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By the Beslan school planted a fake bomb. We once again warn about the "summer of fire"?

April 27 2005

Morning of April 27 in Beslan, near the school № 6 found a plastic bottle to pull tape and wires. Urgently called experts vzryvotehniki found that resembles an explosive subject - a fake. The school attended by children affected by the terrorist attacks last year ...

In ancient times, when your author was a student, the date of examinations, essays, dictation, and so made public teachers in advance. The reasons are clear: let the boys and girls how to prepare and meet the day of reckoning "fully armed. Different matter now. In Moscow schools for several years the date of the examinations have become professional teachers of the secret. Advertise in advance - it rings in the morning and happy child's voice will tell: the School mined. In such cases the administration, one hundred percent confident that the call "left", is obliged to evacuate the whole school and cause vzryvotehnikov. Until the last with a floor will look for a nonexistent bomb, take a few hours ...

However, and after the date of reference were secret calls to the school are continuing. The motives of young fighters against terrorism "as a simple childhood. Firstly, such a call would effectively be absent from a lesson or two-third. Secondly, it's much more fun than just break the glass and escape. Well ... modern!

However, there is serious doubt that last night (or early morning) at the door of the North Ossetian school, someone "ozoroval. Since the Beslan tragedy was only 8 months. The school attended by children, the last of September circles of hell. No, this is not "naughty." Then, indeed, who and why?

The first thing that comes to mind - local Ingush. They still have the Suburb. After the terrorist attack last September, their lives are constantly in danger, they are hated and humiliated. So how should feel those who do not just do not have to do with Herod's crime in September, but was shocked by it no less than the normal people? Maybe someone from the past Ingush Mohicans Suburban District banal "overheated" and last night hung on the door of the school boiler bottle with wires?

This version is the fact that in the past month and a half in the air Suburban area again smell the storm. After all, this spring was supposed to be a turning point in relations between the Ingush and the Ossetians. In March, between the two republics is finally was obliged to receive the administrative border. The status of the Suburban Area has led opposition to the Ingush leadership and the opposition.

Subject border with North Ossetia, has again become topical in Ingushetia in December last year - in connection with the implementation of the federal law on local government. Under the law, until March 31 this year, Ingushetia was supposed to define the boundaries of its member municipalities. March 28 in Nazran, held an unsanctioned rally, which trumpeted the need for the change of power in the republic. Excuse - "reluctance" of today's leadership of Ingushetia to solve the problem Suburban Region.

The question of the border between Ingushetia and North Ossetia was the cause of the conflict in 1992, which killed over a thousand people on both sides. Today, any solution to this problem is possible only with the filing of the Kremlin. In this case, it is clear that under the current circumstances, any territorial changes in the North Caucasus is impossible, since set a precedent for large-scale national and territorial re-division of southern Russia and will result in a regional war "all against all." Understand this opposition in Ingushetia have used an opportune moment and came up with populist slogans - but what they? Just think, war ...

In addition to the national-territorial factor, there is also religious.If you remember the Beslan school in September seized a group of terrorists of different nationalities, there was even a half-Russian, half-Ossetian named Abdullah (before Islam - Vladimir). Throughout the North Caucasus, mosques, madrassas, Islamic seminaries, etc. as they were, and remain the schools of terrorism. Someone their "shepherds"? Does anyone know what they teach in their walls? Hardly ... So maybe it's local Muslims morning in Beslan reminded about yourself?

And finally, inexorably approaching May 9 - the day that the militants, the fathers and grandfathers who were thrown out by Stalin in the Caucasus, hate no less than the Latvian prezidentsha Freiberga.

May 9, 2002, the Caspian, Dagestan. Killed 45 people and wounded 130.

May 9, 2004, Grozny, an attack at the Dynamo Stadium. Killed 7 people, including pro-Russian (at that time) of President Kadyrov and 8-year-old girl and wounded 60.

This year, hated for fighters with Russian imperialism Victory - 60 years. Date. And now, look, Basayev has already promised to Russia "summer of fire" ...

Do not want to "croak" (especially living in Moscow), but it looks like a bottle of scotch tape wrapped around the school № 6 - not just a shot in vital spot of the country (Beslan school children ...).

It is also a message - just wait.


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