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Loaf on the trees. Letters to the Canadian proletariat - June 29, 2005

June 29 2005

Letter 8 (Continued from July letter here )

Heat, July, Toronto. The next time job is called window cleaner, cleaner. Canadian rhythm work makes this one, looks easy, the work of a convict. At the interview slukavil that my entire adult life, only the windows and soaps. Thought this thing everyone can handle. In vain, this work involves a risk to health and life.

Window cleaner should have the professional skills of an acrobat. Working at a height of 2-nd, 3 rd, 4 th floor (and sometimes above), standing on a lightweight aluminum ladder, which is at a right angle against the wall of the building. Angle must be such that the ladder is not slipped on the ground - then you grohneshsya with 4 floors to the pavement stomach. And so from your body movements are not deviated too far back - if you grohneshsya the asphalt back and neck and the stairs will cover you from above. If you do not hurry on these things you are almost guaranteed. But we must hurry. And it's unbearable.

... Life and health risks can be in the name of something big and bright. But not for the sake of $ 7 per hour. Where to go? At the interview no one was pulling the tongue. Should hold for another week, took just a month. Co-workers are jumping on the stairs like trained monkeys. I respect them, because, again, these are real acrobats. To me they have several times raised claims about what is working fast enough. But where do I keep up with them? Brigadier Walter, for example, washing windows for 15 years. His work pleasure to watch.

- Walter, why do not you go to work in a circus? Do need to roughly the same, and pay more ...

- Kidding, meeeen. In a circus without a diploma will not take, meeen ...

But here what is not a circus? Although just today I have a good mood: Tomorrow I work at another site, high-rise, there are used very different "technology". Hence, if today is still a half-day hold on and not spikiruyu from a height of the third floor, then tomorrow will be a day free from jumping on an aluminum ladder, which is ominously springs and bends.

In the evening - "home". The apartment belongs to Kelly and Mike, a friend of Ottawa, who recently moved to Toronto. Kelly - a professional nanny, babysitter, Mike graduated from college sound engineer for rock bands and found a job here. Now they are on vacation, on a trip, and I dwell in their apartment.

In order to save the couple rented accommodation outside Queen Street West, which is in disrepute. This is the local bottom, to the same vicinity is a large psychiatric hospital, some patients who recognized social security, are available at will, but every day I go to their walls for treatment. Social workers removed them with housing closer to the hospital here. In the evening, walking down the street - no one normal face ...

After work, which begins early and ends early, I'm in no hurry to return to Queen West. Stroll in the center. Toronto, a large (3.5 million), the Americanized city. I've heard that Toronto and Chicago, built the same architect of the same project, and the city looks indistinguishable. Confirm or deny I can not: in Chicago was not.

The center has a dozen of these skyscrapers, one of them just for fun I counted the floors, turned 78. Promenade with the marina, there cute. In principle, the entire downtown can take your time around for an hour, but more in the city look nothing special. TV Tower CN Tower - the tallest in the world (Ostankino - next), Young Street - the longest street in the world, it passes through the city.Another undeniable attraction in Toronto is hot. It is the same as tropical in Ottawa, but the Great Lakes create a humidity in the summer the day the city be covered light haze. Severely.

The next day, Friday, I work in a suburb with an Indian name Misisauga. Assisted by a man named Troy. Like most Canadian hard workers, Troy cheerful and companionable, he hails from the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia in Toronto, live a long time.

The object of labor - 23-storey residential building. On the roof of special bolts and hooks are fixed means for lowering the board, on which sits window cleaner. Sophisticated devices. According to Troy, along with belts, which washer is attached to the board, they guarantee one hundred percent security. Even if it pleases you to jump down, do so at the height will not be easy. Powerful rope hanging down to the ground on it by clicking on a special lever, slide down from floor to floor, from window to window. Dismiss the lever - is stopped.

Troy, let me down once.

- I can not, meeen. You have to do is to be sertificate.

- One time. Nobody knows.

- Uuuum, well ... At the end of the shift, ok?

End of change will come soon, at three o'clock in the afternoon, work began today at six. Here it is, the long-awaited moment. The descent is ready!

- Sit down here ... So, okay. Now attached and fastened ... You're almost done. Not changed his mind? That lever, remember? Good luck!

