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Laughter replaces fitness

May 22 2009

12124.jpeg An adult laughs about 15 times a day. It seems to you often? And the children - at 400 times a day, and that is, as scientists believe, provides them with emotional and in many ways, even physical health. Research in this area are handled by experts, gelotologi studying the effects of laughter on the human body.

It is, without doubt, one hundred percent positive. First of all, laughter reduces stress and even eliminate its effects. Dr. Lee Berk, back in 1970 began to investigate the effect of positive emotions on the immune system, argues that sincere joyous laughter of a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, adjusting the dosage of hormones produced by glands.

And since most nerve disorders triggered by hormonal imbalances namely, merry chuckle is the prevention of stress and hysterics. Even the state of readiness for laughter has health benefits. Dr. Burke studies have shown that the hormone of happiness endorphins in the body increases when people are only going to, for example, tell an anecdote or have a funny joke.

Secondly, laughter makes our muscles - and not just facial - strain. Each of us probably has ever suffered from muscle pain in the abdomen after several minutes of continuous laughter. As soon as we stop laughing, the muscles begin to relax, and this slow relaxation, enjoyable, can last up to 45 minutes! Here's a free massage and accelerates the blood through the body.

Thirdly, laughing protects the heart. According to U.S. scientists, those who laugh at life a little, dark-minded, and differ only slightly responsive to fun and joyful events, often suffer from heart disease. In some countries the practice "laughter yoga" in the classroom where instructors teach people how to laugh - so that it was going to benefit the cardiovascular system.

Practice shows that after only seven training in hypertensive patients lowers blood pressure. Each session lasts from 20 minutes to an hour and a sequence of 45-second sessions of laughter, interspersed with breathing exercises and by simple stretching exercises.

Fourth, the laughter sharpens the mind. Psychologist at the University of Marquette once conducted an experiment: volunteers invited to read and memorize a list of words and then some of them showed hilarious video. Results were summed in a week. Those who watched a funny video, remembered 20 percent more words than others. Perhaps, scientists say, laughter provides a sharp inflow of oxygen to the brain, and this, in turn, enhances mental activity.

Fifthly, laughter heals. Many people with cancer, trying to Laughter as part of a course of treatment and compared with their fellow-sufferers feel better and endure heavy procedure.

The above-mentioned "laughter yoga" in such cases is also suitable. Now the world has already more than five thousand clubs, in which it is practiced. The founder of this type of yoga Madan Kataria doctor explains:

"First, of course, laughter strained and false, because we make ourselves laugh. Usually lesson begins with a walk in a circle, which is accompanied by loud exclamations of" ha ha "and" ho, ho "with a deliberate stress the abdominal muscles. But then, looking at each other, we begin to chuckle heartily, and after a while just dying of laughter. "Kataria says that "laughter yoga", among other things, stimulates the digestive system, enhances circulation and relieves spasms of the bronchi.

Controversial remains only the question of whether we can replace the laughter fitness. Some researchers believe that increased blood flow in the laughing man is equivalent to the effect that give the cardio. At the time, these experts even estimate that 20 seconds of laughter is just as useful as three-minute sessions rowing.

But in fact, even an hour of continuous laughter is no substitute for a good jogging on a treadmill. If you choose laughter fitness analogue, the most suitable for comparison workout in the fresh air, which adds energy and vitality, relieves stress and allows you to feel better.

Ирина Павликова

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