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150 drunken teenagers smashed home four retired

September 23 2009


Remember the nursery rhyme? "Mom comes home from work, mom removes bots, mom comes into the house, my mother looked round." Seeing the terrible mess, mother of her children uchinyaet interrogation - an apartment that was robbed? Or visit came a behemoth?

Not at all correspond to her children - "just come Shackle, we played a little bit." Such is the mother felt themselves and the British pensioners who might want to please his beloved granddaughter.

Brian and Glennis McDonald, a venerable old couple decided to make a gift to her granddaughter Victoria on her 15-year anniversary. If you are going to celebrate the wedding anniversary to his friends, they thought - they say that the house will be vacant in vain, and decided to give it to the full disposal of Victoria at night so she could celebrate their birthdays.

Poor Brian and Glennis! They could not think what will bring them a generous act. However, reason to expect something terrible and it was not: granddaughter promised that on your birthday will call only two friends.

Note that the retired, leaving, left her granddaughter, now looks like a sneer: "So long, sweetheart! Successfully fun with your two friends." Within a few hours of their vyzvonili police and asked to come home immediately.

The fact that she saw a pair, threw them into shock, and excellent health but did not give an elderly couple to fall from a heart attack. Doors were torn off their hinges, all TVs and windows smashed and the Garden "decorated with" hundreds of empty beer bottles. Carpets in rooms were "burnt with cigarette butts, the paintings were dissected, and everywhere littered with piles of debris.

It later emerged that the house gone interior decoration and collector's bottle of champagne. In addition, juvenile vandals burned the old family photos that will never recover.

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Semidesyatitrehletnyaya Miss McDonald describes opened her show as "a terrible mess." Together with 66-year-old husband, she tried to restore order, but forces the couple did not last long. Helped good neighbors - together they have led the court in more or less divine form, but for home repairs pensioners have yet to lay out the order of two thousand dollars. And this amount is clearly not the final - it includes only the most necessary work.

So what happened? Here's what: "earrings" that came to "play a little bit" turned out no fewer than one hundred and fifty people. Victoria imprudently wrote on his page on the social network of the coming celebration of the humble, and all the familiar and poluznakomye decided, apparently, to brighten up her evening.

According to neighbors, the guests began arriving around 21:00. "My wife, seeing the crowd of teenagers went to the house of MacDonald and tried to pacify them, but at the same time to make Victoria's suggestion. We could not think that all will end that way.

There was something about 150 people. At first they behaved relatively quiet. Well, think of it, was thrown into our garden a few bottles - it's all the same kids. I realized how serious, and only then, when he saw how badly damaged house. "

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Became worried neighbors called the police. Arrived at the scene three cars with law enforcement officers and the bus to the local riot police.However, his attempt to enter the house, the police have failed - because of the huge crowds it was impossible to open the door. Only after the officers through a loudspeaker ordered everyone inside the house to move into its far side, they were able to get inside.

"It looks like they destroyed our family nest just for fun, - complains Miss McDonald. - It's, you know, just terrible - such wanton destruction."

And what about Victoria? The next day after the party she went to school, and the elderly seem to have been so stunned that he did not become its curse. Yes, and a sense ...

However, we can not say that the schoolgirl did not repent. The first thing after I came to, she wrote on page one of the most active friends: "You have no idea how much they will fly repair!"

Nataliya Sinitsa

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PavelPotor 23.09.2009 | среда ответить

Так вот разгромят пьяные подростки Ваше жилище и придется рыдать у "разбитого корыта" ))). В таком случае уж лучше скитаться, снимая квартиры посуточно и прятаться от своих родных внуков ))).

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