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"Children's" entertainment: in the bushes, but on the entrances

April 20 2005

In one of the southern cities of Russia teenagers gathering in the evening for evening hangouts in the yard, spend time "usefully" - making money, and not at all childish ways. Becoming public, the story has caused an incredible scandal. Our reporter visited the scene.


A warm summer evening, they usually gathered in the courtyard: Sasha, Denis, Serge. The foresight to put the angle of two benches. Then came the girls: Lena and Nastya and Anya. Nastia brought two bottles of beer, which stole his stepfather. All done by a few sips. After that, the girls began to demand that the guys walked up to the nearest store and bought another. But after reversing all the pockets turned out, that is not reached even one bottle of the cheapest beer. The conversation whirled around the "fig-life": forever is not enough nor drink, nor even on cigarettes, the normal parents do not give money because they themselves earn a penny. In general, things are bad.

Meanwhile, almost all adults have returned to work, passers-by becoming less dark - and the court was almost empty. Joined the company Vadim. He was not from this court, but often looked to the "neighbors" because he had an interest in Anna. After talking a few minutes with the entire company, he took Anna by the arm, and they are turned into the nearest doorway. Others began to discuss them: how long they are there will be crimped and give Anka Vadik or not give? The most senior member of the company Sergey (he was finishing Grade 11) with knowledge of the case said that would, of course, because it all makes. The girls giggled. And Denis was indignant: if, say, makes strange, the way they pay money for it ...

As a result of the discussion, when half an hour later Vadim led Anna to the bench, the boys unanimously demanded money from him: "We do not have a beer, and you go here, our little girl fuck. Do you think we'll let her be free? "Vadim considered whether the requirement of the right, or was frightened that he could not resist the three men - and pulled out 10 rubles. Seeing the money, the boys excited: "Ten little, come again!" He scraped from his pocket a further 10.

In convenience stores had a bottle of beer for 17 rubles. Two bottles missing. And then Dennis remembered that living in a house next door Kohl of 10 "B" has long wanted to Lena. As a girl no excuses, guys insisted that she "worked for the company." Dennis went for Nicolai, and he was laying out as much as 20 rubles, led the lady in the doorway.


The next day, Nick told us about his intimate adventure, what happened the night before, my classmates. And after a week of almost all the teenagers in the Cheremushki knew that in the corner yard along the street Zhukovska guys "rent out" the girls. To 20 rubles per half hour, but can be negotiated and 10.

A month later a random suggestion turned almost into a business. The three "women workers" gradually joined two more of the same court, and then three more friends from other houses of the district. However, not all out "at work" at the same time - someone used to missing.

Narrated by Len D.:

- Every evening in the yard accounts for 10-15 boys. Each of them first to choose with whom would like to ... Well the fact. Then the boy picked up his money, and the one he chose, was with him in the doorway. Some went to school - her arborvitae grow, and between shops, so that nothing can be seen, and hardly anyone goes near ... During the evening, we all have earned somewhere between 200 rubles. Most often, they spend money on beer and cigarettes.

The greatest demand in the enterprising company enjoyed Anya. Most often it is chosen.Trying to evenly distribute the load, the guys sometimes offered instead of Ani to take another, or request from a client a large sum. The result was that Anya earned the company more than others. The girl tried to swing right: to demand that the money gave out her personal expenses. But she threatened: "If you show off - beat." And she ... calmed down.

Sometimes, though, the girls there is a small amount - on cosmetics and pantyhose.

Business has not died away even with the onset of cold weather. However, now costs rose tights: shooting in the hallway, the girls are often torn. Guys were outraged: "You can not more careful, or what?"

In winter, the company sat in any doorway, and stood on the street or a couple of guys waiting for customers. By the way, over time, the clientele of enterprising students became "more impressive" - addressed to them and the guys are older, have completed school.

And once standing at the entrance to the man approached the children under age 40. Mysterious whispered: "It's your girl?" "We" - they answered. Selecting the most a low ninth-graders Nina, the man asked: "I live two houses, now one. You can take it to him for half an hour, not to the entrance? .. "The boys agreed. But we were to see where the client took Nina.

