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Gambling occurs. How to cope with the disease 21 century

October 24 2005

Russia swept the gambling. Disease, where people spent hours at the slot machines and playing the tables in the casino. Doctors are already sounding the alarm, according to statistics, only in Moscow this dependence affects approximately 300,000 people. Who is affected by this scourge, and whether it is possible to cope with it?

Become a victim of igramanii and scientifically gambling any person regardless of age, and especially their social status. Just one in this case will go to the elite casino, and another stop at "one-armed bandit" near the nearest metro station. The lost amount, too, of course, be different, but in fact, and in another case, a person would be willing to pay for all cherished pieces that he has, whether it's the Mercedes or the shirt.

Psychiatrists believe that gambling has much in common with drug addiction and alcoholism. All three of these diseases is based on over-stimulating pleasure centers in man. The owners of casinos and lounges with slot machines consciously turn their establishments into huge pleasure centers.
There is everything - nice music, excellent service, complimentary food and beverages. Therefore, people after a few visits to gambling houses are beginning to feel a real desire for the game.

In ordinary life, gamers are experiencing internal discomfort, confusion, depression. Only a return to the hobby relieves stress. Such people will be willing to do anything to return to its former state. Even on offense.

But, unlike alcoholism, the consequences of gambling are not visible at first. The first signs of gambling addiction - sudden mood swings: from the upbeat (in case of winning) to a strongly suppressed. Next begins the most terrifying time of his life depending on the game man. If he is still young, it begins to steal money from my parents. Adult - from his family or at work. Excitement turns to disease. Debts and lies - the constant companion of any game.

"Drip on the brain," the patient is completely useless. Need to sit down and talk with him. But not about why the patient is - gamers himself does not know this, and how you love this man, as you appreciate and like without him badly. Gambling Addiction usually require strong support.

Psychotherapist specializing in recovery from gambling addiction in Russia is extremely small. Given that the West long ago there are specialized clinics.

Yes and no toprotsentnoy guarantee recovery. Most-gamers - people are closed, closed in themselves, have difficulty in communicating - believe psychiatrists. They have problems with self-awareness and poorly differentiated feelings. Stage of liberation from dependence is directly related to the stage of maturing teenager. Much more difficult with older men, who make up the bulk of the gambling halls. It is very important that the patient had wanted to recover. But from any kind of addiction - whether gaming, alcohol or drug abuse - can not be cured completely. The alcoholic can become healthy teetotaler. But drinking, like all normal people, he never fails. One glass - and everything will begin anew. So with the players. Man, "convalescents" gambling should be all his life to refrain from visiting casinos, horse racing, halls with slot machines. Even the lottery it is contraindicated.

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