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Ideal Husband, showed the true face after his death

September 21 2009

12659.jpeg "In early January 2003 I found her husband lying lifeless on the floor in the kitchen.'re On-call doctors told me that he had pulmonary embolism - a blood clot was in the lungs, and his breathing stopped. Henry was only 44 years," - so Julie begins the story, which it still hurts to remember.

"I was 27 when we met. Henry was charming and charismatic, and every time I saw him, my heart was literally going down with happiness. And when he asked me to marry him, I just flew.

Once was born our daughter Lisa, we have decided to settle out of town and bought a nice cozy house. We were happy - at least that's what I was thinking.

On that day, when Henry was buried, standing over his grave, I looked up and saw that our neighbor Kathy literally beating in hysterics. Then I was so depressed, that did not pay attention to her reaction.

The next few months were a blur. I spoke only with relatives who have helped me cope with my grief. After a while everything seems to be adjusted.

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Once, seven months later, I complained to his friend Thomas that still miss Henry. When he asked me whether I am missing all that has been associated with it, I think. And knew by the tone of a friend that he had something do not agree.

When I pressed him, he confessed that Henry was having an affair with a woman who lived in California - she helped him write his latest book, conducting the necessary research. Thomas also advised me to ask my husband's friends, who were involved in organizing the funeral. They really helped - found in a computer, Henry proof of his infidelity.

Strange, but I was not shocked. Now, after some time, I understand that the last time he actually behaved strangely - it had happened a long time at home, he began to spend more time in his office behind closed doors, and spats between us occurred with increasing frequency. The more I think about it the better I understand that the evidence was at every step, I just did not want to notice them.

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The next morning I called my friend Emily, and she called me the name of the woman with whom Henry cheated on me. It was Katie.

I was just furious. We were practically sisters, and all divided in half. I honestly think its my girlfriend, and suddenly ... I felt both anger and frustration, shame and humiliation. Then I decided to go to her and all look eye to eye.

When I went to her house, she saw that she was lying in a hammock with a book. And at that moment I suddenly realized that when I picked up my daughter - and her daughter, too - from school, they made love in our house. It was unbearable. I approached her and said directly that I know about her affair with my husband.

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She started to mumble some excuse - say, Henry was so insistent, and she was just a weak woman, and stuff like that.I told him that she has a week to confess everything to her husband, otherwise I'll do it, turned around and left.

Coming home, I tore off the wedding ring finger, which never took off after the death of Henry, and threw him in the casket. This was my symbolic divorce.

Later, Matthew Henry's best friend gave me his diaries, notes and information from your hard drive. There my husband all the details depict the details of his relationship with Katie. And that hurt me the most - he constantly complained about her, which I directly in terms of sex.

12658.jpeg He told her about his previous relationships. From the letters I learned that with the woman in California, he even created a "family." God, I've had so many questions, but the person who could answer them, there were no survivors.

In desperation, I took a notebook of Henry and began methodically to ring round women, whose numbers were listed there. The first was Christina. "What were you thinking when the plant an affair with a man who has a family?" - I yelled into the phone. "Henry told me that he was married" - that's what I heard in response.

Next was Helen. She told me that she met with Henry in the gym, he first began flirting with her and eventually persuaded her to have sex. The latter was Elian. She apologized to me and also posted the story of dating with my husband.

After a conversation with them, I calmed down a bit - after all, these women do not pretend my girlfriends and did not even know I existed. By the way, Eliane we struck up a correspondence, which later grew into a friendship. We communicate and to this day.

I often think that absolutely did not know man, whom she married. He was so charming - but as it turned out, his charm, he lavished on the right and left, unable to concentrate on his family.

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Even now, seven years later, I'm still trying to forgive him - I is not easy to do it. Sometimes I think that Katie in anything not to blame and I became even feel sorry for her - because Henry could indeed be very insistent, and she was so weak. But the next moment I feel like in me rising wave of fury - hell, she also knew it was my husband!

Nevertheless, although many hard to believe it, I do not hate Henry. He had to repeatedly make the wrong choice, and unfortunately, he died too young to be able to fix it. It is a pity that living only for himself, he forgot about what you need to live and for me with Lisa too.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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