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When an Indian cease to be an Indian ... The world is rapidly becoming extinct languages

February 27 2006

On the planet on average every two weeks a language disappears, recently said UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura at the International Mother Language Day. This has been the subject of a conference where they discussed the problem of preservation of the languages of small nations in Asia, Africa and America.

The news quickly spread through the media and has been safely forgotten, leaving the experts one-on-one with the problem. Being in the whirlwind of modern life, we forget that the language not only allows us to communicate and understand each other, but also a link of any national culture .

Language - is the core, the basis of identity . Destroying it is equivalent to destroying an entire people, turning it into a faceless mass. Language reflects a person's identity when the language dies, disappears vision of the world. "

Previously, a study was conducted, whereby the number of "living" languages spoken in the world, decreases faster than the number of wildlife on the planet. Comparison of factors affecting the disappearance of languages and the extinction of wild species, found that more than six thousand languages are threatened with extinction .

According to estimates of linguists in the world today, there are 6,809 "living" languages, but 90 percent of them said at least 100 thousand people, and some languages are even more rare: it is known 46 languages with only one native speaker.

"There are 357 languages, each of which said at least 50 people.

In rare sign language extinction appear more likely than the more common "- said Professor Sutherland, a biologist at the University of East Anglia.

For example, in the language in the Bolivian Andes, Leko said about 20 people. In Cameroon, there are only 30 speakers kambap.

Some languages are important because they have unique features . For example, in the language Yeley dnye spoken Rossel Islanders in Papua New Guinea is unusual sounds, and words used to describe colors, absolutely do not coincide with the accepted terminology.

Strongly influenced by colonization. Since 1600 out of use 52 of the 176 languages spoken by the tribes of North America. Of 235 languages spoken by Australian Aborigines, disappeared 31.

Confront the disappearance of languages trying in the U.S., there are thousands of endangered languages and dialects. Of particular concern to scientists call the languages used by local Indians .

The project is allocated 4.4 million dollars. It will involve 26 institutions and 13 of Teachers, which will help to understand the diversity of languages threatened with extinction.

One of the languages that will save a group of researchers, is the language of Cherokee Indians .Their number now reaches 350,000 people, but the language of the indigenous Indians gradually erased from human memory, and takes his place in English.

Another possible way of solving the problem comes from people in the arts. Many will remember the film of Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" was shot in Aramaic and Latin languages.

Aramaic was once the language of the Middle East and parts of Asia. In our time, the Syrian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem offers learn Aramaic in summer schools, but to show him very little interest. This command of the language is less than half of the 600 church members.

As for our country, there are currently 63 languages of indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation are listed as endangered languages of Russia, that is endangered .

Thus, the language of middle Chulym, descendants of nomadic Tartars who lived by hunting, fishing and gathering in the forests of western Siberia today are fluent only 35 people.

To save the cultural heritage of linguists study of endangered languages, make up its vocabulary, grammar, textbooks, make recordings of pronunciation, folklore, dialects, so that later it was possible to restore the language.

Materials: KM InoPressa, AmericaRu,

Константин Дятлов

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