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Is the flour and added deprivation of the great cultural figures inspiration?

November 26 2005

The notion of "suffering artist" has long been ingrained in many cultures, but the new study of the great creators of works of art, scholars have attempted to establish whether the flour, psychotropic drugs and deprivation added to the creators of inspiration.

One of the leading scientists of the University of California believes that the disease, various potions and drugs made their shades in the work of such great masters as Michelangelo and Vincent Van Gogh.

"Their inspiration was taking its origins in their physical condition," - says Paul Wolff, professor of Clinical Pathology, University of California, published his article in the November issue of the scientific journal Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

So, Vincent Van Gogh is the most striking example of how great works of art out from under the hand the person experiencing great suffering and is in an expanded consciousness. Today, experts believe that the artist suffered from bipolar disorder - alternating manic and depressive phases - epilepsy, and he had a strong dependence on absinthe, a strong liquor, which causes hallucinations.

Scientists involved in the study of his work, has long been noticed that in his work dominates yellow. Paul Wolff believes that it may have two explanations. The first is that the artist's illness in any way altered his worldview. Second, the most dismal - his addiction to absinthe, which includes hallucinogens thujone, causing the vision in a yellow light.

The case of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564 gg.), Is also revealing. In addition to gout, which brought him to physical torment, suffering genius and autism. This is the conclusion, scientists at Trinity College in Dublin, studied the biography of the great Italian. Throughout his life Michelangelo suffered from loneliness, was absorbed in his thoughts and was very neobschitelen. Very often people with autism have unusual talent or skill in a particular area, such as music, art or mathematics. Michelangelo also combines all these talents.

Many scientists do not share the view of Paul Wolff, and offer their theories, but one they converge: the great creators were different from ordinary mortals breadth of mind and attitude that helped them become great.

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