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Party "Playboy" Limonov did not help even "Rolling Stone"

January 30 2006

National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov's again failed to become a legitimate and respectable political force. The Ministry of Justice, specifically the Federal Registration Service, found that the grounds for refusal of registration is more than enough and they are all legitimate. In particular, representatives of the DCF told RIA Novosti that they found the lack of a quorum at the founding congress of the party. NBP also has signs of "national origin", which also contradicts the current legislation. Limonov's party proposed to hold the new arrangements and to eliminate the revealed violations.

It would seem that it is not worth a damn. But the spokesman for the NBP Averin immediately through friendly media outlets began to voice raising the idea that all claims to the National Bolsheviks are far-fetched and absurd and that the government simply wants to destroy limonovskuyu organization. "Goebbels" LCCs are not even embarrassed by the fact that recently the Justice Ministry denied registration to the Republican Party and Ryzhkov, found in the document and the party inconsistencies and proposing legislation to fix them.

The reaction of the National Bolsheviks said that Limonov really want to become an equal player in the already-divided peredelennom field of Russian opposition. More recently, Eddie prophesied that the National Bolsheviks, in principle, and registration is not needed, since the NBP participated in the elections does not intend, and will fight with the power of radical methods of street fighting.

Substituting the naive boys and girls under the jail, released copies of letters, seems convinced that the illegal actions on the verge of foul LCCs do not bring success, because our people are for the most part calm and bullies, under whatever political slogans, they did not speak, is negative. Yes, and foreign sponsors limonovskoe buffoonery that killed dozens of defrauded Eddie Young people seem to become annoying. So before Limonov put a well-defined objective: the NBP from the fringe of the club should become a legitimate political party. And Limonov this will help.

Some of these "helpers" Limonov with the Bolshevik directness surrendered immediately. In the just released an interview with Novaya Gazeta, he said that the Supreme Council of Yabloko, discussed the union with the National Bolshevik Party. According to Lemons, 14 members of the leadership "Apple" was "against" cooperation with the National Bolsheviks, and 14 - in favor. He believes that "a very good result of the policy of association." As reported by our publication spokeswoman Yevgeniya Dillendorf Yavlinsky, it is not yet aware of the sensational revelations Limonov and is not ready to comment on them.

Meanwhile, the situation is the refusal to register the NBP can get an intriguing and spicy cont. The fact that, as reported by RIA Novosti, one of the reasons for refusal was the presence in the regional offices of the NBP persons younger than 18 years, which is also against the law. In this regard, recall the scandalous interview the most popular Russian sexologist, head of the center "Happy Family" Dili Enikeeva she gave to the online edition of «Stringer» November 30 last year under the intriguing title "The Party Limonov - a cover of homosexual promiscuity."

It co-chairman of the Russian Association of sexologists, professionally analyzed the description of the famous scene with a black man in Limonov's autobiographical novel "It's me - Eddie!" Came to the conclusion that the leader of the National Bolsheviks clearly a bisexual who have sex with men very like them. "With regard to the same political Limonov, I wonder why he has collected a bunch of boys around you? Perhaps, his party has no political overtones.It is possible that this is simply a cover for homosexual promiscuity "- shared his observations and doubts famed sexologist.

Lemons are just ignored the questions posed. But two days before the debate NBP registration with the MOJ in sale the latest issue of the journal «Rolling Stone», on the cover of which depicted Eduard Limonov, a Superman costume with the National Bolshevik symbols. "The hero-lover, Eduard Limonov and his woman", - reads the headline. According to our editor in chief Alexander Kondukov, "Limonov, we were interested in, not as a politician but as a playboy, a favorite of beautiful women." At the same time Herr Kondukov assured that the material in the magazine is designed in a very ironic way for the hero, and he Limonov about it knew nothing. " However, from the article shows that the journalists met with Limonov in the restaurant of one of the most expensive hotels in St. Petersburg and prepared the text literally dictated by the leader of the National Bolsheviks.

Our sources in the company «SPN», publishing a Russian version of «Rolling Stone», said that the idea of the title material of Limonov as a respectable "Playboy" appeared in early December, immediately after the interview, Dili Enikeeva about bisexuality main natsbola country. However, this publication Eddie's reputation is unlikely to help. Moreover, it also exposes him to a very ugly side: at the time, as inverted Limonov in illegal stock boys and girls soared on the bunk, he "Russian Che" drunk with the journalists of glamorous restaurants, and hang them on the ears of the noodles on how he was very fond of women and women only. However, people who know the long Limonov and his entourage, has long been nothing surprised.

Maria Pavlikova

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