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Gay pride parade in Moscow

July 29 2005

Activists of Russian gay movement to require the Moscow Mayor's Office permission to conduct the parade of homosexuals. However, not all representatives of the Russian gay community to support this endeavor. So, according to fund manager "Rainbow", a gay activist Ruslan Zuev is pure provocation. "Clearly, the whipping boys gays remain living in Russia, there will be some unrest" - said Zuev.

He believes that "Moscow will not be able to ensure the physical safety of gays and lesbians who take to the streets of the Russian capital." "Today our main task - education, tolerance towards homosexuals in Russian society. A gay pride parade - it's too early. Tragedy can happen "- he added.

Despite all the warnings, the people who set the task of holding a parade in May 2006 did not intend to abandon their plans.

I note that the concerns of opponents of the controversial parade in Moscow was not in vain. Often such processions are accompanied by scandals and unrest. The most recent example - the insurgency, which ended with a colorful actions in Jerusalem. Frolicking on the representatives of sexual minorities are attacked by the orthodox-minded citizens who were carrying bladed weapons. Attempts to disrupt the parade began with the start of the procession. Moving parallel course, young Orthodox Jews shouted insults at opponents, trying every way to intimidate. But the brave Israeli gays still have not stopped shares homophobes and they do decide to go through the streets of the ancient city as the procession drew near to its center, the participants of an unknown man ran and hit one of the activists with a knife.

And Israel is not the only example. Thus, in late July last year in Riga was to be held a similar event - organizers have already received permission to conduct, but at the last minute to work come from homophobia. Their main slogan was to protect the younger generation from the corrupting influence of gay people. The procession was canceled.

A year later, the capital of Latvia is still the first in its history, gay pride parade. Representatives of sexual minorities marched through the main streets of Riga, to loud cheers of opponents of the procession. Gay pelted with eggs and tomatoes and tried to beat. But, as is the case with Israeli "children of the rainbow", Latvians still continue driving. But it would be better if they were not so stubborn: when the convoy reached the destination - one of Riga's churches, they were surrounded by a crowd of several thousand people. Reckless homosexuals had to quickly retreat through the back door.

However, not all examples of gay pride as dismal: in Brazil in June was a record number of participants parade.

According to police estimates, more than 1.5 million people took part in it. Feast opened the prefect (mayor) of March Suplicy and chairman of the ruling Workers' Party, Jose Zhenuino. However, evil tongues say that shrewd Mrs. Prefect hopes to open support of sexual minorities to collect as many points in the upcoming elections.
Positive attitude towards such events observed in the United States. This year, tens of thousands of gays and lesbians took to the streets of Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and other cities. In march, held in New York, attended by some senators, including the wife of former President Clinton.

But America - is America. And we have the same political figures in Russia are trying diligently to give homophobic remarks more or less neutral sound.For example, Moscow Mayor Luzhkov, explained the refusal to grant permission to hold a gay pride parade in the summer of 2001: "homosexuality is incompatible with traditional moral standards of Russian society, as well as the canons of the main religious faiths of the city."
And the servants of the Russian Orthodox Church have expressed their enthusiastic support to the Mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupolianski, who tried to prohibit the controversial parade, for which he was fined by a local court.

Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill said:

"The Russian Orthodox Church supports your efforts to protect the genuinely faithful people of action, trampling upon their religious feelings. If members of sexual minorities can not be reconciled with the inadmissibility of such actions in Jerusalem, we will continue to adamantly defend their views on this issue" .

Metropolitan drew attention to the fact that "the liberal model of social relations, which are commonly imposed on the adherents of traditional religious views, based on the idea of human rights." "But it is a gross insult to religious feelings, which is preparing to make people who have lost the concept of sin, is not considered a violation of religious freedom," - concluded the Metropolitan Kirill.

Maria Pavlikova

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