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Deadly fighting without rules in Moscow: how it was

July 20 2005

In the early nineties, the Moscow police began to find the corpses of young people. Explicitly violent signs of death saying that the guys killed in a brawl. But where, how and who - remains a mystery. The corpses were found with stubborn frequency in different parts of Moscow and Moscow region. Lyubertsy in Podolsk, Solntsevo, Dolgoprudny - geography saddest findings was extensive.

Trying to stir up "Lubero, famous for its Battle" wall to wall ", but an informal movement of the legendary city near Moscow had already calmed down. Disappeared underground "rockers" and the flock of young men in striped trousers and purposefully moving through the city. Began to appear respectable sports centers matured "Lubero" began to organize their own business: a legal and not. Yes and disassembly in the nineties have moved into a new quality: no mass carnage with a firearm.

Banditry flourished, but the bodies of young people it was impossible to ascribe to it. All this was not like in disassembly of the criminal environment. Knife and gunshot wounds were out of themselves guys were only positive feedback. Just like normal people: school, education, sports ... Stop! Athletes! Boxers, karate, ushuisty wrestlers. All those killed were engaged in contact martial arts.

Operatives engaged in a thorough examination of the various schools, clubs, where they could practice martial arts. Emphasis was placed on the addresses of clubs, which trained the dead guys. Questioned by coaches, colleagues down the hall, but the results of such questioning is not allowed. Meet the standard: not seen, do not know, we grieve. Parents of the victims were told that the guys went in the evening, and no one else saw.

Fruitless search for witnesses and witnesses led detectives to believe that it is necessary to introduce his own people in these clubs. Were selected by several staff members involved in karate, melee combat and Sambo in the halls of the police training centers. Under the guise of mere mortals guys started their training in clubs and schools who attended the victim of unknown assassins. And after some time has opened a terrible truth.

In Moscow, arranged clandestine fights. Not those MMA Mixed martial arts that we see on television, and movies are shot genre action. They were the real battles to the death, participants were offered big money for the victory. Brave men and fools enough in Russia and therefore always a spectacle, like gladiatorial combats in ancient Rome took place in the capital permanently. Arendovyvalis hangars and building sites away from human eyes. There are no nightclubs and casinos from the ring, the owners valued his reputation. Only a secluded place, away from a police patrol routes and crowds.

The audience were getting very rich from the criminal underworld, the shady business. There were also quite good citizens who choose to tickle your nerves primitive spectacle of murder. Their money to secure a profit to the organizers of the fighting, bribe guards, winning bets, bribes district police officials, who were certainly aware of everything that happened on their territory.

My story is not detailed. There will be descriptions of battles and names of winners and losers. And without that you can draw yourself completely believable scene going on not more than ten years ago. Dirty concrete wall. No cars and headlights. People ring and the two men, locked in mortal combat.

e event ended with criminal charges over the murders. Been convicted of a simple brawl artists - men to whom fortune turned to face the day of the match. They went to prison and to areas without revealing names of the organizers of the fighting, their promoters and all those who have been involved in organizing and conducting. There was no high-profile revelations among police chiefs. Someone has retired, someone reprimanded for poor performance in the field. Several sports clubs have been closed with a dubious reputation. That's all. Nobody thought about the mothers of the victims, their tears and grief. There are many important events took place, against which it is not even become even obscure.

The man, who told me this story, witnessed those events. Now he trains bodyguards in a private security company. For a lot of money teaches self-defense to mere mortals. In the narrow circle of professionals has a reputation as a strong fighter kontaktnika to this day.

My question: "And whether there be such a thing now?" He said that history always repeats itself. And hinted that the proposal to speak at these fights come to him so far. But he refuses. Do not want to become a murderer. The same as those a decade ago was sent to the death of someone's sons, who, because of the greed of his lost humanity and kill their own kind. And thank God that he refused.

"I want to warn young people going to sporting clubs and now, by similar steps. No amount of money is not worth a human life. And in the event of your death, nothing can recoup your mothers cry .. "

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Константин Дятлов

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