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Since you go on the road?

July 27 2009

12319.jpeg In summer, many frustrated with the familiar places: time to leave - who is going to resort to giving someone who goes out into the ... Has long been the road and travel associated set of tokens and beliefs. Assure that they are effective in our days.

So, if the person leaves far away, before the journey is absolutely necessary to sit down and shut up, then the journey will be successful. He sat down, we always feel confident, no wonder there is a saying: "At the foot is no truth!" Also, during this time can have time to think, do not forget any thing ...

Does not interfere before the trip and hold a corner table. The ancient Slavs table was a symbol of the home, he embodied the spirit of guarding the house. Used around the corner, you will receive the blessing of the spirit of his home for a successful journey and safe return.

Before a long journey can not wash my hair - naklichesh trouble. This ancient legend associated with the belief that the hair on a man can napustit damage or deprive him of his strength. In fact, if the hair will not have time to dry, you can catch a cold.

If you have forgotten something, it's better not return for a thing - no way! And if you come back, at last look in the mirror, showing itself in this language - it is the opinion of parapsychologists, neutralizes negative energy.

You can even look under the rug or carpet, to change something in the clothes and hair - so our ancestors believed, will be able to fool the irrational forces that can stop us.

In fact, it is believed if you were holding something, does not start on the road - a sign that hit the road is not worth it. Then, return to the halfway can cost you a late and spent the nerves ...

In our days is still considered a good omen to leave in the rain. The pagans believed. That heavenly water washes away all the sorrows and diseases. But it is likely a psychological attitude: bad weather was left behind and in front of travelers waiting for good weather!

If someone leaves the house for three days you can not wash the floor, otherwise gone can not return. My floors, you sort of wash off its energy footprint, explain the parapsychologists. On the contrary, it is advised to wash the floor as soon as possible if you do not want to return that person.

Do you want somewhere to come back again - throw a coin into a pond, or leave in a strange house their thing. If you leave part of yourself out there, definitely coming back ...

You can not ask the counter: "Where are you going?" Or "Where are you going?" In this case, your question you will block his path. Would be correct to ask: "How far is it going?" What's the difference - because the meaning would seem the same? But no! Using the word "where", it turns out, it is easy to overlook! Therefore, in such situations should be answered: "At Kudykin mountain!"

If you go on the road, do not forget about the special talismans and charms!

First of all, the experts recommend for bioenergy - do not carry a bag or suitcase in white, black or red. If you have to cruise the sea, then fit the muted shades - from brown to light sand. Overland journey - choose colors from dark green to light blue. Go to a mountain hike? Bring a bagCSC-yellow or orange hue.

Well, if you pre-draw or vyshete in your bag or outerwear some character, protects and brings good luck. Place it should be on the inside, out of reach for prying eyes. Find Similar characters can be in special books on esoterica. For example, very happy for travelers is the image Four Leaf Clover.

In the long journey to bring a bag a handful of earth, typed near the family home. It is a pledge to return. Out of trouble on the way to protect wheat or whole oats wrapped in a cloth. On the fabric paint protective features.

Gypsies are advised to take a figure of scarab beetle. This amulet will keep a traveler's life and health.

Before you board the ship, quietly take to the beach a handful of dry sand. Put sand in a safe place and keep it so that it is not in any case not wet. When the ship will begin to move in the opposite way, throw half a handful of sand on the bow - not off course.

Mountaineers and those involved in mountain tourism, it is advisable to bring a campaign piece rough - it will serve as an amulet.

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