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Poisoning freedom: not all restaurants are created equal

January 23 2006

Tragically ended on a festive evening for young people who had gathered to celebrate the birth of their friends in a Moscow restaurant. With the suspicion of "acute food poisoning," three people in the urgently evacuated to the ambulance car "in the third infectious diseases hospital, a few more people at risk for at least a few days" hooked "on a rigid diet.

Beginning Sunday afternoon does not bode ill. Even frosty weather, clean otbivshaya many Muscovites want to leave a warm and cozy home, could not spoil the holiday - the day Andrew L. and Mary B. noted their joint birthday party. It offers a lot, so to celebrate such a joyous event decided at the restaurant. Inexpensive Restaurants type set to Moscow, but for some fatal accidents chose the "Lost Island." The fact that "Lost Island" uses a particular reputation, nobody knew.

At first everything was good - toast, greetings, jokes ... But after a couple of hours, some visitors have become more and more disappear from the table, disappearing in the direction of the toilet room. Situation, you will agree, traditional, and therefore not caused by the other comrades nothing but caustic jokes. But soon it became no laughing matter. Often the toilet young people finally complained of feeling unwell, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea. The denouement came at a time when guests saw on the table from the stomach of one of the girls. There were signs of food poisoning that came and fixed on-call doctors ambulance.

That up to staff the restaurant, he tried to last as something to resolve the conflict, building on the assumption that the same might cause poisoning. The result of this "sympathy" was a proposal for free ... sample "signature" dishes from the restaurant menu, so to speak, a sign of reconciliation. Naturally, that risk their health no one else wanted.

Nothing special restaurant "Lost Island" at first glance did not stand out: a convenient location, relatively affordable prices, a bar, dance floor - everything you need for a pleasant pastime. But here's visitor reviews of this restaurant on the internet forums are not encouraging. Here he writes about his experiences visiting the institution a young Muscovite: "I'd like to warn all honest public about this place .... I wanted me and my friends to cool evening, went to the long-familiar place ... and how we were disappointed that even cry! "At first we were not warned that this evening will be a banquet, and that all the attention of staff will be sent at banquets ..... more ..... was that the waitress to bring everything at once can not ... in particular lemon .. ... and lemon with vodka I have to wait on a first-come first-served basis at the end ...... and added the dj say that music today is no longer - the equipment overheated, and it is at 23.00 pm. This is so, and walk in such a noble institution to conduct the Friday evening with friends - sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!".

After spending a little mini-investigation, we found out that before the end of last year, the restaurant is called "The Lost Island of Freedom" and was popular among the youth political movement. The secret of popularity is easily explained: first, the young politicians attracted by the romantic name associated with the "island of freedom" - Cuba, secondly, in the main, for some time the restaurant was used as one of the sites of the youth movement, "Defence".

p align = "justify"> The practice where a particular movement or buying a small restaurant, or simply agree to cooperate with the administration of appropriate institutions, is common. Politicians have the opportunity to meet in a pleasant atmosphere in "his" restaurant, and institution receives advertising and a constant flow of visitors.

Early last year, just when the ambitious young politician Ilya Yashin became close in the youth "Yabloko" and he decided to create their own youth movement, bar "Lost Island" was being sold. Cost the bar is not very expensive (according to information received, the market price as of February of last year did not exceed 250 thousand dollars), so it is likely that the elders of Elijah as a gift to political adulthood decided to buy a small zavedenetse. Since then, it perebyvali almost all members of youth gangs and their liberal sympathizers. True, the quality of service were not all happy, but due to the natural modesty is not shouting about it on every corner, preferring to look for new places to meet. As a result, the flow of patrons fell dramatically, and the "island of democracy" once again became wither and waste away.

It is unknown whether the ratio of "Defense" in that institution until now, but the fact that the main politbiznesmena "Defense" Riding in the elections to the governing board of the organization of his comrades, can say a lot. It is not excluded that "defenders of" impressed with bread and salt hyped Yashin, "Lost Islands", voted against it ... stomach. As the saying goes, Yashin, of course, my friend, but his health is not an example of expensive.

Elena Boyko


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