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America: escape from freedom

July 27 2005

Life of ordinary Americans is full of fears and phobias. Therefore, any revision of laws, one way or another connected with his rights and freedoms, is perceived in American society is extremely painful. The policy of the White House meanwhile are increasingly coming into conflict with the established democracies relics, which causes additional problems. A classic example - the anti-terrorism law.

Strange times White House policy, responsibility for the development of democratic values throughout the world and protection of human rights ... As a result, America invades Iraq and Afghanistan, participating in numerous military operations, international organizations, in which she was again discharged leading role. The desire for hegemony, as is known, gives rise to their costs.

America in connection with its emergency employment in all areas without exception must necessarily think about all the new levels of protection against external threats. However, the irony the average American every time new solutions are questioning their own congressmen, concerned about the seemingly public safety. In such an atmosphere of constant tension, when somewhere rumbles, and the Americas halloo to one another so that the government immediately thinks about whether to raise security measures in the country, it is difficult to maintain self-control and restraint - begins to seem everywhere and without end seem. Mereschatsya, of course, terrorists, and they seem to be everywhere. The greater the suspicion grows, the harder the country, which the Pentagon has marked with a cross, deny their guilt and impose it on the U.S. itself. And while, for example, the Egyptian security services in cooperation with U.S. counterparts after the bombings in Sharm el-Sheikh wanted terrorists in Pakistan and India directly accuses Islamabad of inaction, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan reject all the arguments. And the fans a kick like Washington. Especially if you mention here of friction with China and North Korea. Recently, however, America is increasingly terrified by internal problems .

And the reason for the unrest abound. That immigrants with false documents somehow managed to infiltrate the nuclear plant in western Tennessee because of bad escort object, then the democracy and constitutional law in the country that something is amiss. The latter, of course, causes the greatest concern in the country, considering that this is one of the few truly American shrines. With officials on Capitol Hill are increasingly exposed to criticism from international human rights organizations and their own politicians.

Last week, American Heritage again uzhalos: by unanimity of the House of Representatives action of anti-terrorism Patriot Act law was extended for another ten years. When referring to this law, it is worth noting that it contained a definition of terrorism that is different from the one adopted not long ago at a meeting of UN Security Council's interpretation of, and a similar discrepancy in certain circumstances it may make itself felt. However, this is not the main thing now.

In many opponents of the law, especially in America, including among lawmakers, who see in it a considerable infringement of the rights of citizens, who are expected to continue to live in the freest country.

ate in the fact that through this document, the Government receives a large extent a unique opportunity to take advantage of the needs of your personal information and obtain access to confidential information, and in this sense, the old division of the Americans and non-Americans, at least for the intelligence services essentially disappears. Four years ago, when he was adopted by discrediting the nation in the eyes of American society anti-terrorism law, civil liberties of every American shattered, causing an uproar. Britain is now following a series of terrorist attacks and the London police chief's statements that some freedoms have to do, experiencing the same shock. Terrorism is to break the vacuum world in which there was the West, and many of his ideals do not stand the test of the real world.

Meanwhile, while Western governments are aware that change is inevitable due to new threats, Western civil society, spoiled privileges under the Bill of Rights, not in a hurry to give up freedoms granted to him once. Disturbance increases, and dlshe seems to be only bigger.

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