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"Gene Genius" Part III: Geniuses giants and geniuses-hermaphrodites

June 27 2005

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One of the mysteries of genius, revealed at the end of XX century scientist - the experimenter Oruanom, that 50% of men of genius the history of suffering from joint diseases - gout.

Poor, poor our geniuses, in addition to gout, they have a lot of other genetic traits.

One well-known codes of genius is a special form of disproportionate gigantism - Marfan syndrome.

To the disease causes a defect of some genes that influence the formation and development of connective tissue.

Medical description of people suffering from this disease as follows: people with very long arms and legs and relatively short trunk.

Their paws outstretched fingers resemble an enormous spider that was the basis for imaginative title of this imbalance - arachnodactyly (from the Greek. «Daktil» - finger and Arachne - according to myth - a woman transformed by Athena into a spider).

People with such defects are extremely thin, their rib cage is deformed, the lens is shifted.

The risk of that syndrome is accompanied by a heart defect and aneurysm of the aorta.

When reading a medical interpretation immediately reminded of an extraordinary appearance of the "great antichrist of all time," the legendary Marilyn Manson .

Is Manson suffers from this disease in fact is still unknown, but a brilliant showman he is called now.

Marfan's syndrome - an extremely rare disease. According to statistics from the electronic Bank of U.S. data from 50 000 people only 1 person is sick from this disease.

The only compensation that Marfan patients receive from the fate of his own fault, - heightened adrenaline in the blood.

It is known that this hormone the adrenals, thereby increasing heart rate and raises blood pressure.

Marfan's syndrome presented to mankind, at least five amazing individuals.

Because of the high-adrenaline, the geniuses have always had the highest physical and mental tone, as reflected in their ineffable performance.

This was a lumberjack, Abraham Lincoln, who became a lawyer and later U.S. president.

He had a huge growth - 193 cm, with giant feet and hands, a small chest, and long flexible fingers.

When disfiguring leanness, he possessed great physical strength and endurance, and was unusually active, resourceful, talented speaker-improviser.

His impromptu speech uttered at Gettysburg cemetery was included in the encyclopedia as an example of the wisdom and brilliance. He was and still is considered the largest, respected and beloved president.

In a brief biography of the American Abraham Lincoln (1860) states: "As a member of Congress, he began studying and learned almost six books of Euclid.Desiring to develop their abilities, especially the logic and eloquence, he began a course of rigid mental discipline, hence his love of Euclid, which he carried with him on trips as long as could easily prove all the theorems of six books, he often worked until late at night, with candles near the pillow, while his fellow-lawyers, half a dozen in a room filled with all the endless snore. "

Was very similar to Lincoln's in the physical warehouse son nearly so shoemaker, who became later one of the most beloved writers of the XIX century. - Hans Christian Andersen.

His pedantic hardworking manifested in school. His works he copied a dozen times, seeking, ultimately, virtuosic precision and simultaneous lightness of style.

Contemporaries described him as the exterior: "He was tall, lean and highly peculiar to posture and movements. His arms and legs were disproportionately long and thin, hands wide and flat, and feet so large that it probably never had to worry that someone will replace it as galoshes. His nose was so-called Roman forms, but also disproportionately large, and seemed particularly stood out ahead. "

Tension, which, apparently, was kept this talented man, he has engendered a lot of fears - he was afraid to get sick with cholera, was damaged by fire, get into an accident, losing important documents, take the wrong dose of medicine ...

Surely you remember two other well-known long and awkward and talented "Nosach" - it's Charles de Gaulle and Roots I. Chukovsky.

Active nature of the future president of France is so pronounced in his youth that many of his colleagues in the army before the Second World War, his other in the Generalissimo.

The head of de Gaulle always was issued over the sea helmets and berets marching soldiers. However, sitting at the table, he seemed completely normal person. The secret of its wings in its disproportionate addition, so typical of Marfan syndrome.

Above all in the crowd was a favorite of children and the author of "Fly-tsokotuhi", "Moidodir" and "Cockroach."

His long-armed, long-legged, big-nosed and general awkwardness figures repeatedly beat in the cartoons.

The house Chukovsky guests met the inscription: "Please, even the closest friends to come only on Sundays," and the "Dear guests, if the owner of this house, even begged you to stay longer than ten o'clock in the evening - do not settle!" After all, he must work, because work it is strikingly a lot. "

"I worked all my life. As an ox! As the tractor! "- He wrote about himself. And so, although a titanic performance for many readers of children's poems Chukovsky not familiar with its many special articles of literary criticism and translation, remains hidden.

Like Hans Christian Andersen, Chukovsky repeatedly reworked each of his line. "Never have I seen that someone else with such difficulty was given to the technique itself scriptures" - he remarked to himself.

Even more rare than Marfan syndrome occurs syndrome Morris. This syndrome is the result of a defect of the gene encoding the cellular receptor of male sex hormone testosterone. All human cells with the syndrome of Morris have sex chromosomes X and Y.

Thus, this chromosome set has in its composition, as female hormones, and elevated blood levels of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Ultimately, the light appears psevdogermafrodit, which has male sex chromosome, but looks like a girl.

Androgens (psevdogermafrodity) syndrome Morris outwardly look very attractive - tall, slender, handsome, physically strong woman. In these women there is no uterus, and in the abdominal cavity are formed male testes. Such women are no menstruation, and they can not get pregnant.

This anomaly is very rare among the population: 65,000 women accounts for 1 psevdogermafrodit.

Women with the syndrome Morris is very cheerful, extremely active, energetic, and their physical strength is not inferior to men.

In the sports world all women are special tests, which resulted in the girls with the syndrome Morris did not admit to sporting events, as they are in 2 - 4 times higher than on physical strength, quickness and agility physiologically normal athletes.

Nevertheless, Morris's syndrome was subsequently found in 1% of outstanding athletes, owners of world titles and gold medals.

History knows of one girl, the heroine of this syndrome, which is his determination, wit, a lively mind and extraordinary stamina was not inferior to men - it's Jeanne d'Arc, the famous "lark France" and the holy virgin.

Joan of Arc was very fond of physical and military exercises, preferred to wear men's clothing. Extremely absorbed in their struggle for the liberation of France, she was burned at the stake in Rouen in 19 years, being a virgin.

Her determination and courage, bravery and heroism inspired the soldiers during the liberation of Orleans, in the battle of Pathe, and march to Reims.

Resourcefulness, consistency, perseverance and the will during the trial and execution were simply amazing.

Colors of Joan of Arc is color banner of the French Republic.

If there is ever a case where only one person abruptly changes the course of events, it is the appearance of Joan of Arc at the end has already lost the Hundred Years' War, through which the French have realized ourselves as a nation.

Morris' syndrome was described many decades ago, but the involvement of medical genetics in the XX century it possible to prove that the legendary French heroine was unspeakably active and energetic through genetic mutation.

Paradoxically, science has proved that a few prominent women's history with a strong male character had a syndrome of Morris:
Elizabeth I Tudor, Christian Swedish, Aurora Dyudevan - the famous writer George Sand, German poetess Annette Droste-Gyulsgof, a prominent Theosophist Helena Blavatsky and the psychic.

Another clue to the phenomenon of genius in Part IV.

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