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Programmed genius child is not only possible but also necessary!

June 29 2005

In the XXI century - the century of information technologies and continuing progress - many parents are simply obsessed with the bear and raise a genius child.

Having read a lot of literature about how to "program" himself a prodigy, they run about the psychics, fortune tellers, astrologers, psychologists and geneticists, and consider "the creation of" miracle baby all sense of his life. Nevertheless, very few people these consultations help.

Ever since ancient times, people have been aimed at improving their offspring, because of their interest in this problem, was born a whole science - eugenics.

Its founder, Charles Davenport, having studied several generations of families, argued that crime, poverty, seasickness and talent can be inherited.

As proof of his theory, he cited the example of the dynasty of composers: Bach, Strauss and Scarlatti. Now, of course, his argument of modern science seem ridiculous and absurd.

At the beginning of XX century eugenicists had unquestioned authority, and their views are listened to "the powers that be."

Adolf Hitler had implemented the teaching of eugenicists Newstone Chamberlain, who claimed to improve the gene pool of the world population of disabled people need to force the cut.

In Germany, for the creation of a gifted generation of scientists - eugenicists offered to connect parents with good heredity, and in 1934 adopted a law on compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill.

As a result, only a year, about 70,000 so-called inferior members of society were sterilized by the end of 1945, this figure reached 400,000.

A similar situation was in the U.S.: there were laws that allowed sterilization for mentally retarded offenders, and some other unwanted groups.

Many states have enacted laws prohibiting mixed marriages are interracial, citing a flawed theory of the inferiority of mixed races.

After the Second World War, eugenics, racial background were rejected, but since the 60's, is a widespread false teaching that men with an extra chromosome Y (XYY) are more aggressive and are potential criminals, which led to a global catastrophe.

In the U.S., all infants were tested for the presence of this chromosome. The parents refused kids who have this chromosome was found.
These "outcasts" were brought up in segregated boarding schools for juvenile delinquents.

And only a few years later a monstrous theory has been disproved, but the fate of thousands of children have already been broken.
Nevertheless, the pseudoscience eugenics is still alive, and eugenicists are not going to give up their positions.

In 1981, the U.S. criminologist Jean Stephans presented the scientific theory of government. He took the initiative, chtobyvse couples wishing to have children should be tested on the nature of genes.

In those cases where the genetic scan will show that these parents are able to conceive a child prodigy , but not quite suitable for his upbringing, they will receive a license only on the conception.

When the baby is born, it will give the other spouse, which would authorize the state to educate future genius.

Controlled conception and education, according to criminologist, not only lead to the development superintelligence , but also reduce the risk of criminal tendencies in the child.

it is simply blasphemous, but his theory was quite favorably, and it may very well be that it will soon translate into reality.

Already developed a special system Licky that in the near future will put in the hospital.

The staff of maternity hospitals will be checked in women have a license, stating that they do not suffer from any mental illness, do not use drugs, are not associated with crime and they have quite high intelligence quotient - IQ .

In the absence of such a document the children will be immediately transferred to the custody of the state.

Mothers, those caught without a license a second time, forced to undergo an operation to install the subcutaneous contraceptive - Norplant.

Russian geneticists argue that talent is passed down from father to son by heredity, - a myth.

Scientist - Geneticist Bogomazov believes that, of course, there is a musical dynasty, but their existence does not prove the heredity of "genius gene."

"How many composers and performers, children were far from the music? Or take, for example, our great writers Pushkin and Tolstoy. They both had many children, of which none went to his father's footsteps "- said the scientist.

The birth of a genius - a miracle that neither predict nor even prove impossible. This kind of lottery winnings to which a once in a hundred years.

In recent years, which many young geeks. But the geeks - that's not necessarily genius. Although there are examples where the wonder-child becomes a genius. This was the case with Handel, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. Most geeks are losing their sverhdarovaniya in childhood and grow up normal people.

Many scientists have come to the conclusion that the child prodigy - it is only able baby, advanced in his intellectual development peers, a sort of "intellectual akselerat.

Psychologists believe that in order that the child was not only healthy, but also a gifted, you need to plan.

Before the planned actions prospective parents, especially mother should give up alcohol, tobacco, and protect themselves from stress.

A pregnant woman's life should not be boring and monotonous, but interesting and emotionally intense.

Science now stands at a high level, so that parents can learn about health and intelligence of the child before birth - to 6-8-week pregnancy specialists will villi of the embryo and make it a genetic scan.

Children conceived and nurtured in an atmosphere of love and harmony are born gifted versatile and responsive.

Parents are also important to see to what a child more pulls, and strongly support his interest and curiosity.

As for the geeks, the scientists believe that only 2% of the miracle of children in the future be able to become geniuses. In most cases, they are doomed to a lonely and difficult life .

In conclusion, the opinion of Doctor of Psychology Zafar Dushambaeva:
"Every child, by definition, talented, and the worst thing that can happen to a gifted child - the intervention of adults who are trying to get some benefit from his talent . "

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