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U.S. intelligence agencies assessed the Internet appreciated

April 21 2006

Information should be open, with only one end. It should do and, if possible, will not "flow" without appropriate sanctions. Finally, it should work for the benefit of America, which, since 2001, is unthinkable without providing reliable security for the country.

These are the most popular and at the same time a cheap source of information - the World Wide Web where you can find, and simultaneously to buy anything - just "ask Google." However, this does not mean that America will now save and her intelligence, pulling belt, pull unclassified data from the Internet and transfer them to the White House. America has never sought the easy way, and the appeal of government intelligence agencies to the Internet - just another step in the fight for information space. Especially because it is - a global and not won is literally before my eyes. It would be a sin not to use such a gift.

Meanwhile, representatives of the White House and senior military from the Pentagon apparently lingered with access to an open network. Formally, they're there - almost every government department has its own official site, and some more and some unofficial - just in case.

Along with these sites on the Internet there were more interesting resources on which were laid more (not less) fascinating information that if they wanted it was impossible to distinguish between the general words of official ballots and dry press releases.

As a result, today in the U.S. state apparatus has to make remarkable efforts to deal with leaks (in the era of communication convergence, it would be foolish to make the difference between print and online editions) performance - not intended for public information.

On the Internet, somehow found the secret information about bullying in the dungeons of Abu Ghraib , CIA prisons (scandal which does not abate until now), carefully concealed data about the "listening" and other sophisticated ways to control the lives of American citizens. All of these secrets were eventually posted on the Internet. Google is not silent: in a democratic state "do not click the bench."

The revelations caused a significant response not only in the U.S. but also in Europe and led to proceedings which have shaken the image of George Bush and in general of the ruling Republican Party.

Obviously, such mistakes are inexcusable for the U.S. Agency for National Security, also because at the CIA for about six months, nothing works until prom Center open source (Open Source Center). Office created under the specific goals and objectives: its staff engaged in collecting and analyzing unclassified data from around the world. The main source - the Internet and private blogs: electronic diaries have become hugely popular in recent years. Their plants, even politics, including American and Chinese.

Information - above all else. America lives under the slogan a while ago. The first person in Washington pay attention to the priority that has information policy. The main thing - send it in the right direction .

"It's part of our basic objectives - to exert maximum efforts to smooth the sometimes dangerous and promotional messages on us (USA - aut.).When something like this says to us, especially through the Internet ... you must be prepared to respond - quickly, because as soon as this propaganda or information about us, which is contrary to reality, I assure you: it goes into the category of urban gossip, and this then very difficult to cope, "- said General Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a meeting of the Chicago Council on International Relations (which is one of the most respected organizations in the USA in international relations).

In the CIA has said that the Centre's work open source tangible results. As reported by a global information network, U.S. intelligence agencies can not receive a lot of important information. So, over the Internet Pentagon learns about the trials of a new military technology in China and the current situation in the Middle East.

The most valuable information, which staffed the CIA, after additional verification is passed directly to the White House and several high-ranking politicians.

Interest in the blog phenomenon is due to their popularity, and this phenomenon becomes an object of a separate study.

In early April, in London, unique of its kind conference Blogging4Business, the main theme of which was to discuss the role of the Internet diaries in terms of their exploitation for the benefit of the business. We are talking about the "corporate goods" and their potential place in the means of electronic media. From this perspective, it is characteristic that many search engines already working search service for blogs.

For a country with developed capitalism, which is America, a translation of any issue in the area of commerce and business - can be very useful. Even for the Pentagon and the CIA, this approach is understandable. This can be seen at least on certain statements of representatives of special services.

"We definitely have won popularity among our main customers," - said the deputy director of public sources Eliot Zhardines Zhardines, noting that the amount of information that comes to the U.S. president, has increased considerably due to the activity of the service.

U.S. seeks by all possible means to get maximum control over a single information field, and in the future - possibly manage it. In the end, who owns the information, owns the world. It requires only to ensure its reliable filtration .


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