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Loaf on the trees. Letters to the Canadian proletariat - June 28, 2005

June 28 2005

Letter 7 (Continued Letter 6 here )

The film "Window to Paris" look? I really do not like it. Russian shows it finished by the barbarians, who, once on the prosperous West, demonstrate a unique ability: to carry everything that is bad. The majority of our immigrants are not, they honestly work honestly pay their taxes and laws are not violated. But there are - and they are many - such as in the browser window.

"Hotbed" of Russian-speaking criminal and semi-criminal immigration is a New York City, specifically - the legendary Brighton Beach, the son of Odessa and Rostov-mom-dad. There is already in the 1970's it was "pure-specific". Russian-speaking immigration has created there its a subculture: criminal songs, a total "kidalovo, mokruha ...   Prior to Ottawa, these waves almost do not reach, we have peace. But the branch of Brighton Beach "opened" in Toronto. Network of Russian restaurants and shops. Saunas, brothels. Signs on the stores say in Russian, and Hebrew "... law firms, which guarantee a high price for refugee status.

Status is acquired as follows: Russia (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine) purchased the birth certificate where it says that its owner - a Jew. Numerous travel agencies swing to the West "live goods" in the thousands. After landing in Canada, the applicant declares himself a refugee, a Jew (I knew even one Kazakh, according to the documents - a child of Abraham's tribe), or a refugee-gay, because we both are hanging on poles. Next they engage lawyers in Toronto - Russian-speaking. They are qualified to prove that an accident at home waiting for the prison and the scaffold. Hearings, the courts, the result in most cases, yes.

I have a friend from the city it was a merchant seamen, and jumped off the ship in Halifax. At home he was a child, he happily cohabited with a girl Irkoy from Peter, but in the eyes of Canadian authorities, he was "blue", through which he received a refugee status.

On this subject, there is even a folklore. Newbie who is going to "go on the blue" (termin!), said: "Are you aware that they are blue check?" Seeing the confusion in her eyes, calm: "You do not worry, your check will not - on the face can be seen" .

Some of my Russian acquaintances many "Jews". One - a military pilot from Severomorsk. Other - driver from Kazakhstan. The third - a free party-goer from Peter. While lying, the one from Peter, - "gay."In Toronto, these guys go to a gay bar, photographed each other on their knees, picture appears at the trial as evidence.

Unmarried friend from Moscow to substantiate their right to the status of the fact that Russia has a population ex-husband, Colonel KGB, who, taking advantage of official position, weekly deals ex-wife visits and her superhuman effort. Status was obtained.

Some of these people granted refugee status and permission to work, joins the ranks of the proletariat, or are in the Canadian study. But the part sits on the welfare and lives in that capacity for life.

Sitting on on welfare, you have no right to work. Canadians revere the law and pay to an employee officially through the bank, paying federal and provincial taxes. But there are also those who are hired illegally and pay to an employee under Cash   the   table - «under the table." On them and work velferschiki.

Typically, they carry about or pizza or distribute flyers. Pay a penny for it, but with life on welfare at the very least lacking. Such life spans, I know people who, as illegal workers held for 15 years and more. Home they were all "big people" and their emigration to mothers last words, but in a sweet home for some reason will not be returned. There is also a huge number of people who on principle do not teach English - in the fig it to them? How much do I run over to them by doctors, lawyers, banks ...  

Canadian socialism offers great opportunities for freebies, and they can not deny myself the pleasure to use this freebie. Such a life corrupts. People ruin oneself by drink, is intriguing, "throw" friends. The Polish mafia in Ottawa working Mafia Gypsy: Gypsy Shoplift appliances. For a small fee they can order a vacuum cleaner, telephone, CD-player ...

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Now, temporarily, I also work under   the   table. But this shabashka ends, and I already found a new, also temporary, job in Toronto. In order to save will have to go out every weekend and go hitchhiking.

To be continued



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