When it does not appear in either half an hour or an hour, worried. And they went looking for him. Knew only entrance. But they were lucky: a few times climbing and descending the stairs, listening to every rustle, they heard a single door on the third floor of a short shriek. Phoned, they were never opened. Then they knocked the door. Nina found bound in an unnatural position to a bed and bruised. Client slightly otmutuzili and threatened if someone something vyaknet, write to him said the police for rape.

Since then, adult peasants have always been denied. If a client came up with the question of whether there is a girl, he replied: "What's that, what girl?" And he went home.

"It was a game!"

It's amazing how the parents did not see that happening to their children. Once the home of Lena discussed the situation: someone told Lenin father that night in Cheryomushki can approach the company and adolescents, paying 10 rubles for half an hour to buy a schoolgirl. "What have sunk! - Outraged his mother and asked her daughter: "You do not know these girls?" No "- Lena shrugged. At the conversation ended.

Strange at all that parents do not have any desire to find out what children are doing in the yard, and why come out drunk. Sometimes, someone in the family is still asking questions like: "Why do you smell alcohol?" But it is quite satisfied with the explanation: the Anka birthday or Shackle got a driver's license.

Sergey, incidentally, did not receive any rights. After graduation, he did not work. In the evening, stuck in the yard with the students. On the Rights of the elder "had cash - decide how much booze to buy today and someone from the girls may be issued on lipstick or pantyhose. Something, of course, left himself. But definitely on any car it would not have sufficed.

Once Sergey as if in jest threw the company an idea: "But if everything is done properly, on a commercial basis ... Rent an apartment, Sasha and Denis put guards. Can then be normal to earn money, not just on booze. " Girls perceived his words with hostility: "Are you going to arrange a brothel? No, we're not going to work there - we'll not prostitutes! "

Girls and really consider their "job" in the yard just entertainment. Later, when Lena in the office of school director was asked: "Why are you involved in prostitution?" - She made big eyes: "What do you mean! What is prostitution? We just talked. It also was the game! "

strong> «They're children ..."

So perhaps this "game" and would have continued further, if the school does not appear new. Misha, whose family moved from another town, came in 10 "B" after the winter break, the beginning of the second half went renegade, and then classmates gradually got used to it and began to devote to their secrets. True, Misha the company did not want to join and participate in questionable entertainment flatly refused. When the end of the school year one of my classmates told him about the "yard girls" and offered to take over the company, he shook his head: "No, I'm on the street do not like doing it."

One evening in March when the school holidays were, his mother said to him: "And you're sitting at home all the time? At your age from all friends and girlfriends. Would go with the guys on the street for a walk. I passed by, saw it: there pretty girl. " "What do you mean, mamma, - said the son - they are prostitutes. Them in the yard for 10 rubles who wants to have. " "What are you talking about?!" - Roused the mother. "Yes, true. I offered to take the guys too. To pay 10 rubles, go to the back yard of school and doing with it what you want. "

The next day, Michael's mother went to the school principal - to find out who made that children are engaged in such debauchery.

Commencement of the trial. All high school students who are not on spring break away from the city repeatedly summoned to the principal. Then he was invited to interview parents. To business and joined the police. It soon became clear that the services of girls from a nearby school yard with the time to take almost half of the guys from the 8 th grade (although they were from the 7 th and even the two boys from 6 th).

However, in the course of the proceedings as it became clear that none of the parents, and even more students does not want unnecessary publicity. Parents Lena and Nina's first claimed that they should be responsible for all of Sergei: that he, a grown man, is conscious of their actions, using girls for their own purposes as a pimp. However, when they were talking about the official institution of the case, they gave up their claims. Perhaps another reason that Sergei was a relative of one of the senior staff of urban governance of the Interior ...

By the end of the clarification of all the circumstances of this case I make an appointment with the school principal. Talking with me, Igor was very embarrassed.

- I would not want so to inflate this issue - he began to persuade me. - They're still kids ... Be kind, do not pozorte them and our school throughout the country ...

PS After the material was written, I called Igor. And he said that to prevent similar situations, the local administration ordered the directors of all schools ... eliminate the gap in the fence the school grounds and install a gate with locks that guard is locked after 20.00 hours.

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