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May 26 2005

If you come to the company of students out of ten, and looking into his eyes, asked: "Is it possible student party without beer and other alcohol?" Five people at once replied: "No". Three proudly objected five, another two shrug their shoulders. If, after this same ten offer a drink, almost all prefer alcoholic beverages. "Almost all" - is 85 percent.

And so, armed with statistics, we can conclude: today's Russian student likes to drink. On this occasion, some are sounding the alarm - the "nation ruin oneself by drink!", While others soothe the first - "every third great-grandfather of today's students after a lecture at the university preferred to all other drinks vodka. And nothing has happened to the nation, but the revolution! "Let us not be alarmed, we will not calm down and come to the average student research and find out what he drinks, how often, where and why.

Object of study: Russian Students

Habitat: Russian high schools, dormitories, and the adjacent territory, apartments, cafes, bars and restaurants, nightclubs and discos, streets, yards, parks and squares, suburban area.

That students drink?

To the question: «To beer or not to beer?» Russian student answers: «Beer unequivocally!" Drink beer like 68.8 percent of students and 59.3 percent of female students. More than half of them drink beer on a regular basis: from a few times a month to several times a week. In this regard, students share a preference for Russian students in Europe. But it turns out, if the students had real freedom in the choice of alcoholic beverages, beer would have taken second place in the ranking of preferences (34.5 percent). In my dreams, students like most wine - 40.6 percent. And love him, and boys and girls. In third place in the ranking of preferences - Vodka, the fourth - the beer and vodka, he is "ruff."

Where students drink?

70 percent of students drink in companies that are going to someone's home or dorm. The reason is simple - lack of affordable bars and cafes. But, despite financial difficulties, 11 percent of students are seeking opportunities and meet together in various drinking establishments. Element of the national colors, often shocking foreign tourists is the large number of our citizens, especially young people consume alcohol in the fresh air. Including winter.

How often do students drink?

According to statistics, one way or another consume alcoholic beverages 77.5 per cent of students. This fact is somewhat alarming. Moreover, if we do not take into account the consumption of beer, a few times a week are attached to a bottle of 8.4 per cent, 54.8 per cent drank several times a month, while 36.8 percent of students can be seen in a drunken state, only a few days a year. This fact is somewhat reassuring. The question: "Did you participate in party without alcohol?", Almost half (49,1 percent) answered: "No". This fact is again somewhat alarming.

Why do students drink?

And, on the one for the road, a few numbers that allow you to look to the bright future of alcohol! Abstainer commands respect from 55.7 per cent of the students, not only calls for 12.5 percent. Others find it difficult to answer this question. Use of even the most expensive alcoholic drink is not an indication of anything, although earlier it was a matter of prestige. In this belief, almost 60 percent of the students. Difficult to answer 23.5 percent. I must say, consistently high percentage of "difficult to answer," suggests: not the same whether it is 8.4 per cent consume alcohol daily? However, the numbers do not add: "doubters" more than "a lot of drinking."br />
Our students, drinking alcohol, tends not to drunkenness. First of all, he longs for communion. And only 27 percent can have a beer or something stronger in splendid isolation. For most importantly - good company and good spirits. Despite the startling figures of influence "serpents" in the hearts and minds, this fact is encouraging. The question "Who is behind Klin" all there is not so urgent as it seems.

In preparing the material used statistics published in draft Ilyna "Sociology of consumption" - "Provincial students as consumers,"

Oleg Artyukov

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