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The Double Life of exemplary wife

October 23 2009

12942.jpeg One evening, after putting his daughter Evie to bed, Linsey Austin went into the social network and typing in search term "Jane Morris. Linsey heard a lot about Jane, and even spoke with her several times on the phone but they never met.

Sending a message "Hello, I think you have to me questions," Linsey froze in anticipation. Her heart was ready to break out of my chest, because she did not know what she expected in return - either silence, or short, "No, everything is OK."

Linsey expectations were not justified: it came under a barrage of questions. "Do you still meet with my husband?" You have lived together at the Isle of Man and Jersey? Evie - his daughter. " The impression that Jane was waiting for his special companion in the network.

For ten years a partner Lynsey, Mark, 42-year-old manager, was living a double life. In one - in Uokingeme - he was a loving wife Linsey civil and four-year daughter Evie, and the second - in Chester - not least a loving wife Jane and two sons, two and four years.

Friends and relatives say Linsey crazy: how can we share her man with another woman? The answer is simple: Linsey loves her partner and prefer to give him his freedom than live without him.

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Mark is not only a "spouse" Linsey, but her best friend. However, heart Linsey shrinks every time she sees Mark playing with their daughter - she hotelaby get him into sole use! But alas: Mark is not going to divorce his wife, Jane.

"He promised to do so for several years but never dared. Yes, he loves me, and even jumped to my right during their honeymoon in 2001. Then we had a wonderful night, after which he promised to divorce" - says Linsey.

Anyone who knows about the relationship and Mark Linsey, wondering - as he so long managed to keep everything a secret? Linsey this was easy: if Mark phoned his wife, then every time she left the room so as not to betray their presence, even the slightest noise, and calling him at home, has consistently given his wife a colleague at work. Save a second family secret, and succeeded because of the distance - Lindsey and Jane live in more than 300 km apart.

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12949.jpeg "People may think I'm stupid, not just dumped it. Honestly, I've tried a few times. But every time he says he loves me, I understand that he could not part with it. Mark is not only my lover, He is the only man I ever loved "- recognized Linsey.

Linsey met Mark when she was 22 years - they worked together. Girl on probation as director of advertising, and Mark was a promising marketing manager. Colleagues became fast friends and often went to dinner together.

After some time, Lindsey realized that he could not live without the brand - though so far only as no other. But corporate party forced her to change her opinion - after drinking for courage, both attacked each other with kisses.

The next day, Mark invited Linsey on a date and started the happiest time in my life girl.The harder it was a few months to hear from colleagues at work that Mark has a girlfriend, who also lives with him.

Lynsey decided to part with her boyfriend and told him about his decision. Mark barely managed to persuade her not to do it - he explained that he waits for the right moment to leave with his girlfriend and move out.

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In 2000, Mark went to work on the Isle of Man. Linsey changed jobs to go there too: "I knew then he returns to Manchester to his girlfriend, but was waiting for this look - because after his arrival, he promised to break with her attitude.

After a year of his contract at Maine ended and he returned home. One day the phone rang: "I'm going to the Bahamas. You know, I'm going there to marry." Blurted it, Mark hung up.

12952.jpeg Sobbing, I phoned him, but he did not answer. However, five days later he appeared on my doorstep with the words: "She gave me an ultimatum. What do I do?". We spent the night there together, and the next day he got married. And a week later was back with me.

My secret life went on. Once I tried to put an end to this: "You're a married man and we should not meet," - "I said. But Mark has convinced me that he married only because his wife really wanted this, but he still loves only me.

I know many may think that I - arrogant bitch, which turns an affair with someone else's husband. But, understand that we love each other. I can not do anything with our feelings.

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When I became pregnant with Mark, I was in seventh heaven. I immediately called him to share the joy, but after a long pause he said dryly, "I'll help you." That's all.

I wanted my baby had a normal family, and asked Mark to get a divorce. His response literally knocked me out of the ground under his feet: "You know, I can not. Jane is also pregnant."

Parents and friends were again advised me to leave him, but be that as it may, Mark was the father of Evie, and even if I wanted to erase him from my life, my daughter should not suffer from this.

After some time he told me that his wife is pregnant again. And this despite the fact that he swore that they did not sleep together!

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I was wondering: how many lies he uttered both of us over the years. This double life began to irritate me. I tried to learn as much about his wife.

That, in turn, became more suspicious. She often asked him whether there is between us something, and every time he denied everything. But I'm tired of being in the shadows. I wish we could walk together, without fear that we might see some of their common acquaintance with his wife. Time Mark did not want to stop this whole charade, then I did it.

12950.jpeg So I decided to write Jane. Our correspondence continued for two days, until I phoned Mark, demanding an explanation. "This must stop!" - I cried. And then phoned his wife.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> Earlier we talked to each other very politely, a kind of exemplary representative of the middle class. However, the call was quite different. "Never again climb into our lives!" - That's what I heard from her.

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After that we with Marc month is not talking. And then it all started again - calls and letters ... Close persuaded me not to meet with him, but I still agreed to see him again.

This was our last meeting, although we communicate every day on the phone. I still love him with all my heart, but I can not forgive his lies.

My heart breaks when Evie asks why Daddy can not live with us. How do I explain to her that daddy has another family? I feel like a real idiot - never would have thought that all will end like this ...".

Nataliya Sinitsa

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