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Buzzing like a beehive native LJ

April 21 2006

In anticipation of the weekend - it is difficult to believe, but we survived until the next Friday - it's hard to deny myself the pleasure of climbing on a variety of LiveJournal and see what breathes, as arguing and worries politically savvy youth Runet.


Moscow student shares impressions about the fire in a dormitory of Moscow State University on Sparrow Hills. Fire occurred in an area five o'clock in the morning at the 12 th floor of Building "B". Unable to avoid casualties - killed two people. However, the mood of the students are totally different.

Most students living in neighboring buildings on fire, learned several hours later from the news. "This morning in a dormitory at Moscow State University GBs 12th floor ... there was a fire killed two people ... I live on the 12th, but learned about it just now from an anxious call mom. ... Not our sector for the first time for this week was fast asleep ... well, that's not our sector ...", - a sigh of relief Girtlab .

"They say that at 6 am nye-MOE flew helicopters and took away all of B, how cool for you! I just fell asleep at the time and heard nothing. Who killed - is unknown, because of what - is not say. But in the news, for sure, already issue: Old wiring ... or careless handling of fire ... though - at 6 am? start now sweeps through the rooms, anyone out there hidden tile, who the pot? "- writes student Olga .

Someone thinks in terms of "as I warned!". "It's amazing that the New Alphabet at MSU is not burned before. When I saw there is electricity, the hair stood on end. Short-circuiting the only matter of time. The hair continued to stand on end when I saw how students behave. Of course, I understand that students - the people careless. But the cut in a room with a hastily crocked electric wires in the wiring, which is already 50 years old - top turretless. In posting, I have a huge and serious suspicions about smoking in rooms whose walls are lined with material that is ready to flash from any open fire, "- appeals to the community Georg2000 .

Tragedy, however, some caused just another excuse for fun. A Valdis-rus recounts his morning correspondence with an acquaintance of MSU student:

7.24 Vovan
We have a New Alphabet burned)) Smogtri venal media))
9.5 I
Vovan Hold
9.14 Vovan
A garbage! Not had time to sober up, already drink to evacuate

New people

Learn-shelf active surfers coming. And although his blog, Dmitry Agranovsky there for a long time, beyond the "red" the lawyer did not come out even once. And finally, after long and painful hesitation, Dmitry Agranovsky made his first recording in one of the popular LiveJournal community "sg-politiks. "Do not write in this section. A lot of thought to write here. It seems, politicians in Russia today is not observed. He remembered the film" We'll Live Till Monday: "The policy of the king was cowardly and veloromnaya!." Well, everything seems so far. I'm going to take a break from cerebral effort, "- addressed the inhabitants Learn counsel.

Political impromptu

Lizka to CPRF LJ-users in the morning are in deep shock from the "Easter-treatment GA Zyuganov, the Orthodox Russians." "Since the dawn of the century a joyous welcome - Christ is Risen!" - Our ancestors met the bright day of Passover. This joyous celebration of victory of light over darkness, good over evil, the festival of peace and love, hope and joy is a real festive feast Russian heart - benevolent and faithful, merciful and brave ... I do not doubt that defeat befell our country, we will only trouble the entire world, only by uniting the efforts of all the healthy social forces, all responsible politicians and ordinary Russians who are suffering from the soul of his tormented homeland. But such a union is unthinkable without the active participation believers Russians without a good, authoritative words of the Orthodox Church. In recent years, the voice of the Orthodox community, a politically active nucleus which is most supported and supports the Communists, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the sound, often merging all the louder, "- the statement says. "And we, naive nevortsekovlennye communists believed that the day of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil - it is the day of the Great October Socialist Revolution ... or, at worst, on May 9 ... I think that when the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, led by those clergy and laity, in the mental scattering suschimi, not master of the 7% barrier at the elections, with employment Gennady Andreyevich will be no problems "- suggests Daria Mitin , secretary of the Russian Communist Youth League (Komsomol).

This day on the calendar

Jacob Gorbunov reveals the secrets of the party:

Hitler's credibility not only among the skins, but even in the NBP, which is rightly called a fascist party. Some nazbols course excuses from such a fact, but it is a tribute to liberalism - fascism is the official ideology of the NBP. Censorship, leaderism and more ... Adolf Hitler, in our hearts forever. Others go on ... x

Phantom Living magazine

Ich liebe dich, mein Fuehrer! - With a strong accent tells LJ user Helena Bohr (the organizer of many direct actions NBP). And explains: "Adolf Hitler was the most significant person in Germany in the twentieth century. He joined the Germans, has helped millions to overcome the guilt complex. He found the enemy within, and with the brilliance of it destroyed. He wanted to bring happiness to millions throughout the Aryans in Europe, but he was prevented. We must continue case of Adolf Hitler "

However, the National Bolsheviks themselves argue that the author of the magazine to the present Lena Borovsky has nothing to do.

Learn against the oligarchs

In connection with the birthday of Mikhail Fridman to create a community "Antioligarh" which laid out a variety of materials about our local billionaires, as well as funny (and not) cartoons on them.

Oleg Artyukov

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