there are people who call and think they are vampires. The "Vampire" their clubs, websites and conferences.

The most actively Gothic style developed in Germany, America and England. There are new trends in music gothic - darkwave («Dark Wave»), ethereal («ethereal»), dark folk («dark folk"). Depending on your musical preferences are separated audience, there are various types of ready. By the mid-90's world gothic subculture is a development of an isolated infrastructure - with the same attributes: Gothic magazines, radio, symbolism, clubs, shops, etc.

In the second half of the 90 formed dark culture («dark culture"). This is the common name for the whole subculture, which includes the ready, and vampires and other dark characters. In addition, the subculture is ready to enrich the inflow of immigrants from the "metallic" environment. Thus was born the gothic metal - a new style of metal music, close to the Gothic aesthetic.


Looking for a goth, do not differ a great acumen to understand how he sees the world darkly. Romantic-depressive outlook on life - here is the gothic world .

For a real goth characteristic to be closed, have frequent depression, melancholy, misanthropy. At the same time - it's aesthetic, mystic, avoiding stereotypes in behavior and appearance, which tends to artistry and creative expression.Most willing to accept death as a fetish.

Aesthetics of Death

Gothic aesthetics is directly linked with the manner of death, and even the form is ready with pale faces and dark circles under the eyes is very revealing in this respect. "Tanatofiliya" - one of the key concepts in the gothic subculture. Goths themselves believe that it is the desire of the individual to the use of practices and topics related to death.

Such a worldview is expressed in walks in cemeteries, predilection for the works, describing the death and some sexual deviations. Necrophilia or sexual attraction to corpses in its pure form as prepared is extremely rare. If there is one among the prepared real necrophilia, they carefully hide their addiction. Although not eliminated the possibility of intercourse, when one partner is "faking" a dead body and not responding partner. This includes getting sexual pleasure from strangling partner (or self-strangulation) - asfiksofiliya (aka - skarfing), love to have sex in graveyards, or surrounded by symbols of death, such as sex in a coffin.


The Gothic world is not tied to a particular religious doctrine, then the Goths are no different from ordinary people. Among them there are many not believing in anything, or even radical atheists. But while a lot and very religious - as adherents of traditional religions and new-fangled or vice versa, the ancient teachings.
There are Goths, the Christians, although they are in the Gothic subculture and are in the minority. Incidentally, the Goths have borrowed some elements of Christian symbolism. These mysterious person experiencing increased interest in the supernatural, that is the magic and the occult. Therefore, among the most willing to pagans and Satanists.

Craving for the mysterious has different manifestations: from the primitive use of magical symbols as part of decorations, to the serious study of magical mysteries. Ready very popular among the occult traditions of the various pagan schools. For example, Wicca - the modern witch tradition, based on a pan-European shamanism; Druids - Druids, Celtic are trying to revive the magic rites; Asatru - a tradition based on the Scandinavian paganism.

There are Goths who study other occult traditions - from the Egyptian and Iranian to voodoo and the Kabbalah. Gentiles can be attributed to the followers of the ancient occult or claim to the antiquity of the traditions of Wicca, Druids, Odinist, as well as followers of more modern and less common exercises - Thelemites, Theosophists, ariosofov. Goth-statanisty - mostly men, attracted by the dark religious aesthetics and its external manifestation. Seriously they can not be called Satanists.


Goths are using a variety of Egyptian, Christian and Celtic symbolism. The main symbol is the Gothic Egyptian Ankh - the symbol of eternal life. Here, an obvious correlation with the Gothic subculture that has arisen, as we recall, thanks to the vampire aesthetic. A vampire is exactly the walking dead, living forever. Often you can see on the Goths and other Egyptian symbols, such as "Eye of Ra".

Christian symbolism is present less frequently, usually in the form of crucifixes only with more stylish than the tradition of design. Celtic symbols are Celtic crosses and various ornaments. Often used the pentagram (normal and inverted), inverted crosses, eight-pointed stars and other occult symbols.Popularity of various symbols of death - decorations with coffins and skulls. By gothic symbols can be attributed, and bats.

Designated parties and types of buzz

Gothic subculture is difficult to imagine without the "scene" or gathering place, parties with all the attributes of motion. In cities with a developed Gothic "scene" is - clubs, pubs, regular concerts, goth bands, gothic stores, the appointed place in the collection of abandoned buildings and cemeteries. Accordingly, if a man begins to attend these events and somehow becomes known to the Gothic "scene" and its starting to be considered part of the Gothic subculture.

Like all normal people, the Goths quench their thirst with beer, vodka and fortified wines. The most popular is "Absent", "Absenter and red wine. All the "party" and House Party are accompanied by active libations. Rumor has it that the Goths did not disdain, and grass.

Into subdivisions
Among the large variety of ready, the most common :

Satan-Goths emerged from among the fans of "symphonic black metal," referring to the Gothic direction. Specific attributes: similar to black metal. Appearance - long, dyed black hair and fingernails, copious eyeliner eyes with black pencil. Clothing - jackets black leather jackets, black jeans, combat boots. Jewellery: the set of chains, "satanic" symbols - a pentagram, inverted crosses, three sixes (the so-called "Number of the Beast") and so on.

Punk-goth. Appearance - shaved temples (like the Iroquois, who have not been delivered, and combed to the side), black dyed hair, makeup - bleached face, black eyeliner eyes, mouth, bruises on his eyes, painted black nails. Clothing - sweaters, nets, leather jackets, black jeans (stylishly cut), sometimes torn tights, combat boots.

Old Goths first wave. There is a small group of adults (of Moldova) is prepared to the very first wave. By the nature of subcultures, they are closest to the West. Norms of behavior consistent Satanic ethics: cynicism, arrogance and contempt for the next wave of Goths, but without an occult component

Goth vampire. To the west is one of the oldest and most numerous directions Gothic subculture. Bisexualism - one of the declared styles of behavior goth-vampire. The characteristic feature - the demonstrative biting in the neck: it's a business card. Specific attributes: Color in clothing dominate the black and red.
Appearance - long hair, dyed a dark natural colors. Grim - bleached face, bruises under the eyes, the selected mouth.

Our people

In Russia ready vampire great difficulty in purchasing clothing, typical for this style. In the west there are special gothic boutiques, and we have such an unusual outfit sewn to order in the studio or alter from other clothes.

For the Russian is ready to typical general style of clothing. Men - silk shirts with the collar, leather pants, leather coats. Women - long dresses, the style of old, simpler version - the long black skirt, black blouse. In 2003 - 2004 years into the category of vampire women's clothing included a large number of medieval gothic clothing. Shoes - pointed toes shoes, shoes.

But it's all external, we do not know the main thing - what's left of the Goth, if with his mask off?Met in the street individual, dressed in dark clothes, with black as pitch hair and pale face, do not be afraid to jump immediately to the side. It often happens that such an image - just a cover behind which lurks the vulnerable romantic nature. And it is not excluded that this individual can still make a normal person, not sleeping in a coffin, and the usual bed. Of course, with the right approach.

Константин Дятлов

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