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Part II: The Great gout or a genius associated with urine

June 24 2005

Part I Gene genius: the great generals die cobblers here

One of the mysteries of genius was discovered in the late XX century, when the scientist MDGD experiments have shown that a huge% of geniuses common among people suffering from joint disease - gout.

Since ancient times, it was observed that often suffered from gout famous kings, emperors, generals, admirals, and philosophers. Cause of the disease seen in the sedentary lifestyle, overeating, abuse of wine with considerable mental stress.

However, this view is bad knitting with social, political, creative and physical activity levels of many famous gout, keep up your life to do too much for the culture and society in general.

For example, Hippocrates was suffering gout, and his countrymen, "dubbed" this disease "a trap for the feet" (from gr. «PodoV» - leg and «ager» - trap).

In the XVIII century, scientists have found uric acid in gout resulting from kidney stones.

And only in the XX century doctors were able to prove that the high content of uric acid in people suffering from gout, is a potent stimulator of mental activity. That is why gout among so many talented people and geniuses.

In 1955, the magazine «Nature», an article appeared that literally shocked the entire scientific world. In his article, British researcher E. Orval showed that uric acid is structurally very similar to caffeine and theobromine - "brain stimulant", which in small quantities contained in coffee and tea.

In patients with gout uric acid concentration is too high, the same geniuses of this concentration is 20-30 times higher than normal, so that there is a constant stimulation of the brain and physical activity.

Among Russian researchers outstanding contribution to the development of the "arthritic" theory of genius has made classic of Genetics VP Efroimson (1908-1989).

In his work Efroimson analyzes hundreds of biographies of famous people who suffer from gout:

• Kings, emperors, kings and generals: Philip II, Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov and Peter I, Oliver Cromwell, Admiral Nelson;

Historians note, despite his illness, Philip II possessed an iron health, won a lot of great victories, became famous for his commander that and diplomatic skill. "All of Greece, all the barbarous world were too small to be proud of this man" - wrote about him Diosfen.

16-year-old Alexander of Macedonia was left ruler of all of Macedonia. After the death of Philip II, that it recognized the new ruler of Thebes, he stormed and destroyed the city and the inhabitants sold into slavery, they feared, therefore, all Hellas.

By age 25 he was brilliantly won one battle after another.

Macedonian led troops passed through the coast of the Mediterranean Sea from the Hellespont to the borders of Egypt. He rose to anyone else before him had reached peak of power.He led troops farther and farther away, winning the Central Asia, Afghanistan, led by the current exhausted troops to India and would have gone farther if his exhausted troops mutinied not.

All the aggressive policy of Alexander of Macedon was kept only on his credibility and boundless ambition. After the death of military genius vast empire quickly disintegrated into the kingdom.

• Artists, musicians, sculptors, poets and writers: Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rubens, Renoir, Beethoven, Dante, Goethe, Pushkin, Tiutchev, Maupassant, Turgenev, Blok;

Michelangelo had an incredible work ethic and great strength of intellect, anxious to work. " His own strength and energy is transferred to his works, which seem full of inner strength and will of their creator.

For several years he patiently painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, looking up   just for a meal. The result - nearly blinded by paint that drips from the firmament into his eyes. But none so far has not created anything more ambitious and brilliant in the visual arts.

• Church Reformers: Martin Luther, Johann Calvin, Pope Gregory the Great;

• Scientists: Galileo Galilei, Linnaeus, Euler, Boyle, Bacon, Leibniz, Newton, Harvey, Boyle, Berzelius, Diesel, Darwin;

• Humanists and philosophers: Thomas More, Erasmus, Michel de Montaigne, Voltaire, Kant, Schopenhauer;

Christopher Columbus suffered from gout and Charlie Chaplin.

The disease is passed from generation to generation in labor Medici Ottoman, Charles V, the Dukes of Lorraine and Churchill-Marlborough.

Researchers at the U.S. data bank cites the following statistics, where the frequency of gout

• among the male population of the USA is 0,3-0,6%;

• among the talented and famous - 5-10%;

• a genius - 30-50%.

In other words, every second was a recognized genius of gout!

And what about the rest of the half?

Scientists have isolated several other genetically determined characteristics of men of genius.


Geniuses, giants and geniuses-hermaphrodites in Part III.

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