Tied to the board, climbed over the barrier and to provide at a height of 23 floors. A unique feeling. If only he had not noticed how much my hands are shaking. Gagarin would have said: "Let's go." After a few minutes I'm on the earth's surface. Now would be even with a parachute jump, the experience is. But with a parachute jump today I will not, in front of another, equally exciting ride: the road to Ottawa, hitchhiking, ride to, for free.

The road starts from a city station. The ticket for the train station Whitby is 15 dollars. The path lies along the shores of Lake Ontario, which in some places the path is more like a sea: can not see the opposite shore. Once on these shores the Indians fought with the pale-faced, here today, the endless areas of Greater Toronto.

After 40 minutes, train reaches the Whitby. Now you have to go to a cafe and drink on the way the ritual cup of cappuccino. After this, go to the toilet and ritually write on the wall in Russian "Kish and Osya here were not." The inscription, of course, erase, here purely in the operating room. But after a week, if not fall down the stairs at work, she appears again. Thus, all the rituals performed, now on the road, which is called the Highway 401 and runs along the U.S. border across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax.

With the hitch I've known all with the blessing of the Soviet era. Was a student - traveled ride to the expanses of native, traveled from Moscow to Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Minsk, Belarus, Ukraine. In those days, drivers are not afraid of strangers on the highway to catch the car was as easy as in Canada.

Experience hitchhiking in handy in an emergency situation: in 1991 I took a trip to South Ossetia, clamped in a ring of Georgian troops. There was a real war. Arriving by plane to Vladikavkaz, I went to the editors of the Republican Russian-language newspaper to get acquainted with local journalists and ask their assistance in gaining access to Tskhinvali.

In the editorial said it was useless. City in a dense blockade path lies through the Georgian villages, and on the "turntable" I have no one to sit down. There, however, from time to time travel from North Ossetia caravans with medicines and humanitarian aid, but in enemy territory in the lives of drivers occur exclusively Caucasian adventure.With the cutting off of ears, sawing heads and burned at the stake. And they do not need companions. But to return to Moscow empty-handed, was awkward, and I went on the road.

I drove to Tskhinvali tank truck driver by name, as I remember, Loew. Closer to the night our mini-caravan, consisting of a fuel truck, car with bandages and machines with onions, Head of Russian armored personnel carrier with a powerful searchlight. Spotlight slid along the stone fences and walls, fortifications, behind which people live, ready for anything. The fact that I and my guardian angel of Caucasian ethnicity were traveling in a car full of petrol, warms the heart: if from behind a fence in the column to throw a grenade or a match, we find ourselves in that light passing all the attractions of the Caucasian ethnic massacres. At night, we were besieged Tskhinvali.

And now I need to be night in Ottawa. If the wildly lucky and I'm right here I'll catch a car that goes to the very Ottawa, the road will take hours of 5-6. And here is the first machine.

- Hi, I'm going to Ottawa. Not podvezesh?

... Today the wind is clearly not fair. The first machine dovezla to the village with the English name of Odessa. Next - to campus Kingston. Under Kingston quickly caught the truck, which travels to Montreal. Now we must go where the 401-th highway intersects with the 16-m. 16 th to Ottawa to go less than an hour, but already nearly midnight. It would not have to spend the night in the woods.

At the intersection with Highway 16-m and I wish to thank the driver safely drive to Montreal.

- You, too, arrive safely, buddy. Good night!

At the intersection with Highway 16 smells like a big water, a few tens of meters - the river St Lawrence, a water barrier between Canada and America. Pulls water dust. The air was blue sparks dance - what is it? Gasoline Am I, nanyuhalsya? Sparks a lot, they like big stars. Looked closely - fireflies. How many of them ...

The first hour of the night. "I go out alone on the road / path through the fog shines ..." The New World is not without good people: half an hour already going on a mini-vene in the direction of Ottawa. Here the highway Prince of Wales, is the house. The house has an apartment, is now in bed asleep one little thing. Still live in the apartment the man who truly does not know what he was doing ...

Tomorrow, or rather today, Saturday and deserved rest.

On Sunday we all still-more-family will go to our Russian Church. After church, before the expensive, heavy meal. But then again, Highway 16: "Hi! I'm going to Toronto, not podvezesh? "This life has remained a week, then begin searching for a new job.

Find. Hands are not otsohli ...



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