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Do not go, kids, politics walks

December 28 2005

The rapid growth of youth political movement in 2005 led to a paradoxical, but the natural result - the youth policy in Russia does not and will not be forthcoming.

It all began more than optimistic. Untilled field of youth policy was rapidly replenished by new and renovated structures, designed for any color, taste and smell. Liberal-minded young people to choose between proyablochnoy "Defense" movements "we" and "Yes", headed respectively by Ilya Yashin, Roman Dobrokhotov and Maria Gaidar. On the right-wing nationalist settled "Eurasian Union of Youth," set themselves to annihilation of the "orange" in the name of the great plague of Eurasia.

On the left flank became active unwinding Youth Union "For the Motherland" (the youth wing of the adult "Homeland"). Received their supporters of the current president and the government - in February itself presented the Nashi movement, actually replacing dull "Walking Together." And that's not counting the already-established LCCs, AKM, SKM, located in the constant modernization of MLF, and a number of other, more minor and not causing much interest in structures.

But with all this riot of color remained until the end of the unexplained: and whether all the young people themselves? Time showed that the ideas promoted by the young politicians in the youth community, and have found understanding. All the vigorous activity of most organizations has been reduced to basic rivalry among themselves based on the formula, who loudly puknet.

"Defenders of" concentrated on sabotage and intelligence activities against the "Nashi". First, the movement's leader Ilya Yashin himself incognito infiltrated Congress rivals, and several months later send the enemy's rear (on Lake Seliger, where "our" organized a summer camp), the scouts who were trying to figure out, form the "Our" fighting units of football fans or not . "Our" also did not remain in debt and began a massive bombardment of the big "Apple", accusing party leaders, in collaboration with pro-fascist National Bolshevik Party.

Company, "our" in this struggle were "Eurasians", with the same energy vystrelivaya for anyone who, in their view, is an accomplice of the "orange" threat. The list of "Orange" young "Eurasians" made all the opposition parties and their youth department. The latter, however, answered them the same. Slightly shifted its emphasis in the selection of the enemies of the National Bolsheviks. If before all the attacks they blamed the FSB, but now their place was taken by "militants" from the "Nashi". In general, "Limonov" did not change myself, attracting to its ranks fans of extreme communication with the police and then rest comfortably on the bunk.

The role of "victims of the bloody regime attempted to intercept the NBP youth Rodina, timely informing the public about the new opposition beating their activists. The public, of course, outraged, but erase the stigma of the "Kremlin stooges" to "rodintsev" not in a hurry. The latter, incidentally, set a record for the formation of their clones.

Just before the election has been formed who died suddenly the environmental movement, "Political Greenpeace, which managed to spend a couple of virtual shares. And this fall is the same creative potential leaders mladorodintsev Oleg Bondarenko and Sergei Shargunov dumped on public court of another youth movement - the united League of Youth (SCRAP). However, new means of direct action, as it presented a poster, also did not last long. Perhaps what "Lomovtsev" hastened to write in their ranks almost all youth organizations in Russia, which caused a fair outcry from these same organizations, and perhaps even an elementary lack of awareness of similarities in name of the movement.How then angrily said Sergei Shargunov, on the Internet they had found the League of masturbation and masturbation, whose acronym is painfully reminded of their own offspring.

By year end, the enthusiasm of youth and came to nothing at all. Numerous calls to revolution, the promise in the case of an unfair vote counting in elections to the Moscow City Council to bring to the streets of tens of thousands of people and arrange Moscow "maidan", sounding in August and September, in December magically disappeared, giving way to the philosophical arguments about the low revolutionary potential and the inability to resist authority.

In his article "The Revolution will not be" the leader of the CM "For the Motherland" Sergei Shargunov wrote: "we must frankly recognize: the enthusiasm of thousands of people displays only the Communist Party, the Communists are elderly and displays them on the ritual demonstrations. Other citizens, younger and less Soviets, even if it is sympathetic to the cause of "the motherland", "Apple" or the Liberal Democratic Party, regardless of the formal number of parties is very heavy to lift. " Not luchilsya optimism and Assistant Shargunov Oleg Bondarenko.

Returning from a trip to India, he asked to comment on the decision of Moscow Mayor personally give permission for a particular meeting, in the hearts of blurted out: "I'm tired of these rallies. Maybe the better it ...». "Something can be achieved only if the display on the street are the same anpilovskie 100 thousand people. But now is the time the other digits. In the pockets of politicians and, as a consequence, in the squares. Everything Else - a trifle, hired for 300 rubles from the dormitories. Demonstrations show - only for journalists, "- open up it later.

More specifically, summed up the year in the youth movement leader "Defense" and youth "Yabloko" Ilya Yashin, confessed in an interview with the newspaper that they were "in some way reached the ceiling:" If there is no political will of senior party members, no maidan will not happen. We're running ahead of the engine, and senior fellow for us is not keeping pace, so we slowed down at the moment. "

This last argument seems to be really stressed state of affairs in the youth policy. While Party bosses interesting trumps the electorate and their potential competitors in youth, some semblance of youth rebellion can still be seen in Russia.

But as soon as "elders" are sent on leave, engage in more serious issues of their unaccompanied youth structures safely fall apart in anticipation of the next tranche of financial, caused by changes in the political conjuncture of the market.

Maria Pavlikova

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