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Loaf on the trees. Letters to the Canadian proletariat - June 23, 2005

June 23 2005

Letter 6 (Continued from letter 5 here )

Malyarskie skills acquired in the first paper handy. Found shabashka: paint the walls of typical two-storey houses. Shabashka illegal, welfare to work does not allow. The Labour team - the team of China, the Philippines, Iran, Latin America and Eastern Europe. There are Russian and Russian-speaking. With English players in a part of our team problems: they are in Canada recently.

20-year-old Muscovite Andrei broad brush and prints in large letters on the Canadian fence Russian folk word. Tries, as many as your tongue ... In this enigmatic inscription will enjoy from the windows of the house occupants, the Somalis. Somalis live in all poor areas of Ottawa, but the area - their monopoly.

In the early 1990's in Somalia, Civil war broke out. One of the warring parties supported the Americans, but support is bad, not brought the matter to an end. Rebellious General Aidid has won several major victories, and began an offensive in the territory, which during the war were controlled by his opponents. But Somalia is not even the Caucasus, it is cooler - Africa, and the population of the liberated territories Aidid was subjected to total shoot. Who could have - to flee, refugees evacuated U.S. military transport aircraft, they took out of Somalia, entire villages and tribes. Exported to Canada. As a result, there were dozens if not hundreds of thousands of people, some of them in the first months of Canadian life darted with a pitchfork on the radio ...

In Canadian history had at least one case of this kind. The first European settlement in present-day Canada became a fort of Quebec, built in place of the Indian village Stradakona, today is the city of Quebec City. It was founded in 1530-ies a French officer and explorer Jacques Cartier. In order to strengthen peace with local tribes Colonel Cartier married the girl-irokezke, which is then taken away to France. One can assume what eyes staring daughter of U.S. forests to Paris XYI century ... With the Somalis about the same.

Wrapped in colorful rags Somali woman timid gait comes to the door shop. On terror: they open up themselves, and this is just the beginning. The street is almost African heat, but in a spacious store cool - it's like? She nobody offended and did not touch, but for some reason before it suddenly grows a blond Anglo-Saxon fairy, whose face for no apparent reason illuminated by a wide American smile: «How are you today! Need any help? »I have watched such a scene. But ironically on the Somalis do not want: behind them a hell of African wars.

In addition, they barely fit into the American stereotype of the "nigger" - a blunt and aggressive black racist. They do not even look like the local brothers in race, those noses like the hippo, her lips like a horse, while the Somalis subtle facial features and skin is very black. Among them are beautiful girls. Somalis - Muslims, some women have their heads wrapped in colorful rags. In contrast to the "niggers" Somalis are not rude and public threats do not represent. Youth fluent in English, can not be said about the seniors, those in English do not speak ever. Almost all of them sit on the dole. Improving the life of these people we are doing, by painting the walls of their homes white vodoemulsionkoy.

Lunch break. Drink coffee on the porch of one of the objects fit on the porch and I Valentin, thickset and mustachioed Moldovan 45 years old. Near the porch is a plastic children's bike, around which run one after the other two wonderful years 6 negro, they live here and fight. We arrived this morning - they fight, drive home in the evening - they fight. It's true friends, sad that in English do not understand, I would have them zakoreshilsya

Valentin tired looking at fighting Negro. Othlebnuv coffee, slowly pronounces on the inimitable Moldovan saying:

- Oh you look, lumps all the time ... fight, fight ...

And after a long pause, philosophically:

- Created the God of the cattle ...

He lived and grew up in a village near Bessarabian Romanian border, and, as claimed, even in Chisinau for the first time turned out to be only on the day of parting with their homeland. In the village he had a house, a garden and a large wine cellar, all life events unfolded in this triangle. But once in a local selmage "happened" new buhgaltersha, the charms of which could not resist an old bachelor. Buhgaltersha was the daughter of one of the famous people, she first took Valentine to the registrar, and then taken away to Israel with his adult son Vova. A year later, like many immigrants from the former Soviet Union, not appreciating the joys of life in a religious Jewish state, the family landed in Canada and - guess with three times - sat on welfare, for life.

Such compatriots here darkness. I want to be understood correctly: now I am on welfare for himself, and if someone show off, it just is not me. But in my biography of the Canadian welfare temporarily. And he and others like him for life. They are not depressing and upsetting: give - take it. English teaching is also not necessarily ...

Fortunately, such Russian in Canada is not the majority. But a substantial part, and these guys do not raise the rating of the Russian name in this country. About them - further.

To be continued



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