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Curse of Siam hung over humanity

September 29 2005

Their emergence into the light is usually accompanied by great hype. From birth, they become the object of study of scientific luminaries. It's about Siamese twins. Common people, greedy to the contemplation of human suffering and deformities, waiting for the houses so that a glimpse of a cruel joke of nature - people fused. Iteresuet all: What place have grown together as a way of life is arranged, as they generally live.

Generally, the term "Siamese twins" came from a pair of twins Eng and Chang ("right" and "left" in Thai language), born 11 May 1811 in a Chinese family. Eng and Chang were joined together at chest stripe fabric. The birth of this incomprehensible creature was immediately reported to the King of Siam.

The governor went for advice to the wise and those who have never known about such phenomena, Eng and Chang announced a harbinger of misfortune. And while this is an incomprehensible creature has taken on his "black" thing, he decided to destroy it. But, luckily the twins about their proznal a Scottish merchant named Robert Hunter, who had brought them to North America to organize the outlandish spectacle.

In 1944 Chang and Eng married two sisters, an Englishwoman. Sarah Ann and Adelaide Ieyts, 26 and 28 years respectively by whom they had 21 perfectly healthy child.

Brethren died almost simultaneously, January 17, 1874, at night. Initially, when Ang was asleep, did not become Chang. Finding the death of her brother, Ang grieved and two hours later followed him. Autopsy relatives were not allowed, allowing the study only joining them Spike - a short and narrow bundle of about 10 centimeters. About Chang and Enge wrote Mark Twain in the story "Siamese twins".

But the fate of Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapovyh, despite the once-Union fame, there was not much else. In January 1989 they celebrated their 39-year anniversary. Anything below the belt, the sisters total.

In the 19-year-old sister was placed in a hostel for the elderly. Ability to communicate with normal people is almost always gone out of their lives.

About six months ago it was reported that Singapore will be carried out operation separation of 29-year-old conjoined twins Ladan and Lale Bidzhani. Bidzhani sister were born in 1974 in Tehran. Their bodies are separate, and their heads were connected to the scalp. Recognized as sisters, their dream life was to see each other's faces without the aid of a mirror.

The operation was presented as the greatest scientific sensation. Doctors admitted that the surgery can lead to death of sisters or permanent brain damage. The operation was successful, but later is separated sisters died of blood loss. After that, an Iranian doctor who adopted a grown up and Siamese twins, an international group of doctors accused of murder. However, the international commission found that the doctors did everything they could.

In Iran, Lale and Ladan Bidzhani were buried in individual graves in their native village Lorash. Honor their memory came about 20 thousand people.

In Russia, Khakassia, now lives a couple of Siamese twins, Veronica and Christina Kaygorodtsevy. Girls examined by a doctor and decided that surgical separation is possible.

In the republican hospital in Abakan doctors scanned the internal organs of Siamese twins. And they made happy mom: it was found that girls join only the muscle tissue. Internal organs, each their own, so that the operation of the division is not contraindicated. Veronica and Christina were born three months ago in the Montenegrin in Khakassia.The girls were born fused lower part. Doctors initially thought that the twins total spine and pelvic bones, one for two liver, one colon ...

But now their mom relies on skills of health professionals and the grace of God, and wants before the operation they took the holy sacrament of baptism.

Materials: RIA Novosti news agency "; Mednovosti;" New Focus, RBC, "Life."

Maria Pavlikova

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